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November 15, 2005

Gorillaz "Live" Performances


Using 19th century illusionist technology known more formally as "smoke and mirrors," Gorillaz performed live and simultaneously last week at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon and at the Manchester (UK) Opera House.

The Times of London has a bit of the "how'd they do that?"

Gorillaz ape a Victorian parlour trick for a bit of stage presence [ via core77]
So far, Gorillaz Live Shows covers just the 2000-2001 appearances []

With its eye on the Chinese market, Disney is producing a martial arts remake of Snow White.

Yuen Woo-ping, the wire fighting guy from everywhere, is directing, and Michael Chabon is writing the screenplay. Too bad it's not animated. This could be horribly, horribly wrong, or oh-so right.

Snow White and the seven kung fu monks: Disney sets sights on China
[guardian, via robotwisdom]

But gee, people really eat this stuff up at E3...

After skimming the bullet points in Trade Show Product Launches For Dummies, Microsoft and their Hollywood assistants at CAA did a quick find-and-replace to kick off the studio auction of the Redmond-funded script for Halo.

The Halo armor-clad bike messengers who delivered the scripts looked so rad, several studio execs got confused and, thinking this was the Quicksilver 2 auction, and bid the price into outer space.

Supposedly, the script somehow manages to suck and blow at the same time, a talent Alex Garland might need when this game is over.

Halo: The Studio Stunt [defamer]
Previously: Waiting for Halo
Virtual Warriors Have Feelings, Too [nyt, my interview with rvb's Burnie Burns]

A big sloppy kiss on the lips for The Sound of Music on the upcoming occasion of its 40th birthday, courtesy of the NY Times.

I still can't believe the same guy edited Citizen Kane, directed West Side Story and Sound of Music, and then directed Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Robert Wise, I KISS you.

Oh, and then totally shilled for Chicago. I take it back. Kiss this, Bob.

The Hills Still Resonate [nyt]

It's always a bracing relief to see someone launch a musical with a more implausible basis than my own.

To wit: Danny Schur's upcoming staging of Strike!, which is about the Winnipeg General Strike, in which 30,000 workers shut down the city for six weeks in 1919.

Yeah, I'd never heard of it, either.

Winnipeg's 'Strike!' musical set for debut [, via robotwisdom]

Trump Announces The Apprentice: The Musical

April 25, 2005

Navelgazing: The Musical

Three Broadway directors--Joe Mantello, George Wolfe, and Jason Moore--watch and talk about Show Business, Dori Berinstein's documentary...about them and the musicals they put on, "Wicked," "Caroline, or Change," and "Avenue Q," respectively.
The Film About the Show Behind the Show [nyt]

Jason interviewed David Bernal, aka Elsewhere, the popping dancer who recreated Gene Kelly's Singin' in The Rain dance scene for a recent British VW GTi commercial: "...they had us watch the original Singing in the Rain scene so many times that I started unconsciously moving a bit like Gene Kelly. The director at one point even told me that I was moving too much like Gene and I needed to move more like me."

Golf GTi Commercial and Elsewhere []
previously: Definition of "to be Jar-Jarred"
VW commercial shot on the same soundstage as Oliver!
Musical, Re-animated, with Xanadu references

February 2, 2005

Gene Kelly: The Phantom Edit

Update update: Just extrapolated this new definition from a Defective Yeti post about the horribly horrible X-box-game-turned-movie, Alone in The Dark:

Jar-Jar: vt. to oh-so-wrongly insert a performer or performance into a (exploitative of children? stultifyingly boring? crassly commercial? help me here) work, either through editing or the use of digital image manipulation and/or computer graphics techniques. [Jar-Jar into]

alt. To Be Jar-Jarred [Ex.: "And until I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume that Ben Kingsley was digitally Jar-Jarred into this film without his permission."]

Also, as Wayne Bremser might say: "VW Jar-Jarred a long-since-dead and once-revered Gene Kelly into a soulless euro techno music video disguised as an endearing homage advert."


In theGuardian, Steven Brook puffs the Gene Kelly VW ad and provides a very little background, like that Kelly's widow had to approve of the ad, as did Turner and EMI, who control the elements of the movie scene. [See, I guess at the heart of my idea of who'd decide this stuff for my dead self is that I don't want only people with commerical interest in the outcome to make the decisions.]

Anyway, there's an Access Hollywood-level description of the CG process, where they reshot the original scene and masked Kelly's face over the dancer. Irrelevant press packet factoid: the ad was shot on the same Shepperton soundstage as Oliver! [what, it's been mothballed for 40 years just waiting for a worthy freakin' car ad to come along?]

Also, "an interactive version of the advert will launch in late February. Its content will include a video of the car, footage of the making of the ad, and the song." Interactive? Does that mean we can all take the controls in our own version of Being Gene Kelly? Not bloody likely. "People will be able use the interactive advert to request a test drive of the car."

Blingin' In The Rain [guardian, via tmn]

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