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If you combine reading this hi-larious script with a flip through an oily Brad Pitt photo shoot from [throw rock, hit any current title] Magazine, it'll be like watching Troy--only 2.5 hours shorter*, $10.25 cheaper, and ten times funnier:

Beach of Troy, The Next Day

PRIAM: Woot! The Greeks have left! And look! They left such a nice big horsie, too!

PROPHET: Itís an offering to Poseidon for a safe journey home.

PARIS: I say we burn it.

PROPHET: Son, youíve been an idiot and a coward this whole movie. Weíre not about to start listening to you now.

PRIAM: Besides, the Greeks couldnít possibly have an ulterior motive for leaving a giant horse big enough to hide a couple dozen soldiers! Letís bring it back to the city!

Inside the City of Troy

PEOPLE OF TROY: Paaaaaaartay!

PARIS: *mopes*

PEOPLE OF TROY: *get bombed and fall asleep in the gutter*

The Greeks climb out of the horse, affording the ladies in the audience a spectacular view.

WOMEN IN AUDIENCE: *wolf whistle SQUEEEE throw dollar bills at screen*

The Greeks kill all the tanked guards and let the rest of the army in. They set the city on fire, start killing everyone, and panic ensues.

ODYSSEUS: Achilles, where are you going?

ACHILLES: *scales up the palace wall like a ninja*

- excerpted from Troy in 15 Minutes [via boingboing]

* to be honest, I haven't finished it yet.

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