February 7, 2005

2005-02-14 & 21, This Week In The New Yorker

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Issue of 2005-02-14
Posted 2004-02-07

COMMENT/ LANDMARKS/ Hendrik Hertzberg on what successful Iraqi elections mean.
STREET LIFE/ TOO MUCH INFORMATION/ Adam Gopnik on the new rash of signage in the city.
OFF THE RUNWAY/ LET THEM EAT CAKES/ Rebecca Mead attends a Fashion Week party at the Carlyle Hotel.
E.U. POSTCARD/ PIGS MUST PLAY/ Anthony Lane on the odd boundaries of Europe.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ THE CUSTOMER IS KING/ James Surowiecki on the power brokers of price wars.

PERSONAL HISTORY/ Roger Angell/ Andy/ At home with E. B. White.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ John Kenney/ Your Table Is Ready
THE WAYWARD PRESS/ Nicholas Lemann/ Fear and Favor/ The mainstream media under attack.
PORTFOLIO/ Mystery Man/ Who is Eustace Tilley?
FICTION/ Charles D'Ambrosio/ "Up North"

BOOKS/ Joan Acocella/ Becoming the Emperor/ How Marguerite Yourcenar reinvented the past.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Osmosis/ Osmo V”nsk”, the latest Finnish phenomenon. [Osmo Vanska is the more Googlable, umlaut-less version.]
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Prisoners of Envy/ Donald Margulies and David Rabe on the not-so-sweet smell of success.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Back in the Bunker/ "Downfall."

AUDIO Q&A/ Roger Angell talks to David Remnick about his writing and his years covering baseball. From the 2003 New Yorker Festival

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