Here's a radio interview with critic Joel Siegel, who's apparently trying to pad his reactionary conservative resume by loudly walking out of a press screening of Kevin Smith's Clerks 2. The interview is with Smith, although Siegel doesn't seem aware of that fact for quite a while.

Smith v Siegel []

July 13, 2006

The Re-Searchers

John Ford would probably be pissed at you if you read this article about him in the UK Independent, but go ahead, it's worth the risk.

John Ford: Ford focus [ via rw]
There's a 2-disc anniversary edition of The Searchers out, btw []


And let me put it this way: when you're talking about the films of James Mangold and you see the words "star," "stud," and "special" together that can only mean two possibilities: Joaquin Phoenix or Sylvester Stallone.

And if either of them are a no-show Tuesday, I'm sure moderator Anna Deveare Smith'll be able to channel them as only she knows how.

In one of my other lives, I'm the co-chair of this benefit for MoMA's Film and Media department, A Work In Progress, which this year honors Walk The Line director James Mangold.

The gig is this coming Tuesday, May 23rd, from 7-11pm, at MoMA and if past years' have been any indication, the event will be awesome (and will run slightly over schedule).

Check out the invite here, and then buy a beneficently priced ticket or two here. [$400 to see the celebrity ear hair, $225 to see the celebrity bald spots, and $150 to eat the celebrity hors d'oeuvres.]

A Work in Progress: An Evening with James Mangold
Previously: And the AWIP goes to: Marc Forster, Alexander Payne, Sofia Coppola, David O. Russell

Because I happen to know that she prefers the US spelling, "autarchically," I believe this interview with Sofia Coppola is translated from the French:

SC/...I had been interested also by this period myself, the XVIIIth century in France, for quite a while, the atmosphere at Versailles, a place that functionned autarkically. I liked the idea of reconstituting that period, of doing a costume drama: to do that became then some sort of challenge for me.

JML/ Did you first try to do that film before shooting Lost in Translation?

SC/ I was working on MA's screenplay much before LIT. In fact LIT was at first nothing but a distraction from MA, a means for me to get away from a project that I knew was going to be rather Pharaonic. After LIT I decided to concentrate myself entirely to MA, it then became a sort of obsession for me. I really put myself to work on the screenplay of MA on the very day that followed the end of LIT's shooting.

"Title: In Marie-Antoinette's Head" [ohnotheydidnt via greencine]

After you sit back and digest the delicious hilarity that Mr. Hankey's creators will be appearing as "part of The Stanley Kubrick Masterclass series," peruse the NFT description of the event:

In London for this 'Skillset Masterclass', Parker and Stone will explore the art of creating political satire, getting inspiration from Bruckheimer to Thunderbirds, the merits of puppet versus cell animation, the idea of absolute creative freedom and how far is too far.
Since they offered to talk about absolute creative freedom, ask them about working with constraints and in collaborative environments, since their flabbiest, least funny, least nailed down, most disappointing achievements--Team America World Police, Orgazmo, BASEketball--were the ones where they were given carte blanche?

Also, which one of them grew up Mormon?

The Skillset Masterclass with Matt Stone & Trey Parker [ via kultureflash]

Nice. If this guy worked for anyplace but The Onion AV Club, he'd have left this interview shaking like a leaf wondering how he's gonna get his story done.

JL: My favorite moments are when you see someone lash out at the puppet, and then we have the guts, after he hits us, to move closer. There's so many times that someone hits us and we just run away like babies. There's a guy who pulled a knife on us, and we kept going toward him.

VC: We ran away, and then from a distance, we said, "Okay, now let's learn to love each other. What will it take? We'll take baby steps."

JL: And he's holding the knife out.

VC: And then we took little steps closer, and within five steps, he started to go for us, and we took off.

JL: That guy was saying to himself, "I just don't want to go back to jail." And that was our protective bubble.

Wonder Showzen season 2 is on these days. [ via waxy]

I like interviews with creatives as a way to learn more about their process and to understand better how a work came to be. Interviewing someone can be a chance to learn from someone I admire how he sees the world and how he goes about bringing his ideas to fruition.

When I interviewed Sofia Coppola and she told me she'd never seen Caddyshack, I was stunned, but I didn't make a big deal about it at the time; she was nice and I didn't want to embarass her. [I hope you've seen it by now, Sofia. I'll ask you about it again.]

Of course, from the interviewee's standpoint, they have to do a million of these things, and they often just want the work to stand on its own. Then, too, there's the invasive cult sycophancy aspect of divulging every nook and cranny of your soul.

Anyway, it all comes to mind as I read the slightly-too-meta account by Douglas Coupland--who hates interviews and interviewing--of traveling to Rome to interview Morrissey--who hates interviews and being interviewed.

Papal attraction [guardian/observer via tmn]

February 22, 2006

"The Left Bank Was Among Us."

JH: What was the germ of the idea for Metropolitan? WS:Like many things it started with annoyance at something Id read in the New York Times...
- Josh Horowitz does a phoner with the temporarily Parisian Whit Stillman on the occasion of the release of the Criterion Collection DVD of Metropolitan. [via greencine]

February 15, 2006

Dardenne Bros Interview at NFT

Wow, a fascinating, long interview with the Dardenne Brothers that was presented at the National Film Theatre in London last weekend. They really were a mess when they started out.

Geoff Andrew interviews Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne [guardian via kultureflash]

I find Soderbergh's DVD commentary tracks are consistently entertaining and enlightening. And now that it turns out he has Mark Romanek on with him for the director's commentary of Bubble, I think the question of which format--theater, ppv, or DVD--is best for me has been settled.

Josh Oakhurst has transcribed some of the two directors' conversation on his blog; check it out. [ via robotwisdom]

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