February 2, 2013

On Jack Smith, And Also Agnes Martin

While huh, wtf? investigating the backstory of this tweet this morning, I was reminded of the time Strom Thurmond screened Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures at the US Senate in 1968: Some mailboxes that were confiscated by police when Jack Smith...
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November 6, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie: The Case Study

Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky's story of the making of Indie Game: The Movie is almost as awesome as the movie itself. They've done on an epic scale what I'd envisioned doing when I started this blog 11 years...
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October 3, 2012

Michelangelo Antonioni Made A Music Video And A Commercial.

OK, wow, so this is a music video by Michelangelo Antonioni, one of the first/few things he shot on video. It's a song called "Fotoromanza" from "Puzzle," the first hit album by the Italian pop singer Gianna Nannini. As you...
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September 20, 2012

Gosh And Golly, Those Aren't Swear Words

Three words: Oh my heck. [dissociativepress.com via @petcobra]...
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September 3, 2012

Thinking About Art, Politics, And Milton Glaser's Mural

I've been wanting to write about Color Fuses, Milton Glaser's 1974-5, 27x672-foot gradient mural in Indianapolis, all week, ever since Richard McCoy's great Art21 post about the GSA's restoration of the work's 34 monochrome sections, and the realization, finally,...
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July 31, 2012

When People Die, They Sing Songs: Chris Marker's Stopover In Dubai

As soon as I learned of Chris Marker's death, I went to look at what I'd written about one of his most recent projects, which I'd been so stunned by, only to find that I hadn't written anything at...
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July 14, 2012

Mike Mills Photo-Murals

So I start looking around for installation/shop shots of Aaron Rose's Storage Unit Fire Sale, which just opened at Known Gallery in LA, and what's the first thing I see? At The Hundreds? That's right, not decks or kicks...
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June 12, 2012

Thomas Pynchon's e-Book Trailer

Four words that I, for one, ever expected to type in this sequence, but here we are. After Long Resistance, Pynchon Allows Novels to Be Sold as E-Books [nyt] Thomas Pynchon on Kindle someday, but not yet [amazon]...
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May 23, 2012

Jasper Johns Making Silkscreens, By Katy Martin

Usuyuki, 1981 Alright, Katy Martin, who made two incredible Jasper Johns films in the late 1970s when you were practically a kid. Uh, actually, yeah, that's about it. Just watch them. Harvard's Sackler Museum just opened a show yesterday,...
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May 15, 2012

Color The Tom Sachs Way

While everyone else is cavorting on Tom Sachs Mars, I'm home, watching this rather entertainingly deadpan documentary short about the approved color palette in Sachs' studio. I imagine it to be a highlight of the new assistant orientation seminar....
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March 22, 2012

This Is The Least Gnarly Of Olafur's Rigs

image: JJ Films The thing is, everybody in Iceland has a monster truck. Or a big ol' van with balloon tires and a four-foot lift kit. The country only got a paved road in like 1979 or whatever. But...
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Less Filling, Looks Great: Doug Aitken's Song1 On The Hirshhorn

We came out of the Hirshhorn tonight after the surprise [to me] screening of Space is Process, a 2010 documentary about Olafur Eliasson, only to find they were testing Doug Aitken's Song1, a 360-degree projection on the barrel of...
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March 10, 2012

Star Wars: The Topher Grace Edit

As part of his study of the art of editing, and to do good for all mankind, the actor Topher Grace recut Star Wars episodes 1-3 into an 85-minute prequel which focuses on the transformation of Anakin into Darth Vader....
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March 5, 2012

Ladies Love The Mylar

This is fantastic, a 1955 industrial film by E.I. duPont deNemours, Inc. about their miraculous new plastic film, Mylar. I mean, first off, it's Mylar, so satelloons and Warhol balloons and everything else about the future. But then there's...
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February 8, 2012

Douglas Gordon On Painting

Got posts stacked up like flights at LaGuardia, but I can't get past these paintings by Douglas Gordon [right?] coming up at Christie's London sale next week. They're 1-m square monochromes of acrylic housepaint with a text and date that's...
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February 5, 2012

Robot Readable World, Or Human Is A Symptom Of Robot

I think part of my fascination with Google is the way it is reprocessing the way we see the world. It has its own way of looking, and that, it turns out, is what we see. Timo Arnall's Robot...
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January 27, 2012

Has Erik Satie Been Performed On US Network Television Since 1963?

This 1963 episode of I've Got A Secret pops up periodically. From this week on Boing Boing to Alex Ross's 2007 blog post searching for Karl Schenzer. And it is, indeed, pretty interesting. John Cale was recently arrived in...
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December 23, 2011

No One Puts Big Nose Baby Moose In A Corner

Sometimes all Mark Grotjahn wants is to dance. Here are four five videos of those times, in chronological order: Nov. 2007: Jan. 2008: May 2008: Feb. 2011 [via artblogartblog]...
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December 14, 2011

On Close Encounters, Scriabin, Schoenberg, Bernstein

OK, here are some more details about how the crazy-awesome synthesizer/lightboard came together in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, courtesy of Ray Morton's 2007 book on the making of the film. Maybe not surprisingly, it grew and evolved along...
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Untitled, By Michael David Murphy

This is so awesome. I know there's no sound, but it seems like I can hear all those reality TV show team members' hearts beating. [Michael David Murphy via waxy]...
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December 8, 2011

Considering The Eameses As Artists

A few months ago, I was asked to write something about Ray and Charles Eames by the folks at Humanities Magazine, published by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The NEH had provided some funding to Jason Cohn and...
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December 1, 2011

The EAI High Definition Video Guide

Whether you're sitting at home, poking at your remote to stretch, squash, and crop your Criterion movies; or preparing a video group show in Miami, Electronic Arts Intermix's High Definition Video Guide is an indispensable source of basic technical information:If...
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November 27, 2011

On Bruce McAllister's DOCUMERICA And Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty

One of the startling images Alan Taylor included from the EPA's DOCUMERICA collection is by Bruce McAllister. The caption:A train on the Southern Pacific Railroad passes a five-acre pond, which was used as a dump site by area commercial...
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November 22, 2011

Close Encounters Jam Session

I'm sure the original's long gone, but I want the Moog synthesizer-equipped lightboard from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The idea of communicating with extraterrestrials via "a basic tonal vocabulary" synched to a gridded light show is like...
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November 2, 2011

The View Of Punishment Park From Zuccotti Park

Punishment Park? How did I not know about Peter Watkins' incendiary 1971, anti-war, anti-fascist, faux-news documentary? I mean, it was the movie Rirkrit chose to broadcast on his unlicensed TV station in the Guggenheim. I sat in Anthology's rickety...
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October 13, 2011

Israeli Air Force Has Huge Belgian Balls

Speaking of huge, impressive balls, Reuters reports that a Belgian firm called Barco is delivering its first order of eight, brand new, 360-degree flight simulators, each of which is a 3.4 meter-diameter cast acrylic sphere. The sphere is ringed...
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October 11, 2011

'The Movie Is Called Eden Rock...'

It's all in the book, so you could definitely buy it and read about it in depth, but it didn't occur to me until Brian Dupont tweeted about it ["Aspen : #OccupyWallSt :: St. Barts : Canal Zone. Every apocalypse...
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October 10, 2011

Hirayama Masanao Mylar Ghost Master

If I've accomplished little else with my grandiose ambitions for my satelloon fetish, it has at least turned me into several people's go-to guy for odd projects involving shiny balls and/or large amounts of Mylar. So thanks Michael Dumontier...
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September 23, 2011

The Until The End Of The World Is Nigh

I'm going to assume you're as freaked out as I am that neuroscientists at UC Berkeley have constructed video from the brain activity of what someone is seeing. Gizmodo has a bit longer explanation of the research, and here's...
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September 21, 2011

It's All About The Tiravanijas, Baby

Rirkrit Tiravanija, ink on paper, shown at Gavin Brown's Enterprise in Nov-Dec 2008 as part of JG Reads, image: detail of a shot by James Nova from the opening. j-No has more images of two other dollar bill drawings....
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September 20, 2011

The Glancer Is Present

For his performance/project The Long Glance, Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan VanDyke spent 40 hours standing in front of and looking at Jackson Pollock's painting Convergence, 1952 at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo. He carried this out over the course of...
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September 15, 2011

Filming Gerhard Richter Painting

Gotta get a piece of that Gerhard Richter Painting. After completing a documentary about the artist's Cologne Cathedral stained glass windows in 2007, filmmaker Corinna Belz began working on another project, filming Richter at work in his studio. She...
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September 6, 2011

I, For One, Welcome Our Black Mirror-Wielding Motion Control Camera Overlords

So you should really read Daniel Kasman's review of the Venice debut of Mark Lewis's awesome-sounding short film, Black MIrror At The National Gallery, because Kasman is sensitive to both the tone and surprise/reveal of the film in a...
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September 2, 2011

'And I AM. An American Sculptor.'

Between 1981 and 1985, Paul Tschinkel and Marc H. Miller produced 17 episodes of ART/newyork, a subscription-based video magazine about contemporary art for use, incredibly, in public schools and libraries. Their 1982 interview with Richard Serra, a Yale classmate of...
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September 1, 2011

'Rirkrit Tiravanija's Favorite Farmer'

Chiang Mai farmer/laborer Lung Neaw has worked with RIrkrit Tiravanija for several years now. He helped build the artist's house. Tiravanija's footage of him has appeared in various gallery and museum installations. And Saturday, Tiravanija's film, Lung Neaw Visits...
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Blade Runner: The Making And Damage-Controlling Of

"Decent people really didn't live below 40 stories above the street." -Syd Mead Oh man, the groovy disco music that opens this 1982 13-minute, making-of convention reel for Blade Runner tells you all you need to know. There are...
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August 31, 2011


Sam Thorne in this Summer's Frieze looks at writers writing about looking at fictional art. He includes the hero [sic] of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, the post-poststructuralist filmmaker James O. Incandenza, whose lost masterpiece gives the novel its title:Incandenza...
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August 30, 2011

On Roy Lichtenstein's Films, Also Prop For A Film

I was intrigued by Roy Lichtenstein's Prop For A Film when it showed up last summer at Phillips in London. Obviously, the main thing was the work itself: a large [3.5 x 8 ft] abstract, shaped field of Ben-Day...
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August 26, 2011


image: designboom Enzo Mari was brought in to design the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier, Vaudon-Vodun, African Voodoo Art from the Collection of Anne and Jacques Kerchache. It's simple and spectacular, and designboom has, as usual, rather comprehensive visual...
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August 18, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike, But Only Some Of Us Write For The New Yorker

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I didn't read it earlier, and I have to read it now, obviously, now that it's finally been published in the US. But I wonder if my first short film may be an inadvertent...
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August 16, 2011

In The Actor's Studio

The backlog around here is so big, I was joking with a friend this morning that I should rename the blog, "Things I've Been Meaning To Write About." But for some reason, I can't let another day go by...
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July 4, 2011

On Bremser On Google Street View

Doug Rickard, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, 2008, "A New American Picture," via bremser Thanks to Joerg, I've had it in my browser tabs for almost a month now, meaning to write about it, but the TL;DR version is, Wayne Bremser's...
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July 1, 2011


In May, Steve Roden wrote very nicely about Fionn Meade's "Time Again" show at Sculpture Center, especially the conversation between one of his paintings and a little-known photograph of Projecktion, a Blinky Palermo project from in 1971, in which...
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June 30, 2011

On Tacita Dean's Photographs

As I mentioned the other day, I've been going through our storage space, getting these time capsule-like pops of memory from old files and boxes and stuff. One of the more unexpectedly unexpected encounters: print photos. I just don't have...
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June 2, 2011

Man At The Center With A Movie Camera

I've had this image of Dziga Vertov's filmmaking process/org chart on my desktop for a couple of weeks now, ever since it was image of the day at mubi.com. It's specifically for his "Kino Korrespondent" films, which he produced...
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May 28, 2011

Esso De Cherbourg

It may not be the absolute origin of my desire to live in a converted, modernist gas station, but AO Scott's recent reminiscence reminds me that the Esso station at the end of Jacques Demy's incomparable Les Parapluies de...
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May 16, 2011

'The Whole Kit And Caboodle'

So I'm kind of dying because there's a screening next week, and I'm trying to figure out how to go. Three houses were used for the principal location; the production moved from one to another depending on the direction of...
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May 14, 2011

The Fall Of Bootleg (Empire)

In 1997 Douglas Gordon surreptitiously videotaped two hours of Andy Warhol's Empire during an installation in Berlin. He called it Bootleg (Empire):'I did a version of 'Empire', which was called 'Bootleg Empire', it is almost like the amateur version...
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May 13, 2011

Wow, The Unseen Original Ending From Alexander Payne's Election

Wow. It's amazing how awkward and wrong this original ending to Alexander Payne's 1999 feature Election seems. According to Peter Sciretta at Slashfilm, this six-minute segment comes from a VHS transfer of an original work print found at a...
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Shh, Don't Speak.

From Dennis Lim's brief Q&A with Gus Van Sant at Cannes, where Restless is [finally?] debuting:We did silent takes of almost every scene so we could maybe use them in the editing. Terry Malick apparently shoots silent takes so he...
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The Artist Presently Known As Man

Not quite sure what to make of this, but this image showed up this morning on the golden livestreaming page for Man Bartlett's piece, #140hBerlin. And though maybe he wasn't even born when it came out, it immediately made...
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May 12, 2011

Sforzian, Deleuzian. Deleuzian, Sforzian.

"One idea could be using mirrors so photographers could do their jobs out of the president's sight line, the White House's Earnest said." My mind is blown and I am still picking up the pieces after contemplating the possibility that...
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May 3, 2011

Could Be?

via Eyeteeth | "File under: This could be art" Can't tell you how awesome this is. I would pay cash money to see the biennial that shows it....
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May 2, 2011

The US Expo 67 Pavilion Has Seven Fathers

I'm getting pretty comfortable with my love affair/obsession with the US Pavilion at the Expo 67 in Montreal. I mean, it's got Buckminster Fuller; Alan Solomon curating gigantic paintings; photomurals; and satelloons, what's not to love, right? So seeing...
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April 7, 2011

Device For Producing Light Effects

This is basically the funniest Oskar Fischinger post you will ever read. Oskar Fischinger's Love Machine [lacmonfire]...
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April 3, 2011

Google Street View's Shiny Balls

People often ask me, "What is it that makes your Google Street View Art so different, so appealing?" Actually, no one asks me that, they just send me "Hey, look!" emails with links to Jon Rafman and Michael Wolf. But...
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March 29, 2011

The Drawing Machine As Seen At The Beginning Of The Digital Age

Before I talk about Microworld, the 1976 industrial film made for AT&T by Owen Murphy Productions, let me just state the obvious, and get it out of the way: We are long, long overdue for a comprehensive, scholarly retrospective...
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March 28, 2011

You Do Know Russell Mulcahy

When I saw it on Matt Connors' blog, I realized I've never seen the 1985 music video for Culture Club's "The War Song," but it's amazing for how familiar it feels. Not the particular specter of war, of course;...
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March 16, 2011

On Remembering The Great Kanto Earthquake

NYT Mag staffer Aaron Retica posted some childhood recollections from Akira Kurosawa of the horrible aftermath of the 1923 Kanto Earthquake, and the xenophobic hysteria that followed. It makes me wonder, though, if Kurosawa ever spoke about his decision not...
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March 9, 2011

From The Mixed Up Files Of Basically Everyone

What's that, dear? Oh, nothing, just some legendary but unknown drafts for the first film adaptation of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, by veteran Hollywood screenwriter Benjamin Hecht. After reading various references to the early 60s script, Jeremy Duns decided to...
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March 8, 2011

Live From The Gramery Hotel

Warm nostalgia apparently equals d-bag public access video + time. Reading Andrew's report from the Dependent Art Fair, I kept flashing back to the Gramercy, and all the art in the bathrooms, and on the beds, and the insanely crowded...
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February 22, 2011

Know Hope

Producer Ted Hope is at least three installments into his solid post-Sundance, post-Toronto explication of what he's calling "The New Model of Indie Film Finance." It's a pretty clear-eyed look at the challenges even a celebrated, experienced filmmaker faces in...
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February 18, 2011

Warhol Invented Twitter?

My Twitter feed is so complicated right now....
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February 11, 2011

Exodus, 1997, Steve McQueen

One of my absolute favorite Steve McQueen films is one of the first ones I saw, a one-minute super-8 called Exodus. But until now, I'd never heard the making of story of this found scene. According to Carol Kino's...
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January 28, 2011

Haven't Found Tacita Dean's Sound Mirrors Yet

Maybe it was me looking for Tacita Dean's Sound Mirrors that brought me there, but David Williams' 2009 post at Skywritings about Dean, Derek Jarman, Dungeness, gardens, Tehching Hsieh is pretty wonderful:Everything here has been found, salvaged, re-cycled from...
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January 21, 2011

I'm An IBMer's Son

Rather sensibly, IBM tapped Errol Morris to create films commemorating the company's 100th anniversary. Even when a guy delivers slightly underwhelming lines like, "We changed the way the world shops," this one, They Were There, is pretty awesome. My...
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January 1, 2011

At The Movies With Mao Zedong

Tom Scocca posted about the story just before Christmas, but apparently, Mao Zedong was a Bruce Lee fan. That's how the Chinese press is reporting the story of Liu Qingtang, [刘庆棠], a ballet dancer and close ally of Mao's wife...
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December 14, 2010

Photo-Murals, By Julien Levy, 1932

You know what, I could try and just quote the awesome parts, or hold up for scrutiny or amusement the seemingly unquestioned assumptions about art, painting photography, and decoration that inform it. But instead, I have just typed in all...
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The Gala As Art As Slideshow

The Gala As Art, greg.org, at #rank 2010 from greg allen on Vimeo. Here's the narrated slideshow I did at #rank during Art Basel Miami Beach. Many thanks to Jen and Bill for inviting me, to Magda for instigating, to...
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December 5, 2010

Johns, Merce, Duchamp: Walkaround Time

image: walkerart.org Welcome to one of the oldest tabs in my browser: the inflatable balloon set for Merce Cunningham's 1968 piece, Walkaround Time, which is based on Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass, which was made by the company's artistic director...
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November 13, 2010

Sea Force One

Christoph Brech is the master of the meaningful tight shot. In Sea Force One, he focuses in on a pair of workers in a small boat who are scrubbing the hull of Francois Pinault's black yacht in front of Punta...
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October 27, 2010

Art Is Where You See It: YouTube Play @Guggenheim

Though I had considered entering, and I'd sampled a few of the 125 videos on the shortlist, I had planned to not write about the YouTube Play Biennial at the Guggenheim. But then reps from a couple of the...
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October 24, 2010

Ansel Adams' Japanese American Internment Camp Photos At MoMA. Shhh!

Someday this will all look and sound really coherent, I swear. But for going on, wow, 20 years, some of the most powerfully influential photos for me have been the images Ansel Adams took at Manzanar, the desert prison...
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Related: Photomurals In Stardust Memories By Woody Allen [Not Related]

My recent photomural binge has flushed out some interesting comments and suggestions, including one from Craig about the use of a photomural as a key interior design element in Woody Allen's 1980 film, Stardust Memories. Allen's character, filmmaker Sandy...
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September 27, 2010

Hand Held Day: Time Mirror Displacement by Gary Beydler

Holy smokes, Gary Beydler. A Los Angeles experimental filmmaker whose 1974 time-lapse silent short, Hand Held Day, was just mentioned by Steve Roden. It's incredible. Youtube user austinstein posted this version in 2007, before Beydler's too-small body of work...
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September 15, 2010

The Unoriginal Copy

Dear Art World, Please arrange the following on a 2x2 grid for me? Or maybe a spectrum? Because I cannot: Eve Sussman's 89 Seconds at Alcazar (2004), which I quite like, but: Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching (2007) and his cinematic projections...
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Bernd & Hilla Becher Made A Movie. In Color.

And so far, I can't find it anywhere:UEZ: when your work first started to appear and was classified as Conceptual art, did you have a secure visual language which you knew would be viable over time? Or could you have...
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September 10, 2010

Keep Calm, Arts, And Carry On

Here [via COS] is David Shrigley's animated short for Save The Arts, which is trying to help arts organizations in the UK avoid debilitating budget cuts. At first, I thought WTF?? The Arts are so screwed! Then I thought, well,...
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August 27, 2010

The Trendmaking Eye

One of the great stories surrounding MoMA's 1965 exhibition "The Responsive Eye" is how collector/garmento Larry Aldrich turned several Op paintings he owned into fabrics, and then into dresses, which fed into the Op Art Trend that was apparently...
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August 26, 2010

Creative Time And The Afro-Icelandic Liberation Front

Danish artist Jacob Boeskov flew to Lagos, Nigeria to make and star in a short action film he wrote titled, Dr. Cruel and the Afro-Icelandic Liberation Front with the noted Nollywood director Teco Benson. The film was produced by...
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August 25, 2010

I Didn't Know 'What I Did On My Vacation'

Holy smokes, Gordon Hyatt, I didn't know what you did 44 summers ago. Among the episodes of CBS's news program "Eye on New York" which were acquired by The Museum of Modern Art in 1967 for their Television Archive...
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MoMA, CBS And The Responsive Eye

After watching the first segment at maryandmatt's blog, I was hooked. Mike Wallace, shooting a 1965 episode of WCBS news show Eye on New York in and about The Museum of Modern Art's blockbuster exhibition of Op Art, "The...
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August 23, 2010

If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Come Sit For Me

I watched the documentary Alice Neel last night, made in 2007 by the late artist's grandson Andrew Neel. It's pretty good, definitely worth a watch. Documentaries by family members come with a whole set of conflicts and challenges baked in,...
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August 13, 2010

John Cage's One11: The Making Of, Now In English

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Henning Lohner's film essay/documentary about working with John Cage to make One11 and 103, Cage's only feature film project, completed just before he passed away in 1992. It's on YouTube, chopped up...
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July 26, 2010

Someone Get Moving Serra Moving

Breaker, Breaker One-Nine, I got Moving Serra, a documentary about transporting Richard Serra's 242-ton sculpture Sequence cross-country, from MoMA to LACMA on a fleet of flatbeds, that's blowing my mind right now. We need a convoy of Serra torqued...
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July 22, 2010

Lichtspiel/ Lightplay by Laslo Moholy-Nagy

That Google Street View snafu yesterday reminded me of a still from Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's 1932 abstract//constructivist short film, Lichtspiel, or Lightplay. Normally, I'd say that's the art-nerdiest possible free association in the world, but I've actually been meaning to...
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July 21, 2010

Dali's Pen Is

While scoping out the 1974 video art conference at MoMA, "Open Circuits, the Future of Television," filmmaker Jose Montes Baquer decided that for some reason, Salvador Dali should be the artist he would collaborate with for his documentary. Baquer...
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July 20, 2010

Let Brillo Give You The Moon--Free!

I was half-watching the German artist Ferdinand Kriwet's Apollovision, a film & sound & video collage of the Apollo 11 moon landing as American media spectacle made, incredibly, in 1969, when I heard this:Now you can follow the Apollo...
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July 18, 2010

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Brother DeMille

The things you learn at church. So of course I knew that the late illustrator Arnold Friberg's dramatic paintings of scenes from the Book of Mormon, with ripped Nephites and Lamanites striding around the Promised Land, are lodged in...
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July 11, 2010

Fog Line, by Larry Gottheim

Larry Gottheim's 1970 short film Fog Line is just beautiful to watch. 11 minutes of fog imperceptibly but inexorably dissipating in a rural landscape. It reminds me a bit of Tacita Dean's Banewl, a 63-minute fixed shot of a...
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July 10, 2010

Len Lye Is Famous In New Zealand

I came across a mention of Len Lye's spectacular-looking kinetic sculpture a couple of weeks ago, while reading 1965 coverage of the Buffalo Festival of the Arts. Sandwiched in between a photo of Robert Morris and Yvonne Rainer in...
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July 7, 2010

On Gilbert & George

I didn't make it the first time, of course, but I did see Gilbert & George's reprise of "The Singing Sculpture" in 1991 at Sonnabend. It left a pretty deep impression on me in a way their photo compositions...
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July 2, 2010

Decommission Commission: Harrier And Jaguar By Fiona Banner

Harrier and Jaguar, Fiona Banner's commission for Tate Britain's Duveen Galleries opened this week, and from the making of film and interview with the artist, it looks spectacular. Banner has installed two decommissioned fighter jets--a BAe Sea Harrier XE695...
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Olafur Street View

One of the simplest, best parts of Innen Stadt Außen [Inner City Out], Olafur Eliasson's multiple public and museum projects in his adopted hometown of Berlin this year, is now online as a short film. In what feels like...
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May 24, 2010

Pixel Art Minidoc By Simon Cottee

This 11-minute documentary short by Brisbane animator Simon Cottee gives a nice look at contemporary pixel art and its origins. Unsurprisingly, game developer Jason Rohrer has the most thoughtful perspective on the idealized, ex-post-facto perception of pixels as these perfect,...
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Slow Cinema vs. Art Cinema

On the occasion of Apichatpong Weerasethakul [1] winning the Palme d'Or, Frieze's Dan Fox has a incisive recap of the debate over Slow Cinema that erupted after Nick James' Sight and Sound recent op-ed calling the genre out as a...
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May 20, 2010

Please Go To Philoctetes Tonight And Tell Me How It Was

My buddy John Powers has been working on this insane project forlikeever: an artists commentary track--with pictures!--that runs alongside Star Wars IV. Tonight he's presenting it at Philoctetes, and discussing it along with Colby Chamberlain and Luke duBois, who's made...
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March 31, 2010

How Your Street View Panoramas Are Made

I've been looking into how Google Street View panoramas are made, and it's been kind of awesome. Each equirectangular panorama is stitched together on the fly out of 21 photos. Equirectangular projection, or plate carrée (flat square), is a...
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March 24, 2010

Roel Wouters' Shiny Silver Balls

Suddenly silver mirrored balls are everywhere. Music video and filmmaker Roel Wouters created the trailer for last year's International Film Festival Breda: A silver sphere on an endless checkerboard floor is the default for many 3D modeling applications. It can...
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March 22, 2010

We're All Chris Burden Now

Through The Night Softly was a 1973 performance piece-as-latenight-TV-commercial by Chris Burden. It's a 10-second video of the artist, in a Speedo, inching on his stomach across a parking lot full of broken glass. [View it on UbuWeb.] Burden...
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March 21, 2010

Sehgal, Herzog, Patel, Oldenburg: Some Links I Like

A great post on language & progress, Claude Levi-Strauss & TIno Sehgal. Some of the most interesting commentary I've read on discerning the actual structure and contours of Sehgal's This Progress, too. [futureofthebook.org via @briansholis] Which makes me wonder: do...
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Oh, Red, Green & Purple Where Art Thou?

On his blog Into The Abyss, editor/filmmaker Todd Miro has an awesome, screencap-filled rant about the orange-and-tealification of Hollywood. In color theory, teal is the high-contrast opposite of flesh tone [as the palette Miro generated at kuler demonstrates] and...
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March 20, 2010

Wanted: Smithson's Movie Treatment For Spiral Jetty Poster

I've been working on a shot-for-shot remake of the Spiral Jetty film for a while, and so I'm quite familiar with the storyboard-like drawings Smithson did for it. Familiar with them as drawings, that is. He called them Movie...
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March 18, 2010

Camera Angel

"Brian Palma" is a bit of a stretch, but Tarantino's clapboard loader Geraldine Brezca is a true artist in her own right. [via]...
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March 16, 2010

Catching Up With Vito Acconci

While rummaging around in Vito Acconci's early exhibition history for traces of Kathryn Bigelow's work [more on that in a second], I came across a set of three early, short Super 8mm films I'd never heard of: Three Attention...
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March 13, 2010

In An Art Film That Time Forgot. Kathryn Bigelow IS. That Girl On Lawrence Weiner's Sofa.

Like everyone else reading it on OSCAR NIGHT®, Andrew Hultkrans' 1995 Artforum interview with Kathryn Bigelow gave me hope for the films-by-artists genre, if not quite from the direction people might expect. To hear a double OSCAR® winner say of...
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March 12, 2010

On Ken Knowlton, Bell Labs, Art & Technology

Ken Knowlton's artistic collaborations have been less well-known that his Bell Labs colleague, Billy Kluver, who created E.A.T. Experiements with Art & Technology, with Robert Rauschenberg and who introduced Andy Warhol to Mylar. But we'll get to that. In...
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Poemfield no. 2, Stan VanDerBeek & Ken Knowlton

Stan VanDerBeek and Ken Knowlton at Bell Labs collaborated on a series of digital structuralist computer/graphic/text animations in 1966. They used BeFLIX, [Bell Flicks], an 8-bit graphics programming language Knowlton developed in 1963. The Tate's clean version of Poemfield No....
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March 3, 2010

The Not So Spiral Jetty

For a generation of art watchers, Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty existed primarily as an image, via the making-of film and Gianfranco Gorgoni's iconic aerial photographs, which were exhibited at MoMA's seminal Information show and were published in Smithson's Artforum...
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February 18, 2010

On Printing German Wallpaper & Richter's Film

For their "Art of Two Germanys" show in 2008, LACMA recreated part of a 1966 gallery installation by Gerhard Richter called Volker Bradke, which was designed to mimic or reference the postwar German bourgeoisie's penchant for ticky tacky floral wallpaper....
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February 2, 2010

As Seen On TV: Echo II Satelloon Inflation Video

I've been searching for historical and primary source material for Project Echo, one of NASA's earliest missions, which kicked into high gear in 1958. The giant, inflatable satelloons were functional--passive reflection communication satellites. That they were shaped just like...
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January 29, 2010

Danish Moisture Farmers

Ten years, people. That's how long it took me to spot this. Ten. Years. What can I say, I got no excuse. I let you down. Olafur Eliasson, Double Sunset, 1999 [olafureliasson.net] While I'm on the topic, my friend...
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January 18, 2010

IKEA X Michelangelo Antonioni Mashup: The IVAR Dolly

So awesome. With a few skateboard wheels, some L-brackets, and some grip tape, Brussels-based videographer VJ Aalto turned the ladder-shaped side bracket from Ivar, my Ikea component system of choice, into a EUR18 dolly track. The great-looking test videos...
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January 7, 2010

Ashes To Ashes, Toast To Toast

So I was watching Marie Lorenz' video, Capsized, on WNYC's Culture Blog, like I was told to do. And not just because she had co-curated Invisible Graffiti Magnet Show inside those Richard Serra torqued spiral segments stored along the Bronx...
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January 2, 2010

Neto > Bloc > Klein

While poking around last night looking for more films and videos made by Ernesto Neto, I found this clip, a black & white making-of short for Looking for the end, an installation Neto made in the southern Paris suburb of...
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December 29, 2009

The Battle of Hürtgen Forest

For the Allied forces, The Battle of Hürtgen Forest was the longest and one of the bloodiest, most pointless battles of World War II. Between October 1944 through February 1945, over 33,000 US soldiers were killed in the dense...
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November 16, 2009

Gehry & Calatrava: The Set Designers Meet Sivaji: The Boss

Spectacularious music video for "Style," a song from Shankar's Sivaji: The Boss [2007], the most expensive and highest grossing Indian film in history. It was shot on location in Spain, and stars Rajnikanth [b. 1950], the superstar of Tamil...
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November 14, 2009

The Player

I can't say how I feel about Francesco Vezzoli's work; that's not how my mama raised me. I will grant though, that he's extremely smart and astute and has successfully identified an elemental dynamic of the art world and makes...
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November 1, 2009

'The Sound of Footsteps'

Tacita Dean on the making of Craneway Event, the rehearsals of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in a former auto factory on the San Francisco Bay, which she filmed exactly a year ago: I edited it alone on my film-cutting...
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October 23, 2009

The City As A Living Thing With A Giant Mailbox-Shaped Building In It

Hilary Harris's 1975 Organism feels like a missing link in the chain of film portraits of New York City as a pulsing, living thing. Like Whitman, whose "Leaves of Grass" provided the text for their1921 film Manhatta Paul Strand and...
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September 24, 2009


Gruber calls this Windows 7 Launch Party video "cringe-inducing," and it certainly is. Though I'm pretty sure the technical term for erratic, pointless, exaggerated simulation of handheld camera movement using a fixed camera and a pan handle is seizure-inducing....
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August 28, 2009

Adolfo! Adolfo!

So I sneaked out last night to see Inglourious Basterds, which I found to be generally fantastic; Brad Pitt's craft has come a long way since Meet Joe Black. Because, I confess, I'm still working through a stack of badly...
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August 10, 2009

You Didn't Have To Be There, And Even If You Had

It's now known as "Theater Piece No. 1," and it is considered to be the first multimedia happening. It included simultaneous solos of dance, poetry readings and a lecture, along with slides, film, painting, and phonographic recordings. But if John...
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August 4, 2009

Jennie Livingston's Paris Is Burning on YouTube

Wow, Jennie Livingston's incredible documentary Paris is Burning, about vogueing gangs and balls, is on YouTube. This was a formative New York City film for me. I've given talks about it in church, even. I found it one of...
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August 1, 2009

Tim Burton X Donald Judd

Tim Burton was at MoMA yesterday, talking to media folk about a film dept. retrospective of his work, which includes an exhibition this fall of sketches, storyboards, props, puppets, etc. from his wacked out output. I wasn't in town...
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July 27, 2009

Nam June Paik On Art & Boxing

Was watching this ancient panel discussion, "Time and Space Concepts in Music and Visual Art," from Pleiades Gallery in 1978 with Merce Cunningham, but then I totally fell for Nam June Paik all over again instead. A couple of...
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July 23, 2009

Israelis Just Wanna Have Fun, Huh?

Wow. This is a commercial for Cellcom, an Israeli cell phone provider. Check out the [so far unacknowledged] original, "Yeah, yeah, We speak perfect English. Just Serve," a documentary short made by Wholphin editor Brent Hoff and Josh Bearman...
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July 16, 2009

You Had Me At Muschamp in Monaco

Herbert Muschamp in a giant weather balloon movie in Monaco WHAT?This is something we did in Monaco where we put Herbert Muschamp's text, "Bubbles in the Wine," to film. It was my job to go out and find these...
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June 27, 2009

Do You Know Who I Am?

Artforum's William Pym covering the extremely non-chalant X-Initiative opening this week:Jordan Wolfson, hovering by Barcelona's Latitudes, took several prods before he could even remember that he was participating in a group show with healthy buzz opening at I-20 Gallery round...
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June 25, 2009

And Even MORE Astonishing? Matthew Barney Has A Watch

From Linda Yablonsky's account of a Matthew Barney/Elizabeth Peyton colabo on Hydra, sponsored by Dakis Joannou:"Barney looked at his watch. 'Just about two hours,' he said to Peyton. 'Not bad. After all, there's a limit to how long you can...
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June 15, 2009

Hirokazu Koreeda Interview At The Rumpus

I thought Hirokazu Koreeda was going to be making a samurai jidai-geki. Wait, he did, in 2006. Hana yori mo naho. Here's a review: "The only samurai movie with pink flowers on the cover." Odd then, that even considering how...
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June 12, 2009

An Open Letter To Bootleggers Of Video Quartet

Dear Bootleggers of Christian Marclay's 4-channel masterpiece, Video Quartet, First off, you're fabulous. Second, rather than pan back and forth and back and forth across the four screens, if you would please station yourself to the side and get...
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June 6, 2009

Starting With Chris Burden's TV Ad, Through The Night Softly

In 1973, Chris Burden bought a month worth of late-night ad time on a local TV station in Los Angeles, and aired a 10-second film clip of Through the Night Softly, a performance where Burden, clad only in bikini...
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June 1, 2009

Khaan! A 23rd Century Portrait

Wow, the 2-minute clip of Daniel Martinico's 15-minute Khaan! is fantastic. This is more what I thought Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno's Zidane would be like, but wasn't. LA Weekly review from a 2008 screening [laweekly via boingboing]...
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May 29, 2009

An Open Letter To The Makers Of [Brushes/Red/Legal Pads]:

Dear Sirs and/or Mesdames: I recently purchased [Brushes/ Red/ a stack of legal pads] after it was featured [all over the Internet and newyorker.com/ Cannes/ in every author Terry Gross has ever interviewed]. It is with great disappointment that I...
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April 28, 2009

Prayer Flag Abstraction, Also Darren Almond's Grandmother, Also

This gorgeous Darren Almond photograph, Infinite Betweens: Becoming Between, Phase 3, of an impossible-to-map landscape covered with Tibetan prayer flags is coming up at Philips in a couple of weeks. It reminded me how quietly strong his work is,...
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April 27, 2009

On Dean On Ballard On Millar On Smithson

Who knew? Tacita Dean writes in the Guardian about her late friend JG Ballard's shared interest in Robert Smithson:My relationship to Ballard had begun a little earlier, with our mutual interest in the work of the US artist Robert Smithson....
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April 26, 2009

Insight Into The Advertising Mind

I'm totally with Andy on this one; you should not embed it; you should watch the new ad for the Honda Insight hybrid on the Vimeo site. The sunrise is spectacular. Meanwhile, as with the making of videos for the...
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April 17, 2009

Little Big Cremaster

Awesome. YouTube user fluxlaser has created levels in Little Big Planet based on The Cremaster Cycle. So far, there's Cremaster 4 [above] and Cremaster 1 [below], which is tighter. I can't wait to see the mirrored salt flat rodeo...
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March 13, 2009

Meanwhile, Agnes Varda Is Making Installations Now

Agnes Varda, who's DV mini-masterpiece The Gleaners was formative in my own decision to start making movies, tells Artforum:I've been making films for so long, for over fifty years now, but I really think I have two paths of work--cinema...
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March 10, 2009

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Dendur

G -- He is an archeologist and an anthropologist. A Ph.D. He's a doctor, he's a college professor. What happened is, he's also a sort of rough and tumble guy. But he got involved in going in and getting antiquities....
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February 26, 2009

The Ur-Grey Gardens

I discovered the Maysles brothers' 1975 documentary Grey Gardens in my first semester of busines school. My marketing professor showed us Salesman, and it floored me, leaving me to track down the rest of the Maysles' work. So I can't...
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February 24, 2009

Ely Kim

If Laurel Nakadate ever got knocked up by one of her video subjects, and then sent the kid to Yale for his MFA, too... BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo....
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February 17, 2009

Art & Fear by Bayles & Orland

Whether it's right or not, this book sounds fantastic:Making art provides uncomfortably accurate feedback about the gap that inevitably exists between what you intended to do, and what you did. In fact, if artmaking did not tell you (the maker)...
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February 13, 2009

Musical Commentary Track

I caught a few minutes of Joss Whedon on Fresh Air yesterday; for the first half of the show, he was talking about the making of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and the awesome-sounding DVD, which includes Commentary! The Musical! the...
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January 24, 2009

Come Come Ye Saints

I remember people scoffing at the Mormon pioneer hymn, "Come, Come Ye Saints" because its tune is from some English drinking song. But that just seals it for me as a song written by and for some seriously humbled folks...
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January 14, 2009

Photographing Photographing Dan Graham's Project For Slide Projector

For their first show in 2005 Orchard, the collaborative gallery/exhibition space on the Lower East Side, recreated Dan Graham's 1966 Project for Slide Projector:Project for Slide Projector was presented as a set of instructions for an experimental work and...
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December 31, 2008

On Mormon [sic] Art, 31 Jan 2009

The greg.org Unannounced Holiday Break [UHB? Oh wait, that's already taken] is over. A month from now, on Jan. 31, I'll be part of a panel discussing Mormon art and artists at the Sunstone Symposium in Washington, DC. It's sponsored...
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December 19, 2008

Astute And Observant Viewers Get Fischli & Weiss

It just keeps going and going! From Steven Kaplan emailed with a reply from MoMA curator Christian Rattemeyer about the consciousness of edits in Fischli & Weiss's Der Lauf der Dinge: "It is his contention that many astute and observant...
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December 17, 2008

Vik Muniz Gets Fischli & Weiss

I've been searching for more critical acknowledgment of Fischli & Weiss's Der Lauf der Dinge as an edited construct instead of the miraculous documentation it's normally perceived/presented to be. Though he's talking about another Fischli & Weiss piece [above],...
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December 13, 2008

Der Kauf Der Dinge

Artforum reports that Fischli & Weiss's 1987 film, Der Lauf der Dinge, (The Way Things Go), [1] was recently sold at Christie's in Zurich for 1.02 million Swiss francs. Which is awesome [2], I first thought, since I have...
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December 11, 2008

Billy Bitzer Rides The Train

Before he became the first cinematographer in Hollywood[land], and before he helped fund D.W. Griffith's Birth of A Nation, Billy Bitzer worked for the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in New York, making actualities, basically documentary shorts. Like this...
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December 3, 2008

A Long Time Ago, In A White Cube Far, Far Away

Wait, The Empire was the US and the Rebellion was the North Vietnamese, but Lucas only put them in space after Hollywood suits wouldn't let him make Apocalypse Now? And the grunge was a simultaneous obeisance and refutation of...
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November 18, 2008

Thomas Kinkade: Filmmaker Of Light

Interesting. Vanity Fair published the 16-point memo painter Thomas Kinkade distributed to the crew before they began shooting Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage, a film telling Kinkade's own creation myth, how he became an artist to save his mom's house from...
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September 23, 2008

Films, Fax Murals & More: Stan VanDerBeek At Guild & Greyshkul

I first encountered filmmaker Stan VanDerBeek's work in Aspen Magazine. His 1964 collaboration with Robert Morris, Site, combined dance/performance, art, and film. Performers create a physical, 3-D approximation of camera wipes and reveals using large black and white panels....
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September 13, 2008

Madness, Madness

On the occasion of a Film Forum series of his work, Terrence Rafferty has an interesting, if brief and kind of depressing think about David Lean's method in the NY Times. Maybe the series can wrest Lean away from the...
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August 20, 2008

Waiting For Godot Times, Thursdays At 8, 9 Central

Daniel Birnbaum in Artforum, discussing "Beckett/Nauman," a Spring 2000 exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien The organizers of "Beckett/Nauman," Kunsthalle Wien curator Christine Hoffmann and art historian Michael Glasmeier, aren't really out to prove anything, but their juxtaposition of works by...
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August 4, 2008

The Post-Apocalyptic Open-Pit Mines Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Alright, so last night I made some wisecrack about a scene from Kevin Costner's 1997 film The Postman, where a mutant general pacifies his slave army by showing The Sound of Music on a floating theater on a lake...
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August 3, 2008

"Truly 'Underground' Cinema"

I loved Cabinet before I wrote for them, and I love them after. In the latest issue, #30 The Underground, Colby Chamberlain looks at an awesome 1971 drawing by Robert Smithson titled, Toward the development of a Cinema Cavern...
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July 29, 2008

In The Driver's Seat

Five years ago, someone in North Philadelphia committed suicide by getting hit by the Amtrak train I was riding. I was in the first car behind the engine, where we heard the impact and the aftermath. I was kind of...
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July 2, 2008

Jeremy Blake's Video For Beck's "Round The Bend"

So elegiac. The chandeliers with the painted-on camera flares sequence is particularly beautiful. [youtube via artforum video] related: Interesting. Paddy put into a coherent statement what I briefly wondered and then forgot: what's the implication of ArtForum showcasing YouTube...
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June 30, 2008

Paperwork: Gordon Matta-Clark & Public Art

Gordon Matta-Clark's 1975 film, Day's End, is on view at MoMA right now. It documents a guerrilla project where he and a couple of collaborators cut a giant, moon-shaped hole in the wall of an abandoned sanitation warehouse on...
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June 22, 2008

There's Still A Lot Left Untold In This Article About BYU's Art Collection Shenanigans

The scale of the scandal of the management of BYU's art collection was becoming clear just as I entered the art history program there in the late 1980's. For years, the collection had been ignored by everyone except one professor...
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June 9, 2008

Semiconductor's Hairy Balls

As the guy married to the officially coolest scientist at NASA, I admit, I took a personal, even a slightly defensive, interest when I read on Gizmodo that Scientists from NASA's Space Sciences Laboratory have made [magnetic fields] visible...
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May 27, 2008

After Hours, Frankly

Interesting. The script for one of my favorite Scorsese films, his dark, odd 1985 After Hours, appears to have been heavily lifted from a 1982 performance by Joe Frank, one of my favorite dark, odd radio dramatists. Andrew Hearst has...
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May 22, 2008

Matthew Barney: Big Bucks, Many Whammies

Christopher Knight didn't have as bad a time at the performance/filming of Matthew Barney's "REN" as the audience members who were injured by flying glass when the backhoe went at it with the Chrysler Imperial in the auto dealer showroom:When...
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May 13, 2008


This is awesome, like OG William Kentridge in real space. MUTO is a new stop-action animation by Blu, a Buenos Aires artist, where I guess/hope they have different etiquette about painting over someone else's art on the street. MUTO a...
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April 25, 2008

Wholphin [!] Interview on Wonderland Stream [!!]

Very interesting. Stream Magazine, part of Wonderland, is a new venue for online filmmaking, or an online venue for new filmmakers. Not quite sure yet. Alls I know is, Austin Bunn has a nice interview with Brett Hoff editor of...
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March 8, 2008

Angel Dust, 2000, Jeremy Blake

From "Jeremy Blake in Three Parts," written by editor/curator Bennett Simpson for PS 1's "Greater NY" show. In 2000, Blake's 20-min. digitally animated abstraction titled Angel Dust was in both the harried, hasty "Greater NY" and the Pompidou's "Elysian...
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March 5, 2008

Derek Jarman's Blue and Travelex's Pink

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } blue_before and after, originally uploaded by scottburnham. In 2000 curator Scott Burnham organized a projection...
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March 4, 2008

Derek Jarman's Music Videos

While is ridiculously easy to soak in Derek Jarman's work in the UK at the moment, it's nigh impossible to find anything programmed in the US. Fortunately, one of Jarman's most easily accessible bodies of work--music videos--is also one...
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February 27, 2008

Joep van Lieshout: Those Who Can't Do, Make Art

Now I've been a fan of Joep van Lieshout's work for a long time, even if a lot of it's too irreverent or too bombastically oversexualized to evangelize about regularly. ["You see, mom, he builds these room-sized uteruses with built-in...
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January 23, 2008

Lady Madonna, Children At Her Teat

From the Great Opening Paragraphs Department, Matthew Placek interviewed NZ documentary filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly for V Magazine:In March of 2006 I traveled with Vanessa Beecroft to Rumbek in South Sudan on two separate occasions to produce an image for...
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January 20, 2008

Welcome To The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

The sonic precision and cohesion of the Coens’ films have much to do with the close collaboration between Mr. [Skip] Lievsay and Mr. [Carter] Burwell. Extensive discussions between a film’s sound editor and composer are rare, given typical post-production schedules....
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December 26, 2007

An Object Tossed Back And Forth From One Country To Another

Though my reflex was to read David Antin's Artforum review of Lawrence Weiner's Whitney retrospective as a bit of an overshare:...these readings are as slippery as rain and evaporate fairly quickly. Take [a 1962 work] "an object tossed from...
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December 9, 2007

Painting Was Not Dead: Manfred Kirchheimer's Stations Of The Elevated

Wow. I can't believe this was shot in 1977. Stations of the Elevated, Manfred Kirchheimer's remarkable documentary--is art documentary a genre?--of New York City's graffiti-saturated trains and their environs is a total throwback feast. The film puts graffiti into...
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December 6, 2007

She's No Lady, She's My Brother

So Speed Racer gets to come out, but they stuff Larry Wachowski back in her closet? From USA Today, which has first look, very anime-looking stills from the film:The brothers Wachowski (The Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta) take a...
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October 9, 2007

UnterGunther: French Urban Explorers Sneak Into Pantheon For A Year, Repair 150-yo Clock

l: Pantheon r: Pantheon w/Ernesto Neto's 2006 installation, Leviathan Thot Wow, worlds collide, I feel like I'm in an Umberto Eco novel. At nights over the course of a year, a group of urban explorers in Paris who call...
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October 8, 2007

If I Were A Sculptor, But Then Again...

Yes, I do have a ton of other things I should be doing, but I can't seem to get Project Echo out of my head. I really want to see this, 100+ foot spherical satellite balloon, "the most beautiful...
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October 5, 2007

You And Me Both, Errol

It was an historic occasion. I arrived with my cameraman, Bob Chappell, and his first assistant, Eric Zimmerman, within a few days of the 150th anniversary of the fall of Sebastopol on September 8, 1855. The airport at Simferopol —...
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September 29, 2007

Dara Friedman's Musical

Dara Friedman is unobtrusively videotaping people singing show tunes in public in New York City for a project commissioned by the Public Art Fund:The policeman on the staircase barely looks up; the two little girls beside him continue giggling about...
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September 28, 2007

The Trailer's Up For The New Sony Bravia Ad

Yes, a commercial has a making of trailer. The premiere is October 5th. NY: Play-Doh [bravia-advert.com via coudal] Previous Bravia bravado; also prior art on the 'lots of bouncing balls' concept...
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September 15, 2007

Have You Seen Me? Warhol's Lost Videos

still from Inner and Outer Space, 1965 Fascinating. In 1965, months before pioneering video artist Nam Jun Paik got his hands on his own first video camera, Norelco loaned Andy Warhol its new, $3,950 slant scan video recording system for...
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September 14, 2007

On The Mixed Up Films Of Mr. Andy Warhola

Wait, the Warhol Museum called the 1-hour excerpt of Empire released on DVD an unauthorized bootleg? Yes they did, in 2004:"It's a bootleg!" says Geralyn Huxley, a curator at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.Which is odd. The Italian...
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August 27, 2007

Tomorrow Is Another Days of Heaven

For the upcoming release of Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven, Criterion and Paramount have taken the rather extraordinary step of creating a new interpositive, the definitive, second-generation transfer from a film's original negative. Lee Kline's story of color-correcting a masterpiece...
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August 21, 2007

Magic: Teller Like It Is

At a recent conference talk on magic given in Las Vegas, Teller [the quiet one] gave the most amazing definition of magic I wish I'd heard before writing about Scott Sforza for Cabinet Magazine's magic issue:[Magic is] the theatrical linking...
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July 31, 2007

You Stay Classy, Bruce Ratner

In less than thirty seconds, I could rattle off a dozen people in the real estate business, and another easy dozen in the video and film business, and a dozen in the finance business, who have incredibly, admirably, even enviably...
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July 24, 2007

Birth Of A Steadicam-on-Segway Nation

Historians of the moving image take note: The first commercial footage shot with the Handsfree-Transporter Cam Transport, wherein a Steadicam operator steers a modified Segway with his crotch, was a moving [sic] performance of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" by a...
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July 21, 2007

Comrades, Join Me In A Relentless Exposure Of Michelangelo Antonioni's Despicable Tricks!

I only discovered the Chinese government's published evisceration of Michelangelo Antonioni's 1972 documentary Chung Kuo - Cina after I thought I'd finished my Cabinet article on Scott Sforza. Jonathan wondered if Susan Sontag's On Photography might have a relevant...
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July 19, 2007

On Seven Days In May

I cannot get me enough of John Frankenheimer. Last week, I stayed up way too late when Ronin came on at 1AM. While reading an interview with David Talbot, who just published a disturbing book about Robert Kennedy and the...
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July 10, 2007

Wachowski Siblings, Can I See You Over Here A Minute?

I'm not going to go into detail about my dismally bored disappointment with Michael Bay's Transformers. [Did snap-together transforming sound effects fetishists get enough to work with? Because us ID4-meets-Godzilla-scale, screen-filling apocalyptic battle porn dudes were totally cheated. Even The...
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July 7, 2007

Antonioni Hears New York

Walter Murch writing on BLDGBLOG:Sometime after the success of his film Blow-Up (1966), the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni visited Manhattan, thinking of setting his next project in New York. Confused and overwhelmed by the city's visual foreignness, he decided to...
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June 1, 2007

My So-Called Audience

When I heard that Christopher DeLaurenti used body mics and a mini-disc-equipped vest to make his surreptitious recordings of orchestral intermissions, I was like, "Half the recording is probably the squeaks of his leather vest. What he's actually capturing isn't...
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May 30, 2007

Get My Doctor-Turned-Lawyer On The Phone!

From executive producers Denis Leary and Jim Serpico ("Rescue Me," "The Job") [and Mike Figgis] and writer Dave Erickson ("The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story", "Murder in Greenwich") comes "Canterbury's Law," a courtroom drama about a rebellious female...
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May 3, 2007

This Japanese-American Internment Camp Life

We finally made it to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco last weekend. I'll see a Sheeler show any time, any place, but except for a nice population of Diebenkorns and the well-stocked Oceanic galleries--oh, and Gerhard Richter's disorienting photomural...
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April 24, 2007

Filmmaking In Reverse: Tobias Rehberger's On Otto

Tobias Rehberger was interested in how viewers construct a film as they watch it, particularly as they pass through alone what's nominally intended to be a communal experience. So he decided to make a film in reverse, starting with...
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April 20, 2007

Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles

First off, what is up with the Seventies? Those folks was funny. This 1972 documentary about what a lovable failure of a city Los Angeles is stars pioneering urban planning theorist Reyner Banham, who fairly bumbles through hippie dippy,...
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April 14, 2007

Titius Has A Posse: BLDGBLOG Interviews Walter Murch

Holy smokes, I'm in like. Geoff sat down with editor/polymath Walter Murch for BLDGBLOG to discuss, of all things, the music of spheres. At least obliquely. I'd say they were Renaissance men, but as their discussion shows, the Renaissance was...
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April 11, 2007

It's Hard Out There For A Cremaster

And by 'out there,' I mean in North Korea. And by 'a Cremaster,' I mean Cremaster 1, Barney's foray into Busby Berkley stadium spectacle. NK's Arirang Festival has choreographed logistics to make even Barbara Gladstone blush [well, maybe]: 100,000...
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April 7, 2007

Antonioni's Chung Kuo

So I'm researching camera angles for an article I'm writing, and so I break out the trusty Susan Sontag, On Photography, and I finally get to the last essay/chapter, which I guess I've never read. It's the one where she...
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March 19, 2007

The Million Dude March

I got on the subway last Sunday just as the Imax screening of 300 had let out, and the 1/9 platform was packed with amped up clumps of guys. Just the night before we'd joked at dinner about A.O. Scott's...
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March 4, 2007

The Mystery Of The Missing Volvo Meta-Documentary

In 2004, Volvo released The Mystery of Dalaro [note: there's supposed to be an umlaut over the o], a very serious-sounding 8-minute documentary about a small town in Sweden where 32 people suddenly bought the same Volvo on the...
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February 28, 2007

A New Life Awaits You In The Off-World Colonies

Right before the movie came out, I remember seeing a puff piece about how they used a dialogue consultant to figure out the slang of the future in Judge Dredd Demolition Man [thanks, Jason, Sandra Bullock's other biggest fan]. Also,...
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February 23, 2007

It's Like Dogme For Fair Use

Sweet. Lessig announced an insurance/legal services partnership for documentary filmmakers whose films are certified as meeting American University's Fair Use For Filmmakers Best Practices Standards. Changing documentary clearance practices was huge enough, and already paved the way for PBS to...
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February 20, 2007

Weird: Claude Lelouch - Snow Patrol Mash-up

It's fascinating to inadvertently track the transformation of Claude Lelouch's 1976 tracking shot tour de Paris and/or force C'etait un Rendez Vous go from mythical underground film to rediscovered classic to Google-mapped puzzle to demythologized YouTube entertainment--and now to...
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February 10, 2007


Uh-oh, One less trip to the Anthology each year. Todd Haynes' Superstar is on Google Video. [via coudal]...
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January 30, 2007

Hugh Harman's Peace On Earth (1939)

MGM Cartoon 1939 Peace On EarthUploaded by shawshawshaw In retrospect, 1939 was a rough year to be a diehard pacifist. But that's when Hugh Harman's Peace On Earth anti-war cartoon was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Mahatma Gandhi was...
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Super Columbine Massacre NYT!

The constroversy over Peter Baxter's decision to pull Super Columbine Massacre RPG! from Slamdance's Guerilla Gamemakers Festival hit the New York Times this weekend, and Baxter has yet another explanation for his actions. This time, it's not complaints by a...
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January 19, 2007

On Unfilmable Novels

As someone whose desktop contains several drafts of an adaptation of a straightforwardly narrative but slightly magically naturalist historical novel, I've watched the discussion of Screenhead's list of unfilmable novels with vested interest. It took over forty comments for my...
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January 11, 2007

Agnes Martin Documentary at Film Forum

There are very few artists I'd like to see a documentary about. For one thing, the narrative arc of a movie is usually ill-suited to either an artist's story/ideas or to the experience of the work itself. And no one...
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January 9, 2007

A Day In The Office In The Gallery

For the 2006 Turner Prize exhibition, artist Phil Collins had Tate Britain set him up with an office in the gallery, where he and two hired researchers worked every day on Phil's next project: "finding people who feel their lives...
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January 8, 2007

The DaVinci Code Code

With six trans-oceanic flights last month, I ended up seeing The DaVinci Code with the sound off at least two dozen times. The only thing that surprises me about this Reuters story is that it's taken this long for other...
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How To Tell Cannes And Slamdance Apart

Ian at Water Cooler Games has been writing about an incident at Slamdance. Seems the founder of the alt-alt festival yanked Super Columbine Massacre, a charming -sounding RPG that tells the tale of some innocent, young, all-American scamps, from the...
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December 20, 2006

Nam June Paik's Early Work

I used to live downstairs from Nam June Paik. I was too starstruck to ever talk with him at length, but we had friendly chats when we'd see each other in the stairway of our Little Italy loft building....
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December 14, 2006

The Making Of That Honda Rube Goldberg Commercial

It's got a bit of that smug, self-congratulatory air that always seems to come through in behind the scenes films for commercials [I'm thinking in particular of the Sony Bravia bouncing ball ad guys]. But still, it's all we've...
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November 30, 2006

Wow. Metropolis. Kino. Murnau.

"At last we have the movie every would-be cinematic visionary has been trying to make since 1927." - AO Scott, NYT Fritz Lang's Metropolis (Restored Authorized Edition) DVD [amazon, image via coudal]...
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November 28, 2006

VV: Christine Vachon, Sellout

She insists that as "independent film keeps getting bigger, I want to make it small again," only to confess later during a casting meeting for the movie Infamous that (her italics) "there is nothing more important than sitting in a...
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November 21, 2006

On Robert Altman

After memorizing The Player, the visceral Short Cuts got me hugely excited for Pret a Porter. Oops. At the time, I had to learn for myself what Pauline Kael knew long ago: she "joked about his fertile seventies output that...
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November 8, 2006

BLDGBLOG On Ballard On Film

Geoff de BLDGBLOG has a long interview at the JG Ballard megasite Ballardian.com in which he discusses [what else] Ballard & architecture [actually, a lot else. the dude thinks in eyepopping paragraphs]:What do you think of Cronenberg’s Crash? It’s alright...
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November 6, 2006

Gears For Fears

Jason posted a link to a preview for the video game Gears of War that uses Gary Jules' and Michael Andrews' acoustic cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" as the soundtrack. The original music video for Jules' version is...
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October 31, 2006

What Requiems For A Dream May Come

It feels like ages since I've posted about actual moviemaking around here. I was a fan of Darren Aronofsky's Pi, and a fleeing refugee from the theater of Requiem for a Dream, but I have to give props to his...
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October 9, 2006

Non-Sensical Non-Site Non-Art?: Smithson's "Hotel Palenque"

Curator Nancy Spector described Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque, which the Guggenheim acquired in 1999 from the artist's estate [controlled by his widow Nancy Holt and represented by James Cohan Gallery] this way:Hotel Palenque perfectly embodies the artist's notion of...
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October 6, 2006

51 Birch Street: Home, Movie

After his mother died and his father quickly remarried, filmmaker Doug Block went to visit his childhood home for the last time, as it was being emptied and put up for sale. He ended up spending two years making 51...
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September 30, 2006

Still Indie At 40?

It's funny that--oh, wait, no, it's depressing, no, it's funny, no, it's--someone like Mary Harron who has done some good films has also done some great television, but somehow it comes off sounding like a bad thing. I'd love to...
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September 9, 2006

Wednesday In The Car With Claude

Now the story can be told. It's interesting how long it takes stuff to bubble across the Internet. A recent spate of blog discussion of Claude Lelouch's 1976 cult short film, C'etait un Rendezvous was prompted by the film's...
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September 5, 2006

In-Game Developer Commentary, In-Game Video Production

Andy has some video of some in-game developer commentaries that are included in the Half-Life 2: Episode One. They're a cross between a typical DVD director's commentary track, hyperlinked footnotes, and a first-person video tour. Fascinating. Perhaps the coolest, though,...
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August 31, 2006

What If It Was Carson Daly? Would You Hate Him?

You could make a really good-looking movie right now for ten grand, if you have an idea. That’s the trick. I was watching Alphaville this weekend, and I’d love to do like a ten-minute version of Alphaville here in Manhattan....
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Summer Souvenirs [No, Not *Those* Souvenirs]

You know, someday, I'll go to Artforum's homepage, and those sidebar links to the Chris Marker photographs of May Day protestors in France ["In this new series, he re-presents the present as, effectively, already past," or as they say in...
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August 16, 2006

The Residents, The MoMA, & The River Of Crime

Our lives are constantly surrounded by unseen streams ...numerous, invisible rivers composed of love, power, success, pain ...all that we detest and desire. Some we navigate with ease, some we seek forever ...and some are simply whirlpools, spinning us into...
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August 15, 2006

I Still Get People Asking Me For Sofia's Number

Usually, they're slightly off-kilter but harmless fans, who seem to believe that if they can only get their pitch to their favorite director, they'll make beautiful music together. Turns out Wes Anderson has fans like that, too, only their names...
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August 2, 2006


This: The Tangled Web of Syriana by Philip Dhingra [philosophistry.com via mathowie] reminds me of this: from Mark Lombardi: Global Networks, Nov. 1 - Dec. 18, 2003 [drawingcenter.org] in a good way....
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July 13, 2006

The Re-Searchers

John Ford would probably be pissed at you if you read this article about him in the UK Independent, but go ahead, it's worth the risk. John Ford: Ford focus [independent.co.uk via rw] There's a 2-disc anniversary edition of The...
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July 8, 2006

Waiting For Guffman Corbin Bernsen

Red Paper Clip Day could become an annual party, with residents encouraged to wear red paper clips as a Town symbol. The Town is in the process of designing a new logo which is to include a red paper clip.-...
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June 29, 2006

The Making Of A Machinima Feature

Amazingly, Hugh Hancock has been making Machinima--movies created inside video games--since 1997. [If by "Machinima," he means capturing playing sessions within user-created levels, core functions of the Doom game engine, then hasn't everybody been making Machinima since 1997? But I...
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June 22, 2006

Strange As It Ever Was

"You may tell yourself: 'He's got some crazy dance moves.' And you may ask yourself: 'Toni Basil co-directed this?!'" - Joe Tangari re Talking Heads 1981 video for "Once in a Lifetime," directed by Toni Basil and David Byrne....
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June 20, 2006

Alexander Calder's Circus Film On YouTube

Fellow dadblogger sweetjuniper just posted the 18-minute version of Calder's Circus on YouTube. It was made in 1961 by Carlos Vilardebo, and it's been shown widely around the world--and in the lobby of the Whitney Museum--ever since. Since the...
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June 7, 2006


Deborah Scranton got embedded reporter credentials, but her documentary, The War Tapes was largely shot by US soldiers in Iraq using camera equipment she provided. She did much of her directing remotely via IM and email reviews of Quicktime dailies....
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June 6, 2006

On Making Music For Prairie Home Companion

On WETA, the DC public radio station, Sunday night, Mary Tripp, the reporter for a program called Out and About, interviewed some of the musicians who performed in Robert Altman's upcoming Prairie Home Companion. The band members are used to...
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June 3, 2006

Through The YouTube Darkly

Has anyone ever asked Richard Linklater about the role A-Ha played in the development of Waking Life and Scanner Darkly. Just wonderin' A-Ha: Take On Me [youtube] update: I mean, I never thought I was very original to begin...
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Long Days Journey Into A Movie Theater

Like many people who join cults, my route to Kieslowski fandom and membership in the Church of the Dekalog looks a little goofy in retrospect. I was clearly seduced by the romanticism of La Double Vie de Veronique, not just...
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May 26, 2006

Smithsonian Sells Archive To CBS For $6 Million

Why is that not the headline for any of the stories about the Smithsonian's exclusive TV programming deal with Showtime? Smithsonian officials signed a 30-year contract with CBS Corporation's Showtime division giving them rights of first refusal to any "commercial"...
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May 17, 2006

The West Side Is Among Us Again

Whit Stillman not only lives, he writes in the Guardain about what the heck he's been working on all this time. Some adaptation that didn't work out, a script about Jamaican gospel churches... As I've gone from identifying with the...
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Finally! A Matthew Barney Movie You Can Understand

Documentary director Alison Chernick's newest film, Matthew Barney: No Restraint, sounds like a must-see, and not just for the rare behind-the-scenes footage in includes from the set of the artist's own latest production, Drawing Restraint 9. [That's the new...
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May 13, 2006

Cannes't Do

On the eve of the Cannes Film Festival, John Anderson takes a look at the phenomenally large amount of work that Palme d'Or winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne put into making their seemingly artless, effortless films. And he looks at...
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May 4, 2006

Margene, What You Really Need Is HBO.

Margene, just to let you know, Nicki is just pretending to have a baby in order to have more time with Bill. Shes still on the pill; shes using Bill. I believe she knows about Bill and Barbs affair. Nicki...
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May 1, 2006

What He Really Wants To Do Is Not Direct

While he's been actively posing questions about vision and perception and exploring the relationship between the seen/felt/experienced and reality, I've still had a sense of Olafur Eliasson as a sculptural artist. That object/space/experience thing. And I mean that, even though...
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April 18, 2006

I've Got It! MiuTube! ... MiuSpace?

On the one hand, the posters for the OMA-designed dress exhibit actually call it the "Prada Epicenter." But on the other, she's smart enough to be wary. AND she does have a shrug decorated with the scalps of her two...
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April 16, 2006

The Manchester Passion, Unplugged

BBC3 produced and aired "Manchester Passion" Friday night, a live retelling of the Passion of Christ, that was set on the streets of Manchester and which featured music from local bands made good like Joy Division and Oasis. The...
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Airport Movie Full Of Symbols

Iain Anderson's Airport is an animated short film made entirely of AIGA-standard travel icons. Very cute. Airport by Iain Anderson [funwithstuff.com via boingboing]...
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March 31, 2006

60-Second Films: The MoMA Stairway

David's a photographer--and the creator of the untouchably cool pre-pixellated logo clothing for reality TV contestants that burned through the blogs last week--who's started a little series of 60-second [give or take] movies. This one is of my favorite...
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March 30, 2006

Hiroshi Sugimoto Events We Will Unfortunately Miss, Vol. 4

Hiroshi Sugimoto created a stage for a Noh performance at Dia; unfortunately, it was in October 2001, not a real hot time for cultural diversions in downtown New York City. Missed it. The Noh stage was reinstalled at the Mori...
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March 27, 2006

With All Due Respect...

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I hear a guy talking about himself in a documentary and he utters the phrase, "Never in the history of advertising," my BS detector goes haywire. Even if the rest of the sentence is,...
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March 23, 2006

Au Revoir, L'Enfant

The Dardennes brothers' latest film, L'Enfant, is about the inner and outer worlds of Bruno, a teenage hood who sells his newborn son. It stars Jrmie Renier, the same young actor from their last film, La Promesse. It's not love,...
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Hey, It Does Rhyme With "Chick"!

You're making a short story about a couple of gay, white trash shepherds into a movie. The story's been optioned but undevelopable since it came out [sic]. In 2003-4, it looks like you might pull it together as "a low-budget,...
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March 21, 2006

Chinese Gold Farmers Docu On YouTube

"I suddenly realized that exporting virtual items through the Internet is the same as transmitting Chinese labor to America." That's how the owner of a "gold farming" company in China explains his business in Chinese Farmers In Gamedom, a...
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March 4, 2006

Empire of the Soundstage

JG Ballard writes in the Guardian about turning his childhood experiences and memories into Empire of the Sun, and then watching as Spielberg and co. turned his novel into a movie, and then watching as the movie and the book...
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February 21, 2006

A Slacker Darkly

The trailer for A Scanner Darkly is up, and while it looks good--the rotoscope animation style is much tighter, and it coheres with a lot of the scenes and the vibe of the story--it's clearly a chatty Linklater joint. Plus,...
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February 15, 2006

Winterbottom Goes Bubbley for Gitmo Movie Distribution

Michael Winterbottom's A Road To Guantanamo was produced for Channel 4, but they're opening it like a film, too. Like a Soderbergh film called Bubble, to be specific. A simultaneous DVD, Theater, and--hold on--online release next month. The film is...
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February 12, 2006

How It Happened Here Happened

It Happened Here is a 1966 documentary-style account of a Nazi occupation of Britain, made over the course of eight years of weekends by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo. They were 18 and 16, respectively, when they started production. All...
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February 3, 2006

With Apologies To Francesco Vezzoli...

I will quote goldenfiddle in full on this one, and just say that, Francesco, I was wrong. You were right. Fake trailers to non-existent films are an art form after all:Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are teaming up to produce...
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January 27, 2006

A Post About Going To See Tristram Shandy

Granted, I haven't seen it yet, but isn't that in the spirit of Winterbottom's adaptation? Based on Tony Scott's review, I'd say this one is a classic....
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January 18, 2006

You Gotta Fight. For The Right. Angle.

The Beastie Boys handed out 50 video cameras to fans at a November 2004 MSG concert, and have edited the footage they shot into a concert documentary called Awesome! I F***ing Shot That!:The film will cost the Beastie Boys about...
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January 12, 2006

Bernadette Corporation Berlin Film Studio Boondoggle

I'm a fan of Bernadette Corporation, so even though it's not about results but about process, I'm interested to see what came out of their film gig in Berlin. That's where they ran Pedestrian Cinema, a temporary production center for...
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January 2, 2006

Syriana: The Screenplay

Warner Bros. has released a PDF version of Stephen Gaghan's script for Syriana, which we just saw last night. A very intense film, the story is perfectly matched with the fragmented, multi-threaded structure. In another filmmaker's hands, this movie would...
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2005 In A Norwegian Wood, 2005, dur. 3'40"

All through 2005, Eirikso shot photographs out of his window in Norway at random times and on random days. Then he merged them into a single, 3.5 minute or so movie using Photoshop and Sony Vegas Video. See the...
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December 30, 2005

I Guess It Depends On What You're Searching For

Back in the day (Feb. 2002, that is), I requested clearance to use "Google" as a verb and to show search results screenshots in my first short. The head of Google's marketing sent me an email saying it was a-ok,...
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December 21, 2005

Image, Style, Taste, Clothes, Death, Prop. 13: NY Doll David Johansen Intervew c.1978

Have you heard of Wet Magazine? proto-Punk/New Wave LA deal from the late 1970's? I confess, my parents were just taking me to my first concert--the Osmond Brothers--in the late seventies. Anyway, in the Nov/Dec 1978 issue, an unnamed-but-hardhitting journalist...
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December 15, 2005

Has It Really Been Ten Years Already?

From the website for Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever!:Please join us as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 'Showgirls'. The UCB Theatre is proud to present an evening with Mr. 'Joe Eszterhas' as he is interviewed by noted...
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December 13, 2005

TiVlogs: We're All Producers Now

And here I thought Jeff Jarvis was the only one flogging vlogs. The NYT had an article over the weekend about the explosion of vlogging, and the distribution deal that slightly funny vlog Rocketboom made with TiVo. TiVo gives Rocketboom...
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December 6, 2005

Awesomest DVD Extra Of The Year Award Nominee: Steve Carell Chest-Waxing Docu

Unrated is the new Rated R. In addition to 17 additional minutes of edited-out footage, the New Unrated Version DVD of The 40-Year-Old Virgin contains "a four-camera behind-the-scenes look at Steve Carell's character, Andy Stitzer, having his chest waxed." I...
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December 4, 2005

Lelouch's C'etait un Rendezvous Online, With Bonus Netnerd Features

Although it was released on DVD last year, C'etait un Rendezvous, Claude Lelouch's classic/notorious underground film, has turned up online. The film is a Ferrari-eye view of a flat-out race across Paris, shot in a single 9-minute take using a...
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November 29, 2005

Proulx on Lee's Brokeback Mountain: Happy As A Ranch Hand In Love. Er...

Annie Proulx has seen "Brokeback Mountain" twice: once, when the characters and story originally made their way from her head to her short story in the New Yorker. Then again, when Ang Lee's film rose up before her on the...
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November 28, 2005

Madonna: What I Really Want To Do Is Tell Everyone What To Do

Presumably because he was made to by his editors, Andrew Pulver momentarily entertains the notion that a film directed by Madonna would somehow not be an utterly self-absorbed, epically unwatchable trainwreck:She certainly has the strength of will to become a...
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November 21, 2005

On Making Movies With No Money, Or Less

Bosnian filmmaker Jasmina Tesanovic writes in the latest issue of Make Magazine about turning her website, Diary of a Political Idiot, into a documentary--while her city, Belgrade, was being bombed by NATO forces in 1999. The schedule for each...
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November 18, 2005

I'm A Sucker For A Good Tracking Shot

Like this music video, "Motorcycle," from The Rumble Strips, which involves a roundabout, some bikes, a delivery lorry [sic], one light, and a guy who sounds a lot like Lloyd Cole. "Motorcycle," directed by Harry Dwyer [rumblestrips.co.uk via waxy]...
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November 16, 2005

Beck Programs Sony Robots To Do White Guy Shuffle

If the Washington Post, of all "can't dance" papers says someone "break-danced and jigged in a manner so lifelike they seemed like hip-hop aliens from the planet Funk," you're right to be wary. And yet we were seduced, at least...
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November 15, 2005

Monkey Business

In attempting to "remove the clutter" that normally accompanies such "major tent-pole movies," Universal has pared down the marketing and product licensing partnerships for Peter Jackson's King Kong to the barebones minimum. Here's the list. If you start reading now,...
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October 26, 2005

Kubrick's Lost 2001 Talking Head Prologue

To differentiate 2001 from the "flying saucer pictures" that owned the sci-fi genre at the time, Stanley Kubrick planned to begin the movie by showing interviews with 21 real-world scientists about their predictions for the future and the likelihood of...
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October 22, 2005

See? Even This Guy Wanted To Direct

Guy Debord's films have been getting re-released on DVD; the late Spectacle-hating French theorist had pulled them from distribution in the 1980's when, well, when they weren't succeeding in destroying the neo-capitalist movie industry from within, I guess."He was against...
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October 13, 2005

My Architects

James Venturi, son of architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, has made is making a film about them and their highly influential ideas and designs: This film is the story of their struggle, their ideas, and the meshing of...
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October 12, 2005

On The Apprentice

So I was stoking the fires of ill will against Martha Stewart by watching the last half hour of The Apprentice, and I'm thinking, "Damn, but that woman bugs the crap out of me," and "DAY-UM, but I hate...
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Show Me Some Penguins, Pierre

It's supposed to keep raining through Friday, when artist Pierre Huyghe is planning to shoot an element of a new video art work in Central Park's Wollman Rink. Huyghe is transforming the rink into a black ice floe, home for...
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October 6, 2005

Shlog-Hinten Mountain

So the new year's not starting off that great. I found this great vintage Jewish cowboy belt buckle on ebay... Beautiful old belt buckle has nice detail. Features the Star of David. It is intricately worked in sterling silver. The...
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October 5, 2005

Go On Location With Pierre Huyghe's Penguin Movie

What is it with French people and penguin movies? Next Friday evening, French video artist Pierre Huyghe will be filming the second part of "A Journey That Wasnt," a musical based on a trip to Antarctica. The first part was...
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September 28, 2005

Penguin Filmmakers Behaving Badly

Dateline, Paris [of course]:In Hollywood, meanwhile, the jockeying for credit on March of the Penguins was taking place. Last month, Jordan Roberts, a film director turned writer, claimed credit in a Los Angeles Times article for essentially "re-envisioning" the film...
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September 21, 2005

We Were Not Amused By This Dark Dancerwoman

Catherine Deneuve cares less about makenice the longer she's around (and I do wish her a long, happy, healthy, sexy, regal life, understand). Here's an excerpt from Close Up And Personal about the production of Lars von Trier's Dancer In...
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September 16, 2005

So You Want To Read "Brokeback Mountain"

I shouldn't be surprised that I'm getting this question a lot these days. Here's what Ang Lee told the NYT's Karen Durbin:"When I first read the story, it gripped me. It's a great American love story, told in a way...
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September 8, 2005

Donald Sutherland Naked On A Cold Day

I'm not the only one with a thing for the editing. Donald Sutherland tells the Guardian about what made that sex scene in Don't Look Now so, well, sexy. Hint: it wasn't Julie Christie. OK, it wasn't JUST Julia Christie:"About...
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September 7, 2005

Editing, Art or Science? Movie or Website.

I find that I remake a movie at least three times: when I write it, when I shoot it, and again when I edit it. The one I didn't realize--and that still seems wildly underappreciated to me--is editing. Well, here's...
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Q: One Sheets To Get A Documentary Rolling

Turning from the descent of our country into unaccountable, repressive totalitarianism for a moment... A reader emailed a question that I thought would be interesting to open up to other readers, too. He's preparing to make a documentary on a...
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August 28, 2005

Akinori Oishi's Microfilms

Regine links to several examples of Japanese graphic artist Akinori Oishi's work, but my favorites are the micro films. Tiny loops formatted as animated gifs, they remind me of the best of the AIM buddy icon movies. These are older,...
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August 22, 2005

Plays Well With Others: Needs Improvement

Lactaid Commercial [May 27] - Greenwich Street near 12th: Interior still shoot. Parking taken to unload cows. No complaints. ... Law & Order [January 28] - Commerce: Strikes again. Despite assurances that company wanted a better relationship with the community,...
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August 21, 2005

The Marketing Of The Penguins

If it's any consolation, Japan looked like it had been plush carpetbombed by penguins, too. WPS1's Stephen Schaefer did an interview with Luc Jacquet, director of March of The Penguins, which was first broadcast on July 18th. [scroll down] Beyond...
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Strictly Murderball

Radar Online has a print-sized [i.e., too short] q&a with Murderball co-director Dana Adam Shapiro, but it's mostly about his novel [The Every Boy] and his childhood. It's interesting that filmmakers don't get asked how autobiographical their work is as...
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August 18, 2005

On Shooting In August

I shot another short while I was in Japan; more on that soon, I hope, but one of the overriding impressions I came away with was that shooting outdoors all day in the deadheat of August is, well, hot. Seems...
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August 8, 2005

Maybe They Should Read The Arts & Leisure Secion

The NYT Magazine has an excellent firsthand report from the set of Red vs. Blue. It turns out that a few scrappy creative types are actually making movies inside of video games. If this catches on, it could be revolutionary....
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July 30, 2005

What Ere Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part

O me of little faith. Richard Dutcher, the guy who made the first Mormon niche film, God's Army, goes around making sure he's referred to as "The Mormon Spielberg." Meanwhile, the guys at HaleStorm seem to have set their sights...
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July 29, 2005

"Films as Found Object"

Stefano Basilico's well-rounded exhibition on artists' use of films--not film--as a medium got a nice review from Roberta Smith in the NYT. My absolute favorite piece in the show--which was in Miami last winter--is Christian Marclay's Video Quartet. But Pierre...
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July 27, 2005

The Transom Finds The Level of The Last Days Room

The Observer reports from the premiere of Gus Van Sant's latest film, Last Days, which completes a teen trilogy of sorts, with Gerry and Elephant:On the red carpet at Landmarks Sunshine Cinema, a reporter for a vapid monthly didnt recognize...
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July 8, 2005

"Because acolytes are always the most penetrating chroniclers of greatness"

Architect and one-time actor Brad Pitt is making a documentary about Frank Gehry and the development of his billowing-skirt residential towers in Brighton, Eng-uh-land. PITT TO MAKE UK DOCUMENTARY [contactmusic.com, via gutter, the source of that sweet quote above] Brighton...
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July 7, 2005

On The World Losing A Teletype Artist

Jason writes about John Sheetz, a longtime HAM and a Teletype artist [who knew? which is precisely the point] he interviewed in 2003 for his BBS Documentary, and who passed away last January. How many life's works are biding...
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July 6, 2005

What Coudal's Doing On Their Summer Vacation

Making a "short feature film," just for the heck of it, it turns out, and documenting the production online:The very first thing that happened is that we dropped an expensive rented audio remote unit down three flights of stairs. Oops....
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June 30, 2005

Robert Melee? He Has A Huge Talent Show

A couple of snaps from Robert Melee's Talent Show at The Kitchen. With touches of Wigstock, Laugh-in, Blow-up, Moulin Rouge, Merce, Cher, Olivia Newton John fitness video, Puppetry of the--um--and Fischerspooner-meets-Spinal Tap, it's a NSFW riot. And don't forget...
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June 23, 2005

Mad Hot Clearances

Once again, a highly acclaimed documentary is nearly wrestled to the ground by the exorbitant cost of clearing the rights to music--including a ringtone--that appears in the film. Not talking about the soundtrack here, either, but the diagetic (i.e., in-story,...
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June 22, 2005

Young, Dumb, and Full Of Coke

You have to admit, she does look rather mannish." For a brief moment in the early 90's, The Modern Review was really good, almost a smarter, smugger Spy, if such a thing can be imagined. Then it started to...
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June 15, 2005

I Cut Thigh With A Little Help From My Flense

For the first time, Matthew Barney and Bjork have collaborated on a film and soundtrack called Drawing Restraint 9, after some of Barney's earliest, pre-Cremaster works. In DR9, the two visit a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki, undergo various Shinto...
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May 24, 2005

On PT Anderson's Use of Color

The latest issue of Senses of Cinema includes Cubie King's intriguing look at PT Anderson's use of color in Punch-Drunk Love. In addition to the interstitial abstract animations by artist Jeremy Blake [which were originally meant to represent--is that too...
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May 16, 2005

Who Makes Movies? Well, Fluffers, For One.

Personally, every time I see those "Who Makes Movies?" spots where some lowly crew member is trotted out to say how Internet pirates are taking food out of his dyslexic kid's mouth, I want to say, "Actually, it's Canadians who...
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May 10, 2005

Thought Thieves: The Most Dependent Filmmaking Contest Ever

You can't make this stuff up, folks. Microsoft UK is sponsoring a short film contest, with 2,000 worth of equipment vouchers. The theme: Thought Thieves. "The theme of your film should be about how intellectual property theft affects both individuals...
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May 3, 2005

Edward Jay Epstein, Hollywood Accountant

Move over, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. In his article in Slate, "Paranoia for Fun and Profit: How Disney and Michael Moore cleaned up on Fahrenheit 9/11", Epstein shows how Moore played up Disney's refusal to distribute his Cannes-winning doc,...
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April 30, 2005

Socks, Fries & Videotape

The Guardian reports that Steven Soderbergh's new series of HD films will be released by Mark Cuban's and Todd Wagner's 2929 Entertainment simultaneously in the company's theaters, on their HD TV channel, and on DVD. Given the reach of the...
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April 22, 2005

Daddy, Tell Me A Back Story

The problem is that Penn can't play just any agent trying to do his job. He has to have his own traumatic back story and overflowing well of grief over a dead wife, because what's a Penn performance these days...
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April 21, 2005

From The Two Ends Of The Online Viewing Spectrum

Never the innovator, apparently, NEC commissioned a series of sponsored short films which debuted last fall. The theme(s)? "Ubiquitous" and "U Can Change." Let me just say, that slogan's no "Art of Speed." I guess they think it works alright...
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April 16, 2005

Smells Like Cine Spirit

Gus Van Sant's new film, Last Days, is a fictional recreation of the impending death of Kurt Cobain, shot in the director's now-mature semi-documentary style. The trailer's up; Last Days opens May 16 in France, timed, presumably, with its debut...
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April 11, 2005

Tomorrow Night at MoMA: An Evening With Marc Forster

Some of you have already gotten this in email, but tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4/12) is the fourth annual installment of A Work In Progress, where MoMA's Film & Media department celebrates a distinct directorial voice in cinema. This year's honoree...
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April 5, 2005

Michelangelo's Last Judgment?

Now that's a deft review. While Michael Atkinson praises Wong Kar Wai's segment of Eros he largely ignores Soderbergh's contribution--and he totally pans Antonioni's in the most deferential possible way: "[Antonioni]...is 20 years into his post-stroke period and whoit must...
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April 4, 2005

Blu Dot Films

Technically, The Year of The Dependent Short was 2004, but the people at Blu Dot are usually so far ahead of the curve, I'll cut them some slack. In conjunction with Daylight Savings Time, Blu Dot launched the first in...
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April 3, 2005

DVD Players: The Making Of The Making Of

I want to say, "Finally!" The NYT reports on the players in the burgeoning medium of DVD extras: directors like Laurent Bouzereau (Spielberg) and producers like Mark Rowen (Shrek 2). Bouzereau started in the laser disc business and spent time...
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March 27, 2005

Gee, It Worked So Well With The Orchid Thief

Will Ferrell's last line in the trailer for Bewitched is, "How did this happen??!" I was wondering the same thing when I found out the movie's not a remake of the TV series, it's about making a remake of the...
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March 21, 2005

Francois Ozon Retreads The Flashback

What about Nolan's Memento? Fellow Frenchman Gaspar No's controversial Irrversible? The UK Observer's Phillip French conjures a half-baked history of movie storytelling in flashback in order to create some context for his review of Francois Ozon's half-baked 5 x 2....
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March 16, 2005

How To Draw My Attention

I finally saw John Walter's entertaining and transfixing 2002 documentary, How To Draw A Bunny tonight on Sundance Channel. Walter--an editor-turned-director--collages together the incredible story of the artist's artist Ray Johnson, whose life, art, and elaborately contrived 1995 suicide in...
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March 15, 2005

There Oughta Be A Reality Series

"{Dimension Films exec Andrew] Rona is only too delighted to play the heavy and play it to the Mephistophelean hilt. In fact, when the studio doesn't get its way in the selection of a director, he signals that he will...
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Let The Name...'Moses'...Be Stricken From Every Public Obelisk...

So let it be written, so let it be done. Many of the thousands of Ten Commandments statues gracing public parks, courthouses and city halls around the country--including the one whose constitutionality is being considered by the Supreme Court--were placed...
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March 9, 2005

This Explains A Lot

The cannabis connections of the Ocean's 12 cast and crew [via kottke, party on, dude!]...
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March 8, 2005


Ed Halter has a interesting take on how two Iraq documentaries may rehabilitate the image of the much-criticized embedding process as a means for creating accurate historical documents of the war. [Of course, that that's not at all how it...
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March 3, 2005

Unrelated Story an unmade Interpol short film

Rex's mention of Interpol's new video reminded me of the short film contest they threw last year for the release of their album, Antic. Winners got $1000 to make an Interpol-inspired film, not a music video. In fact, it didn't...
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I'm Your Puppet

Interpol's video for "Evil" from their recent album "Antic" was directed by the artist/CG animator Charlie White. It features an Interpol-ish puppet--"pale, thin, with dark hair and a boyish-man quality"--that looks like White's trademark alien/troll figures in human drag. MTV.com...
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February 28, 2005

Tony Danza: A Tape I WANT To See

So while he is taping himself for "his talk show on skates," Tony Danza runs into The Gates and falls flat on his face. I don't know how to unpack this little gem of a story, though: Danza, Schmanza,...
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February 16, 2005

Converting to The Believer

I was an initial, albeit paying skeptic, then a non-practicant, then I bought the last issue of The Believer magazine primarily on the promise of its accompanying DVD filled with short films. That promise has not yet been filled--I have...
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February 12, 2005

Heads Up, Head Down To See Jonathan Caouette Right Now

Art in General's hosting a screening of Tarnation at 3, and Jonathan Caouette will be entertaining your questions while you all drink their wine at around 6. Whatever you can get him to do in that mystical hour or so...
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Christo Party

Jason's got his photos of The Gates up, I'm sure the rest of the camera-equipped world will follow. Albert Maysles talks on WPS1 about the 25+year-long process of making his film about The Gates, The Gates. Maysles is making this...
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February 11, 2005

All The Vermeers In New York (Plus The One In Boston)

I can't quite say why, but I had a pretty intense Jon Jost phase when I first moved to New York. I saw his All The Vermeers In New York several times, lured in by the title, but kept there...
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February 10, 2005

Oh My Heck! Brother Greg Whiteley's New York Doll

I admit, a lot of Sundance went by me in a blur. No one I knew I knew was showing anything this year, and I knew non-film work would conspire to keep me out of Park City, so maybe I'm...
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February 9, 2005

Waiting For Halo

Microsoft has commissioned Alex Garland (28 Days Later, um, The Beach, but we don't talk about that) to write a script for Halo--a v1.0, if you will--which will be offered to producers along with with the game's film rights as...
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February 8, 2005

Torture! Now Read The Book and Watch The TV Show!

You know how, for whatever reason, some ideas that once seemed like slam-dunks take so long to come to fruition, they fizzle out and disappear because the country's media parade has already passed by? Garfield: The Movie's a good example....
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February 7, 2005

Bunnies Multiplying Like Rabbits

What is it about bunnies and short films? First, the NY Times has a hi-larious, yet thoughtfully insightful interview with Jennifer Shiman, the creator of 30-Second Bunny Theatre. Then Chris Harding's 50's instructional film-style short for Hallmark features a hutchful...
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February 6, 2005

Czech Republic, $@#! Yeah!

North Korea's ambassador in Prague has demanded that Team America World Police be banned from the Czech Republic; it depicts Kim Jong Il consorting with Alec Baldwin, which, he says, would totally NEVER happen. Replies Foreign Ministry spokesman Vit Kolar,...
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February 4, 2005

On Not Writing Alone In The Dark

Blair Erickson writes about his experience working with director Uwe Boll on an early treatment and script for the Tara Reid vehicle [sic] Alone In The Dark. Even if it IS the Worst Movie Ever Of The Century Of The...
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February 3, 2005

Madrid 11M: The Short Films

From the English press kit for Madrid 11M: Todos Ibamos en Ese Tren/Madrid M11: We Were All On That Train, a compilation of 27 short films produced by DocusMadrid, a non-profit organization which supports Spanish documentary films:On March 11th,...
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Golden Gate Bridge Meets Its (Suicide Docu) Maker

After all, Eric Steel didn't say he wasn't going to film the jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge when he applied for a permit to shoot the bridge all day, every day, for a year. According to the federal officials...
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February 2, 2005

We're Going To The Pan Pacifics, Fran!

"'We've been given the mandate to compete on a more aggressive level,' says [Paramount Classics co-pres David] Dinerstein, who also helped orchestrate the reported $2 million purchase of Mad Hot Ballroom, a Slamdance documentary widely described as Spellbound meets Strictly...
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January 25, 2005

On Jem Cohen's 'Chain'

Chain, was directed by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jem Cohen. The movie tells the story of a pair of women seemingly stranded in an instantly familiar, parking lot-filled landscape of big box retail stores, fast food restaurants and malls. It looks like...
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January 17, 2005

Section 8: We Make Movies, Not Money

There's a long profile in the NYT of Section Eight, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney's Warner Bros-based production company, whose deal is set to run out in a couple of years. I'm not quite sure what the takeaway is: George...
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January 15, 2005

Someone Hasn't Heard of 'Napoleon Dynamite'.,.

In this week's Arts & Leisure section, Adam Leipzig entertainingly/depressingly lays out the beyond-improbable odds of 1) having a successful independent film, and 2) getting your script made into a big studio hit. Not that I would EVER question the...
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January 13, 2005

Regarding greg.org at Regarding Clementine

Demonstrating a curatorial wisdom so vast it puts the [sic] in Sicha, Choire has put me in his show at the Clementine Gallery. I'll be screening and editing a new/old short, footage we shot in the summer of 2001 that...
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January 12, 2005

Your Dream Project, Our Nightmare

Caryn James barely scratches the surface with her article-cum-warning about directors' dream projects: "Here is a basic rule of moviegoing," she starts, "when you hear about someone's dream project, run from the box office fast." On the list of dreamers...
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January 7, 2005

To Do: Get Your Butt To The Reel Roundtable Monday

Remember? I'm turning the blog into a movie? Monday Night? Millennium Theater? 7:30 for chilling, 8:00 for starting? Here's the previously announced program, which will be musically, if not surgically, enhanced: Coming January 10: greg.org - the movie The Reel...
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January 5, 2005

Hey, It Worked For Kinsey

The must-have vanity project for 2005: your own biopic. Andy Towle reports that the NY Post reports that W Magazine reports that Bill Condon's developing a script based on a 2001 Vanity Fair article for Tribeca Films. The subject: Pepe...
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December 30, 2004

Check The Clearance, Clarence. And Make It A BIG Check.

The Center For Social Media conducted a study of the costs and effects of clearing intellectual property on independent documentary filmmakers. They look at the costs, the process, and the impact on how films are made and on what subjects....
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A-Clips: Anti-Sponsored Shorts

This just in, in time to seal 2004 as The Year Of The Sponsored Short, is A-Clips, a series of aggressively unsponsored shorts:A-Clip plays with the aesthetics of cinema commercials, which are reproduced, satirized or subverted. Each of them has...
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December 29, 2004

greg.org: the movie, Coming January 10th

Or maybe it's greg.org: the videoblog. It's a veritable greg.orgy: everybody come! [uh...] On Monday, January 10th, I'm presenting a program of short films (including one of my own), video art, scenes from features, and other stuff, as part of...
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December 21, 2004

SoHo Filmmakers Report #1: Noah Baumbach

At Filter Magazine, David Fear interviews screenwriter/director Noah Baumbach about his collaboration with Wes Anderson on the script for The Life Aquatic.How long did you guys work on this? About a year. We met every day at an Italian restaurant...
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It's Not Just Derek Jarman's Blue

From Peter Wollen's essay on Jarman's Blue, recently published in Paris/Manhattan and quoted at length on In Search of The Miraculous, one of Brian Sholis's millions of projects:However, there were more specific reasons for Jarman's growing fascination with Klein. Jarman...
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December 15, 2004

Where's the When NBA Fans Attack DVD?

"Brilliant! Best PowerPoint of The Year!" -Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. The Indianapolis Star has a play-by-play account of the investigation into the Pacers-fans brawl during the Detroit Pistons game Nov. 19. To announce charges against both fans and players, the...
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December 11, 2004

Edelstein: Throw It Back

Again, a thousand unposted excuses, I've been writing toward a rather cuh-razy offline deadline. Meanwhile, I haven't been seeing movies like The Life Aquatic. I DO plan to see it, but judging from David Edelstein's review in Slate, it may...
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December 8, 2004

Don Knotts. IS. Dubya.

When I saw this link the other day, I didn't click on it. Execution couldn't be any funnier than the concept, I figured. Boy, was I wrong. Dubyamovie.com [via Jason, Andy, ]...
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December 5, 2004

All I Want For Christmas Is Stanley Kubrick's Lens

In order to shoot interior scenes of Barry Lyndon entirely by candlelight, Stanley Kubrick had two extremely fast Zeiss photo lenses from NASA custom-adapted for a motion picture camera. There is a third Zeiss lens in existence, un-Kubricized, and Justin...
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December 1, 2004

What We Think Of The Americans

"But enough about me, let's talk about you. What do YOU think of me?" I hate it that I have a line from Beaches burned into my brain, but once in a while, it comes in handy. I know what...
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November 29, 2004

Maxi Geil tonight at Joe's Pub

Unlike that otherart rock band, Fischerspooner, Maxi Geil & PlayColt are actually still around. Also unlike FS, you might actually like hearing them play. [Other ways they differ from that flash in the 2002 pan: they're smart, but not in...
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Matthew Barney Gets A Brazilian

For those who wondered how Matthew Barney was planning to top his five-part Cremaster Cycle... For those who wondered, after watching The Cremaster Cycle, if Matthew Barney was really a top... For those who want to top Matthew Barney...
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November 24, 2004

Working Title: Le Corbusier via Pierre Huyghe at Harvard

The debut live performance of Pierre Huyghe's puppet opera was last week at Harvard's Carpenter Center, Le Corbusier's only building in the US. While it's not quite a review, Ann Wilson Lloyd's report in the Times gives more details of...
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Wes Anderson's Favorite Font

Jason's got some discussion/speculation about Wes Anderson's so-far monogamous relationship with Futura in his films, which continues into The Life Aquatic. Futura and Wes Anderson [kottke.org] Related: new The Life Aquatic trailers at Apple.com Talk about control: Anderson's next project...
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November 23, 2004

The NYT A&L Hegemony Continues

Sorry, your entire Sunday morning isn't enough. Now the NYT Arts & Leisure section wants your whole weekend. Jan 7-9, 2005, to be precise, far enough in advance that you can't pretend you have something else planned. Some program highlights:...
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November 22, 2004

Forget The Trailer; I Want A Japanese Retail Cult

Is it a Hollywood perk trend, or just a by-product of working at The Directors Bureau? Whichever, director/artist Mike Mills is the latest auteur to attain that most incongruous of filmmaking achievements: his own blindingly trendy store in Tokyo. Humans...
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November 18, 2004

Fox Presents: Bocaccio's Decalogue

Now! From television's acknowledged experts in adultery, profanity, lying, and covetousness! According to Variety, FX SVP Gerard Bocaccio dreamed up the concept for 'The Ten Commandments,' a series of 10 one-hour TV movies which will "explore the spiritual and moral...
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November 17, 2004

Dennis Lim Reviews Van Gogh's Submission

"Artists from Abbas Kiarostami to Shirin Neshat to Ousmane Sembene have confronted the misogyny of conservative Islam in ways that are at once more damning and less willfully profane." Still, just because it was at once outrageously incendiary and a...
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November 11, 2004

Blogumentary Blog Blogged

Fimoculous has an excellent collection of articles, interviews [including Rex's own], and links for the premiere last week of Chuck Olsen's film/site/project Blogumentary . Check it out. Blogumentary [mitochondria at fimoculous] Blogumentary production blog...
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First, BMWFilms, now Amazon Theater

From the team who ruined BMWFilms.com comes a new collection of dependent shorts, just in time for the holidays. Amazon Theater is a series of five short films "featur[ing] products you can purchase at Amazon." Someone's not getting it in...
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Dutch Oven

Scott MacMillan has a wide-ranging, disturbing roundup of the violent aftermath of Theo Van Gogh's murder and public cremation, including the 5-hour standoff--complete with gunfire and grenades--with militant terrorist suspects in The Hague. [Slate] Holland in Flames Religious violence and...
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November 8, 2004

Manzanar Machinima at Margaret Mead

Huh, what're the odds? I just finished a piece for an offline publication about machinima, and the first thing I see at this year's Margaret Mead Documentary Festival is Beyond Manzanar, a video game-based exploration of the internment of Japanese...
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November 4, 2004

Team France Harvard Opera Police

After the stunning success of Team America World Police [Hey, turns out they got the US political climate right after all...], puppet projects are breaking out all over. At Harvard's Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, the artist Pierre Huyghe is...
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IC Moving downtown: Bart Walker jumps to CAA

ICM's Man in New York, Bart Walker is going to CAA. Walker is known for making it happen for filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola. His "Jarmusch-style" foreign presale fundraising helped Coppola keep the copyright for Virgin Suicides and...
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More Arrests in Van Gogh Killing; Big Funeral Planned

In addition to the shooter/stabber, Dutch police and intelligence officials have arrested eight other men ages 19-26 in connection with the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Several of them had been detained before in terrorism-related investigations. Meanwhile, the man...
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Iceland: The Next Canada

No, that doesn't mean they're now recruiting Bush dodgers. It means they're promoting the country as an up-and-coming alternative location for film production. Here's a partial list of benefits to shooting in Iceland: At least four months a year, you...
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November 2, 2004

Wait, I Thought Nobody WATCHED Short Films...

Dutch filmmaker and great grandson* Theo Van Gogh was murdered on an Amsterdam street today, ostensibly because of his short film, Submission. [That's the title.] Since Submission was broadcast on the VPRO TV network in August, Van Gogh and...
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October 26, 2004

Soldiers Pay: DOR on IFC

Just got a heads up from a greg.org reader at IFC: the network has picked up the tv rights to Soldiers Pay, the documentary by my boy David O. Russell, Tricia Regan, and Juan Carlos Zaldvar, which was originally produced...
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October 23, 2004

What About Joy Division Knockoffs?

Interpol Claims Designer Knockoffs Fund Terrorism [via village voice] related: Interpol announces short film contest...
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Tom Ford Channels Matthew Barney

Why didn't I think of that? After reading the page in Matthew Barney's film-financing handbook where he describes selling sculptures and limited editions to raise money for the Cremaster movies, Tom Ford has released his own veritable work of art....
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October 20, 2004

A Short Film Is Like...

...a black hole: the laws of matter are reversed. - Katariina Lillqvist ...a poem: it takes big themes and distils them. Less is more. -ScreenEast ...poems. - Pertti Paltila ...a poem: brief, still highly literate, and capable of making ripples...
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October 18, 2004

Parallel Lines, No Kidding

The Cinetrix has an engrossing review of an equally engrossing documentary, Nina Davenport's Parallel Lines. The New York director was away on a freelance gig in San Diego on September 11th and decided to film her way home. Through the...
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Start With A Large Fortune

NYT fashion reporter Cathy Horyn goes to Hollywood to see what Tom Ford's up to. True to reports when he left Gucci, he's looking to make a small fortune in the movie business."If I'm going to get one shot to...
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October 11, 2004

I wanna de world, Chico, n'everthin's'innit

On the long-anticipated convergence of films and video games: on City of Sound, Dan Hill points out GTA3: Vice City's remarkable multitude of similarities to Scarface, from the landscape, to the music, to the interior decorating details of Tony Montana's...
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They Shoot Houses, Don't They?

My mother's house was recently scouted as a location for this season of The WB's Everwood. She didn't want all those people stomping across her limestone, so she turned them down. But according to the LA Times, some homeowners say...
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October 10, 2004

Exclusive: La Mexicaine Le Interview

While the discovery of an underground cinema in the center of Paris has been widely covered, little or no attention has been paid to what the films actually played there. Les Arenes de Chaillot (The Chaillot Arenas) was created...
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October 7, 2004

RNC Highlight Reel

Don't know the editor, but the actors are familiar, and the script, we all know it by heart now ("September 11th, Saddam Hussein, very dangerous, global terrorism"). BoingBoing points to a video that distills the 4-day message of last month's...
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October 6, 2004

MPAA: The Tenth Time's The Charm

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free...to take children to see simulated puppet sex. Kudos to the MPAA censors--now sitting in their collective bed smoking a Marlboro Light--who made the producers of Team...
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October 5, 2004

MPAA Fights to Preserve Quality of Puppet Sex

Call it Team ANTI-America, just the kind of devious attack you'd expect in an election year: The ever-patriotic MPAA is bravely taking a stand, seeking to protect the high-quality of simulated puppet sex [SPS] America's children know and love from...
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September 25, 2004

FS: 'Mission Accomplished' Banner, Qty: One (1)

It's hard to remember now, but things looked so different back then. In August. When Sharon Waxman put David O. Russell on the deck of an aircraft carrier the front page of the Times Arts section for "Conquer[ing] the Hollywood...
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September 23, 2004

As Rumsfeld Is My Co-Producer

David Robb slogged through decades of data--a veritable quagmire of documentation, including production notes, official memos, filmmaker and producer interviews, and screenplay drafts--to write his new book, Operation Hollywood. From the interview he gave to Mother Jones, it sounds like...
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September 22, 2004

More Thanatos, Please

Speaking of Wong Kar Wai... Eros is a compilation of three great directors' short films on the subject of, well, eros, love, and sex. Early reports from Toronto say that Wong's is the only segment that's right. The others, by...
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September 17, 2004

Libeskind Documentary on VPRO

[via archinect] Two extensive interviews with Daniel Libeskind--one contemporary, one from 1997, when he was working on the Berlin Jewish Museum--form the core of Rob Schrder's documentary for VPRO, the cool Dutch TV network. 1997 Libeskind's almost unrecognizable, the earnest...
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September 16, 2004

RNC Thugz Videomakers Found, Speak

Mission Accomplished (aka f***newyork, the name of the .mov file) was the hi-larious (so true, though, we're only laughing on the outside) video of a gang of private school wiggaz telling it like it was about the RNC takeover of...
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September 14, 2004

A Handy Vanuatu Phrasebook

Slate's Kevin Arnovitz reveals some of the jargon he learned on the "set" during his brief stint as a "writer" on a reality TV series. One example: OTF (n) ["On the Fly"]: A quick, impromptu interview of a reality show...
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September 13, 2004

Aaron Eckhart IS Samson IN The Grizzly Adams Production OF

The Bible's Greatest Miracles. Yes, before he donned a wig in Erin Brockovich, but after his breakout performances in Neil Labute's In The Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors (and a supporting role in Oliver Stone's Any Given...
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C'Etait Un Rendezvous: a pure Parisian chase movie

And I thought Ronin had the most jaw-dropping Parisian car chase scene. In August 1976, French director Claude Lelouch (who, it turns out, did the French segment of 11"09'01, the one where the deaf chick decides to break up...
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Tony Scott's first report from Toronto really gives you a feel for the festival's sprawl and cinematic frenzy, where you feel like you're missing movies more than watching them. Meanwhile, he only mentions one film, and he mentions the hell...
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September 12, 2004

Time Lapsing at the WTC Site

Jim Whitaker is the director of a documentary in the making of the changes taking place at the World Trade Center site. Project Rebirth, as it's called, has been taking time lapse imagery from various cameras perched on buildings surrounding...
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September 7, 2004

Like Watching Wallpaper Dry

Wallpaper* founding editor Tyler Brule will host and produce The Desk, BBC4's "long awaited media show," a media-gazing TV gig even more prestigious than, say, Topic A with Tina Brown. Brule's strategy for getting the slot may give a hint...
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September 4, 2004

The Woman in the Hefty Bag Speaks

"We are starting to go buggy, just getting on one another's nerves," Mrs Mildred Mauney, 81, told The New York Times, after spending the night with some strangers in a classroom-turned-shelter in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Whatever, Millie. Join the...
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September 2, 2004

Triumph of the W.

So you're saying, if you suspend habeas corpus and pre-emptively arrest hundreds of pedestrians, I'll be able to drive my Mercedes [sic] to the Upper East Side from the Holland Tunnel in 10 minutes every day? I have to confess,...
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Film Directors 'Discover' Opera?

Irene Lacher writes in the NYT about the influx of film directors to the operatic stage. Lacher likes her movie directos old and in hollywood; she mentions Garry Marshall, William Friedkin, Robert Altman. Sure, Julie Taymor, who was directing operas...
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August 21, 2004


Sharon Waxman has a report from the set of Team America: World Police, a $32 million puppet action film being directed by a couple of reluctant, foul-mouthed punks pulled from obscurity by Paramount. Somehow the pair of college buddies, named...
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August 17, 2004

Observer: Two's an Undergound Trend

The UK Observer does a trend story on guerilla media, that starts with grafitti and small-house publishing, but is mostly a mashup on underground bands--kids playing gigs on the tube, for example--and indie filmmakers--like Outfoxed's Roger Greenwald, and Chris Jones...
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Republican "Switch" Ads, by Errol Morris

You've gotta see Errol Morris's commercials for MoveOn PAC, the unaccountable special interest division of MoveOn.org. Morris took the "Switch" concept he used for Apple, and shot ads of Republicans who discuss switching their vote to Kerry. Morris's straight-on interviewing...
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Speaking of Losers Who Found a Bag of Mail

Despite the unmitigated embarassment of his last three directorial forays, the actor Kevin Costner still felt qualified, nay, compelled to let fly with the advice on the set of his current film, Untitled Ted Griffin Project. After wrapping for the...
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August 16, 2004

New Docu joins Three Kings for theatrical re-release

With the sole exception of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, no movie has provided as dead-on accurate a depiction of war as David O. Russell's Three Kings. Now, in an example of cautious "I told you so" prophecy-checking, Russell...
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August 14, 2004

But HBO is still the gig to get

While looking at film directors who are more than dabbling in television, the Village Voice's Joy Press puts the current trend into context. Turns out indie-types like Miguel Arteta (Six Feet Under) and Neil Labute (The L Word)(What's that? Sorry,...
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August 8, 2004

Plotting Jonah Freeman on the Matthew Barney -- Gabriel Orozco Axis

OK, do I shoot down that comparison in the first sentence, or later on? Starting with his sculpture and environmental pieces, and later with his video and photography, I've been a fan of Jonah Freeman's work for more than six...
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July 30, 2004

Art, Movies, and The Heisenberg Effect

Last Sunday at the Hirshhorn, I saw a great documentary about one of my favorite artists. Juan Carlos Martin followed Gabriel Orozco around the world for three years, filming and taping the meandering artist's creative process, his installations, and the...
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July 27, 2004


"[Altman] then asked a reporter if he wanted to be an extra in the scene with Redford. The reporter thought for a moment about La Dolce Vita, in which an entertainment journalist ends up orchestrating a drunken orgy in the...
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July 23, 2004

Naturalist Bourne Killer

Slate's David Edelstein hitting for the fences on The Bourne Supremacy: "a virtuoso demonstration" of "the effect of cutting-edge video and documentary techniques on ho-hum movie material..." "...simply a tour-de-force of thriller filmmaking..." "The film has hand-to-hand battles so close...
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July 16, 2004

Geek My Ride: Dependent Filmmaking Ad Absurdum

30fps@140mph = f[(2*2.5GHzG5) + 3.5TbHD + FCP4.0 + 42in.HDTV + PS2 + IS300] Got that? It also equals the most ridiculous incarnation of dependent filmmaking this year. In the feat of boys-and-toys bravado that'll surely earn them front row seats...
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The Startling Music of Public Radio

My wife is leaving for Japan this morning, so our alarm was set for 5:40 AM which, coincidentally, was the precise instant WAMU, the public radio station in DC, started running a promo for Latino USA. So instead of being...
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July 15, 2004

Start Drooling. Canon Releases the XL2

I've been a Sony man myself (VX-1000, PD-150), but plenty of festivals have been entered, reels filled out, and development deals struck with the Canon XL-1. Well, that's all so much Fassbinder the bridge (it's ok, I'll wait...with me?) now....
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Are you sure Steven Seagal isn't involved?

Police in the Sicilian town of Trapani clearly don't read Gawker. If they did, they wouldn't brag so blithely about spy-camming the Oceans Twelve "beach scenes [where litigation-happy, bikini-clad-photo-squelching] Catherine Zeta Jones swims in the sea at midnight." The cops...
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July 13, 2004

Turn on Your Art Life

Fresh from his TV success FashionKingdom (aka Naomi Conquers Africa) Unzipped director Douglas Keeve has a new project. For the last six months, NYMag reports, he's been shooting a pilot for an art world reality show starring the Naomi of...
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Riding the Dependent Film Gravy Train

Matador Records released the ten winners of, well, a $1,000 budget to make an Interpol-related short for the band's upcoming new album launch. The finished films are due August 15. Top on the list: Gregory Brunkalla, whose couch-slugs-in-spandex short was...
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July 11, 2004

How to Make a Guerilla Documentary

NYT Magazine previews Robert Greenwald's latest documentary, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism, which starts showing this week. It'll be rolled out via selective and massroots screenings organized by MoveOn.org and the Center for American Progress. It's the same model...
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July 9, 2004

Blogging From Inside Project Greenlight

Art director Scott Smith is a directing finalist on the third season of Project Greenlight. He's keeping a weblog of his experience over at agency Coudal Partners, whose new slogan is either "we put the 'cou' in cool," or "no,...
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July 7, 2004

TiVO and DV for 'COPS'

An AP story about the Tyler, TX police department, which recently replaced its tape-based in-car video systems with searchable, metadata-friendly hard drive-based DV. Using the system's cache, the "pre-event" feature also captures the 60 seconds before the officer hits...
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Greeneland Travelogue

The British Film Institute's NFT just started a Graham Greene film program(me) as part of their Crime Scene series. Greene cast a strong shadow over British film and film noir. The series includes a preview of a new BBC documentary...
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July 2, 2004

More Dependent Shorts: gettyimages

The trend continues. Gettyimages teamed with RES and others to have seven directors make 30-60 second shorts on about The Big Idea (whatever that is). The catch: they were to use Getty's own bank of 70,000+ images and clips. By...
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July 1, 2004

Ono, Jishu Eiga, Kore-eda

I met Satoshi Ono in New York, when his excellent DV doc, Danchizake (Homemade Sake), played at MoMA's Documentary Fortnight Dec. 2002. Danchizake is an elliptical, self-effacing, yet powerful story of the filmmaker's own family and the emotional rifts caused...
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June 30, 2004

Yeah, good thing you got a transcript

I heard Newsweek's Michael Isikoff barking on WBUR last night about how the shifty Michael Moore has not released a transcript of Farenheit 9/11, the easier to dispute the points he makes in the film. [Is irony really, truly dead...
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June 18, 2004

Let Them Eat Cake

Welcome to a very special greg.org tribute to lowculture:And I am an optimistic person. I guess if you want to try to find something to be pessimistic about, you can find it, no matter how hard you look, you know?-...
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On Finding Schindler's List and Making Period Films

In the Guardian, Thomas Kineally tells the rambling, sentimental story of coming across the Oskar Schindler story in 1980, when he dropped into a Beverly Hills handbag shop. Literally. And in a rambling rant that ranges from the importance of...
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June 17, 2004

A Tibetan Sand Mandala Movie

[via waxy] A Flash movie of Tibetan monks making a sand mandala, made by David Hirmes using photos from the U of C. Also on Hirmes.com, the Lewitt Variations, three Flash animations of possible interpretations of the instructions for a...
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June 16, 2004

How Farenheit 9/11 Changes EVERYTHING

And this, from just one piece in the Times about the Ziegfeld Theater premiere of Farenheit 9/11: 1. "Can an artist have a luckier break than someone in power declaring their work should not be seen?...It is our belief, seeing...
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June 15, 2004

On The Art of Speed

Last night while I was rendering some footage in Final Cut, ("Estimated time: about 2 hours...") I decided to watch the short films in Nike's Art of Speed series. The 15 filmmakers were asked to "interpret the idea of speed."...
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Napoleon Dynamite: Oh. My. Heck.

My heart is full this day, and I would be very ungrateful if I didn't get up and share my gratitude for Brother Hess, who has blessed us all so much this day with his special film, Napoleon Dynamite. Brother...
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June 12, 2004

A movie about 'attacking' museums

From the mixed up files of Mr Arthur Robins, an artist who sells his work in front of the Met: While visiting the Met, Robins was questioned in the recent guerilla attacks on that museum and the Guggenheim, where an...
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June 7, 2004

The Rise of Dependent Filmmaking

It's only half over, but I feel it's safe to declare 2004 l'Anne du Court Mtrage Soutenu, The Year of The Sponsored Short. Nike got some, Interpol's buyin' some, and now, if you're a socialite, an I-banker, or just a...
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June 5, 2004

Because she's done such a great job with her own kids

Kathy Hilton is getting a reality TV show. She'll teach some young bumpkins what they really need to do to get head. A head. Ahead in NYC. How to please a man. Manhattan. How to please Manhattan Society. Bob Morris's...
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Interpol Short Film Contest

If it's too late for you to get the money and the inspiration for your short film from Nike--and it is--try Interpol. Matador Records will "fund" ten short films "inspired by the music and aesthetic of the band." I put...
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June 3, 2004

Weblog about Filmmaking about Nike

It's not just for banner ads anymore. Nick, Choire & co. launched Art of Speed, a weblog-formatted microsite for Nike that'll run for three weeks on Gawker. Art of Speed runs with ideas about filmmaking and web-based marketing that got...
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June 2, 2004

Graphic Designers & Screenwriters' Pity Party

On Design Observer, Michael Bierut initiated an interesting conversation comparing the collaborative arts of graphic design and filmmaking (initially, it was just screenwriting). Most discussion is about credit and credit-taking, and presupposes some ideal of creative--that is to say, individual...
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May 30, 2004

The Polaroids of Andrei Tarkovsky

It seems hard to imagine Tarkovsky doing something so instant, but apparently he took Polaroids all the time. Looking at the few illustrated in the Guardian, though, they're uncommonly beautiful. The director's son provides brief comments, and he's collected...
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May 27, 2004

The Making of Michael Moore's Passion

The similarities between Michael Moore and Mel Gibson, and Farenheit 9/11 and The Passion are worth noting. Let's see: zealots with messiah complexes? Yep. Threat of damnation if film's message isn't heeded? Check. Sensationalistic cineporn tactics to reach beyond true...
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May 24, 2004

When Assistants Can't Help You

Sometimes the part of me that wants to right wins out over the part of me that wants to be loved. It's at times like this when I want people to confirm to me that my movie/script/editing/whatever is not just...
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At least you could mention my URL

"There are people who use their blogs to write, like, 'Today I went to the cleaners,'" [aspiring blogger book agent Kate] Lee said. Besides, I see "Today I went to the cleaners" more as a movie than a book....
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May 23, 2004

EU's Gone Wild II

Once again, an all-too-candid video camera has caused political turmoil in the EU. An Austrian Socialist member of the European Parliament, Hans-Peter Martin, claims to have shot over 1,500 hours of footage of his fellow delegates abusing (people, whatever you...
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May 22, 2004

Whistle must be going into turnaround

The terminal bureaucracy squanders treasure (and, in the case of the state), life in pointless, oft times criminal endeavours, whose true purpose is nothing more than make-work for those employed to demonstrate, in their inactive mass - the power of...
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May 19, 2004

Cannes, do it yourself

From J. Hoberman's halftime report from Cannes comes this description of Abbas Kiarostami's latest film: "[the] remarkably austere Five (after the number of shots) is a DV landscape study that might have been produced by a talented epigone of American...
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May 15, 2004

Hitchhiker's Production Blog to the Galaxy

Disney launched a production weblog for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this week. Let's see if they've learned anything since 2002, when Miramax published a completely artificial "weekly production diary" site for Full Frontal . The gap between between weeks...
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May 12, 2004

Buff and Bumble

Recently, in linking to this site, an otherwise highly accurate Internet publication called me a "film buff." And while I've been known to enjoy a film or two in my time, I have to confess, I'm not buff. Anyone at...
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May 7, 2004

Location Scouting NYC's Alleys

The Times has an enjoyable story, " Creepy Space, With Rats, Just $10,000 a Day" about the recurring popularity among film and TV producers of the few photogenic alleys in Manhattan. But the story doesn't hold up and even misses...
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May 6, 2004

Because it's fun to say

"Fiachra Gibbons meets Nuri Bilge Ceylan in his apartment in Istanbul to talk about Mehmet Emin Toprak." [via David Hudson, quoted by Greg Allen]...
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April 28, 2004

From The Spring Auctions

Inspired by Tyler@Modern Art Notes's to-bid-on list for the upcoming contemporary art auctions. I don't think I'll be bidding against him on anything, especially now that he's lining his pockets with all that ArtsJournal loot. Too rich for my blood....
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April 27, 2004

Sheena is a Punk Rocker's Lawyer

Bill Werde reports in the Times on the sad, dumb story of End of The Century, a highly praised documentary about The Ramones made by Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields. The article makes it sound like the two novice filmmakers...
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April 25, 2004

Kevin Spacey also getting into shorts

This Guardian exclusive wins the award for best comic timing of the week. It's a diary of a young man who hooked up with Kevin Spacey online. Money changed hands. Drinks were plied. Gifts and trips were showered. Video was...
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British Government puts hand in shorts

In BFI's May 2004 Sight & Sound, James Bell looks at the world of British shorts. His findings: proper support is very important, but hard to come by; when you need it most, there can be no reaction at all;...
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April 15, 2004

Cinderella Story

The classic "Cinderella story" speech from Caddyshack was written as an interstitial camera shot...Ramis took Murray aside and said, "When you're playing sports, do you everjust talk to yourselflike you're the announcer?" Murray said, "Say no more," and did his...
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Bill Murray at BAM

If you're planning to bumrush Bill Murray tonight at BAM to pitch him your 12-page script ["INT - ASSISTANT GREENSKEEPER'S HOUSE - NIGHT"], you're a bigger chump than your ex said you were: it was Tuesday. Don't worry, you can...
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April 6, 2004

Reading Quentin, my New Bestest Friend

After a night of hanging out with The Man, and sipping from the firehose of his conversation (hey, whatever it takes to get the movie made, right? ahem.), it's no surprise at all that there are fansites dedicated to picking...
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April 5, 2004

Che Sera...Sera

[via GreenCine] Terrence Malick's on-again, off-again, on-again-next-year biopic, Che is on again, only it's now Steven Soderbergh's Che. Muy bien....
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April 4, 2004

Blessed are the Filmmakers

OK, one more post about Mel's mammon from heaven, The Passion: The Guardian reports on the miracle of Matera: Gibson raised the Italian hilltop town from the economic dead when he chose it as the main location for filming. And...
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April 1, 2004

More from An Evening With Sofia Coppola

Production Diary I grabbed an image from each of 35 massacre cuts in The Godfather's baptism/massacre sequence to use as reference for shooting. Given the conditions, however, and the fact that I was also a co-host, with a speech...
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March 31, 2004


From the painstakingly organized files of Mr Stanley E. Kubrick: Stanley Kubrick filled his St Albans estate with over 400 fileboxes (specially manufactured to his own design) of notes, photographs, correspondence, drafts, props, and much, much more. The first authorized...
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March 30, 2004

Souvenir Series, Sofia, and me

In the last couple of weeks, I've decided to shoot a fourth short film, which may be part of the Souvenir Series, or may not. We'll see. It was not in the original outline of the series, and it's out...
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An Evening with Sofia Coppola

I'm co-chairman of this gig tonight at MoMA, An Evening With Sofia Coppola. I was going to write my speech, but in the spirit of the director, I'm going totally improv. Then I'm going to kiss every ass I can....
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March 29, 2004

ND/NF: Captive by Gaston Biraben

I saw Captive, the debut feature from Gaston Biraben, at New Directors/New Films last night; it's a subtly powerful movie that gripped the sellout audience at MoMA Gramercy. Captive is a fictionalized telling of real events, a surreal, politically charged...
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March 22, 2004

Kevin Smith and Lars Von Trier, or greg.org reads the papers for you

Both in today's NY Times: Slate's Bryan Curtis interviews Kevin Smith in advance of the Jersey Girls release. Jersey Girls makes Kevin Smith sound like the perfect spokesmodel for daddytypes.com, but Smith's best comments are about Mel Gibson, "fellow Catholic."...
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March 16, 2004

Video replaces Paintings !?

Don't tell the Whitney Biennial folks. That trademarked slogan comes from a series of video loops designed for your giant flatscreen TV that are "100% narrative free with strong visual aesthetics" called Souvenirs from the earth [Ahem. A series...
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March 13, 2004

Chad's Dads

Chadian filmmaker Mahamat-Saleh Haroun talks to David Kehr about Abouna, his second feature and only the third film to be made in his native country. There is no commercial cinema in Chad, yet films--and particularly US films--have a powerful influence...
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Sky Captain: Not Some Studio Kitsch After All

When I first saw the trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I was fascinated, then confused. It looked like Fritz Lang's Metropolis, but it had... Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow? It's some weird studio stunt, I figured....
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March 5, 2004

Buy it and make something good with it

[via Gawker] It'll cost you, but this may be the closest you'll get to a hummer from Chloe Sevigny. Director/actor/antagonist Vincent Gallo is selling his meticulously assembled and tuned film production package on ebay. According to the sale, Gallo designed...
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March 4, 2004

My Architecture

[via Archinect] In Metropolis Magazine, David D'Arcy looks at an onanistic genre of film (as if there were any other kind): "the making of the building" documentary. These now-de rigueur films share a common dramatic arc: "The process is depicted...
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March 3, 2004

The WTC Films of Etienne Sauret at Film Forum

Two films by Etienne Sauret, including the eerie WTC: The First 24 Hours, [which screened on the program with my first film at MoMA's Documentary Fortnight] are showing at Film Forum today through March 16. Etienne will introduce the films...
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February 20, 2004

Ford Exploring

Tom Ford has signed with CAA agent (and longtime friend) Brian Lourd to find films to direct. The NYPost's Suzanne Kapner pitches him a really edgy story: Robert Evans called. He wants his schtick back... "For his last Gucci menswear...
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Learning at Errol Morris's Knee

Last week, in the Sony Classics offices on Madison Avenue, I sat down to talk with Errol Morris, whose current documentary, The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara, was nominated for an Academy Award....
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February 19, 2004

Che Sera

Doin' it for the children of the revolution: Malick's directing another movie before these kids graduate from college. Production is set for four months, starting in July--this July, 2004-- for Terrence Malick's next film, Che, starring Benecio Del Toro...
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Stop-Action Knitting

[via Fimoculous] Michel Gondry's new video for Steriogram is all stop-action knitting. There's a little too much Peter Gabriel going on, but the shots where the band's watching a knitted movie are brilliant. It reminded me of a piece at...
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February 17, 2004

Our (Film) Town, or Pale-Cheeked Pinkos

Don't know how I missed this. The Guardian/Observer's Damon Wise goes on a revealing to Filmbyen, or Film Town, a Danish hive of suburban movie production, founded by Lars Von Trier and his producing partner, Peter "The Eel" Jensen. (That...
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February 15, 2004

On Finishing a Film Without the Director

After British director James Miller was killed--shot in the neck by an Israeli army sniper in Gaza in May 2003--while filming an HBO documentary, his wife Sophy, field producer Dan Edge and other crew members felt compelled to complete the...
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February 10, 2004

"[Strauss] recently signed with William Morris for feature film and television representation."

[via Gothamist] The Style Section article a few weeks ago where Neil Strauss plays wingman to some David Blaine wannabe named Mystery (Seriously. You think the Times didn't factcheck something so goofy?) has been optioned by Columbia Pictures (along with...
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K Street: Who's Acting Now?

For the ever-popular Law & Order, the producers mine today's headlines for new story ideas. HBO's K Street is just the opposite. Not in the "what, it blew and nobody watched it?" way you're thinking, in the "life imitates...
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February 3, 2004

The All Too Real World

Mary-Ellis Bunim, the co-creator of The Real World, which revolutionized television while destroying civilization, died of breast cancer at age 57. Bunim also produced The Real Cancun, which, while better than Justin and Kelly, was not as entertaining as the...
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January 25, 2004

Roger Avary: "I reveal too much of myself"

If screenwriter/director Avary doesn't reveal enough for you in his Q&A session with the Guardian, go to his weblog--which he must deplore. And when you view his webcam, he may flip you off personally. He was working on the script...
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January 21, 2004

Like I was saying about Mormon Cinema and...

Filmmaker reports that in the face of religious boycotts, the missionary-meets-boy tale, Latter Day, was dumped by its Salt Lake venue, Madstone Theaters. Actually, this is good news; it means they might be open to dumping Mel Gibson's controversy-baiting The...
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January 19, 2004

Look over there! Filmmaker Magazine!

Gotta run, but before I do, the fine fine folks at Filmmaker Magazine timed the launch of their weblog to the opening of the under-the-radar Sundance Film Festival. Sundance is not, as its name suggests, held in a warm, sunny...
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January 15, 2004

First, Movies in DC, now Making Movies in Miami

I see through fellow Best NY Blog nominee Lockhart Steele's feeble ruse to get me to post more non-NYC stuff. Even as I'm powerless to thwart it. Tommy Ryk's documentary, Work Sucks, I'm Going Skiing follows the antics of a...
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January 10, 2004

Fake Documentary-making in The Court of The 5th Baron of Saling-in-Essex

Christopher Guest talks at length with the Guardian's Richard Grant about the incredible levels of authenticity required for making fake documentaries. Hilarious anecdotes from This is Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind ensue. If Grant's right when he calls it...
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January 6, 2004

Yet Another "Largest Film Ever Edited on Final Cut Pro"

On another site, the headline would read, "Walter Murch edits Cold Mountain, but on MacCentral, the headline is "Final Cut Pro used to edit Cold Mountain." Posthouse DigitalFilmTree set Murch up on four full FCP stations and several PowerBook-based "satellite...
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December 30, 2003

Make a film in 24-hours two months ago

Just ask Dharma. According to the Formula, you can have only one creatively named character per sitcom. Fortunately, Wired Magazine articles have no such limit. And so, in this month's wacky episode edition, Choire and Xeni team up to report...
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December 17, 2003

More On Dependent Filmmaking, or Barney Cam II: White House Boogaloo

[via Gothamist] Jimmy Orr, the Choire Sicha to George Bush's Nick Denton, has posted his new short film, Barney Cam II: Barney Reloaded, on his weblog, whitehouse.gov. Elizabeth Bumiller, the Times' specialist on the dependent film industry, gives it a...
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December 16, 2003

Combat Camera

Finally, someone's asking the right questions in Iraq, like, "how'd they get that shot?" Virginia Heffernan reports in the Times on the ultimate embeds: the soldiers who go into battle armed with digital video cameras ("the camera is our first...
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December 10, 2003

Gus Van Sant's Go-to Guy

Gus Van Sant, Elias McConnell, and Dany Wolf at Cannes 2003, image: festival-cannes.com There he is, scorched in Death Valley and on the Saltflats of Utah; in a mold-closed school with a barebones crew on scooters; and on the...
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November 28, 2003

Havana: about making films, about art

Excellent story in the Guardian by Chris Payne about a film school outside Havana whose students' production--an actually independent feature film-- doesn't officially exist, but nonetheless is getting plugs for Sundance. There's more story here to be told. Also from...
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November 20, 2003

Neil Labute, Amanda Filipacchi, and me

Hide your peasant bread, people. the half-assedly Atkinsing Neil Labute just landed in New York, and he's loaded for bear claws. Yesterday in his Slate diary, Labute wrote about an eating a meeting for his next project, a screen adaptation...
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November 8, 2003

On Making Deals to Make Movies

Finally, POV is back, and in a relevant way. By relevant, I don't just mean talking money. But that's what she's doing, with a post about fundraising for independent films. Liz reviews the Money Matters issue of The Independent, which...
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November 4, 2003

"We can easily believe that Gus Van Sant is worth ten Greenaways."

Gus Van Sant's the center of the universe, you see, or you will see, by the end of this post. [Before, I'd been forced to the alarming conclusion that the universe revolved around Norman Mailer, so you'll understand if...
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September 29, 2003

Fixing K Street

It's the dialogue, stupid. (Or is that, "It's the dialogue. Stupid."?) After only three episodes, I'm getting fed up with the uncertain, equivocating, sometimes borderline incoherent dialogue that constitutes the majority of HBO's K Street. I know it's improvised, and...
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September 26, 2003

Translating the deals into a movie

Anne Thompson has a very informative artlicle in this month's Filmmaker Magazine about the hustle to get Lost in Translation made. Sofia Coppola's first finished draft of her script--the one they used to raise money--was only 70 pages long, which...
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September 25, 2003

The Suntory Commercials of Akira Kurosawa

Nothing wrong with bigname film folks making commercials. Errol Morris (whose The Fog of War I just saw and will write about soon) directed the Apple Switch ads. Swedish master Ingmar Bergman made some cake by selling cakes of...
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September 14, 2003

K Street: Pushing the Metrosexualist Agenda

A friend showed me a website for a DC spa that was so hilariously and transparently metrosexual, I almost posted it here last week (at the risk of either reigniting the whole tired metrosexual discussion, or, far more likely, being...
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K Street: A Man with a Camera

HBO's K Street is shot in DV and makes the most of the saturated blues (outdoor) or yellows (indoor) that come from shooting with available light. Even though the processes are very different, the photography is reminiscent of Traffic. That's...
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September 12, 2003

"The Real World: Washington" hits a snag

Apparently, only real lobbyists have unfettered access to the halls of power. TMN points to a Roll Call story that the Trent Lott, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee has deemed shooting of Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney's new HBO...
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August 16, 2003

On the Growing Influence of DVD's on Filmmaking

David Kirkpatrick's got an interesting article in the Times about how DVD sales are an increasingly important factor in greenlighting films. Net net: men buy action blockbusters. No one buys anything else. DVD sales projections drove the glut of pathetic...
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August 5, 2003

talking about filmmaking, v2

I'm working on a couple of new features, or Features, interviews with some interesting filmmakers. Greencine must know that, because they're throwing up so many interesting filmmaking reads, including: Steven Soderbergh and Richard Lester's Getting Away With It: Or: The...
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July 29, 2003

Director's Readin' Roundup

From David@GreenCine's, Summer reading list (hint: print them out for the Jitney): Graham Fuller's 1999 NYT look at directors who make a city their own. For the more hardcore, try Michael Wood's London Review pretty followable, ecumenicist recap of anti-Deleuzian...
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July 22, 2003

Dreamworks swears by CG, swears off hand-drawn animation

According to a NYTimes article on the recent poor performance of several expensive, hand-drawn animation films, and the success of such CG films as Pixar's Finding Nemo, Dreamworks (with voice provided by animaster Jeffrey Katzenberg) is calling hand-drawn animation "a...
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July 21, 2003

Robert Rodriguez swears by HD video, swears off film

Wired interviews director/etc. Robert Rodriguez, a young master of the atypical production process, for the launch of his new film, Spy Kids 3-D. It's less than a year since Spy Kids 2, when the NY Times' Rick Lyman looked at...
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July 16, 2003

Filmmaking in New York now cool again

Rebecca Traitser writes in the Observer that the tide has turned (again), and studios are coming back to New York to develop new films. As John Lyons puts it, "I think there is a little sense of exhaustion creeping in...
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Production links from all over

Jonathan Van Gieson has launched a team production weblog for his off-off-Broadway show, Buddy Cianci: The Musical, wherein "more than 20 people (10 cast members plus a sizeable staff) all working their asses off to get "Buddy" up and...
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July 9, 2003

Shoot sequentially, post asynchronously

Don't know how I missed this; in Feb., Gus Van Sant talked to The Onion A.V. Club about making his films. The sequential filming mode from Gerry was used again on Elephant; with a small, light crew, Van Sant...
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July 1, 2003

Documentaries officially hip. So where's my trucker hat?

via GreenCine, although I should be reading Indiwire more regularly anyway. We all should. Howard Feinstein pays homage to First Run/Icarus on the distributor's 25th anniversary. "Now officially hip, documentaries are gaining more and more converts among aficionados of fiction."...
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June 17, 2003

101 Cameras: Lars von Trier and Me

For almost three years, I've carried a little red movie ticket in my wallet, the old-fashioned pulpy kind, from a big roll. It says "Emergency Re-admit" on it. It enables me to return and see Dancer in the Dark, which...
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June 16, 2003

Everyone's Making Movies

Well, Jason is, anyway. It's a love story. Believe me, you'll laugh, you'll cry....
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May 21, 2003

ISO: Warner's Little Brother (or Sister?)

In the the Observer's "Satisfying Mr. Soderbergh", Rebecca Traitser writes about Warner Brothers' drawn out search for someone to head up their long-planned specialty film division. One of the key requirements of the job: make Steven Soderbergh happy by releasing...
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May 17, 2003

Badass Buddy Icons and the Honda Element

Thanks to a 13-year old niece of Boing Boing, I found Badass Buddy. It's a site with 1,200 AIM free buddy icons, a collection which, over 2+ years, has evolved from simple riffs on the little AOL dude (you know,...
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May 9, 2003

On Getting Gawker Stalked

Wave UFO, Mariko Mori for the Public Art Fund image: Tom Powel, nytimes.com INT - DAY, IBM BAMBOO GARDEN, 56th & MADISON A promising DIRECTOR wanders into the atrium to examine Mariko Mori's Wave UFO, a large, shiny pod-looking...
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May 7, 2003

Boxing Isabella: Guy Maddin's Production Diary

Also from the Voice: I have no idea what to make of Guy Maddin's production diary for his newest film, The Saddest Music in the World, but it's good readin'. Something to do with a legless Isabella Rossellini. Don't...
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On What are you working on?

I don't mean in the sense of "So, what do you do?" for people whose profession (e.g., writers, filmmakers...especially writers) might not appear to involve actually doing very much. I mean in the nosy sense. A boss or busybody or...
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May 4, 2003

On First Films

John Malkovich has been doing the media circuit for The Dancer Upstairs, his directorial debut, and it sounds pretty respectable. It got me thinking, so I made some Amazon lists for your blogger-/info-/shopper-tainment: Directors' famously first movies What I really...
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April 26, 2003

On The Real The Real Cancun

"Who wants to star in The Real Cancun 2?" image: therealcancun.com As a maker of documentary-looking films, I was a reluctant fan of New Line's The Real Cancun once I figured out what it was. Now that I've read...
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April 10, 2003

A Report From An Overcast Magic Hour In NYC

Last evening, 7:30, heading to a tour a friend gave a museum group of her art collection, I was momentarily freaked out by the light. At first, I figured it's how streetlights turn on before it gets dark, but no....
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March 2, 2003

On Relieving Payne, On Power And Behind-The-Scenes

from r: Jane, David, Nancy, Swoosie First, the good. Star photographer-to-the-stars Patrick McMullan has posted Billy Farrell's party pics from the Alexander Payne event last week. Then, the lame. In a bit they call House of Payne, the Daily...
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February 24, 2003

The New Yorker On Making Movies, On Remembering War

Tad Friend attends the hilariously useless Jean Doumanian seminar on "How to Get Your Play or Movie Produced." Here, Doumanian ("You may know me from such films as "Woody Allen sued me and my bankrolling boyfriend.") advises an attendee on...
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February 19, 2003

If Ric Burns Calls, Tell Him You're Busy.

Today's Guardian asks twelve actual historians to lend their authoritative-sounding accents on politicians' arguments that Iraq is the next [check all that apply] 1939 Germany 1956 Egypt 1967 Israel 1991 Iraq 1963 Vietnam 1899 South Africa 1936 Ethiopia A long...
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February 6, 2003

I Mean, Just Look How Happy They Were!

Richard Kobayashi, farmer and cabbages, Manzanar Internment Camp photo by Ansel Adams image: loc.gov In 1990, just out of school, I was transfixed by a copy of Ansel Adam's self-published book, Born Free And Equal, at a big antiques...
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February 3, 2003

Washington, DC Is The Kind Of Movie Town Where

when someone sneezes during the movie, six people-- from around the theater, as if in THX Surround Sound--say, not "SHHH!" but "bless you." when you ask to see the manager about the sound that, annoyingly, kept shorting out, he...
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January 27, 2003

Can't Wait To See It

Anthony Lane on Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe's documentary, Lost in La Mancha: "For anyone who suffers from the wish to make movies, or who fears that this terrible condition may strike at any time, here is the cure."...
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January 20, 2003

Look At The Camera: Cyan Pictures Developing

Now that S(J03) is locked and getting ready for color correction and film transfer, I thought I'd catch up with the guys at Cyan Pictures, who I'd been in only intermittent email contact with for the last few weeks. They're...
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December 31, 2002

Putting the Director in Director of Photography

Sifting and digitizing footage for S(J03) until the batteries in my camera ran out, when I watched two DVD's back to back, XXX and Don't Look Now. At a stretch, I can say XXX is research for the Animated Musical....
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December 11, 2002

Guess J. Lo Was Busy, or The Adaptation of About Schmidt

Louis Begley spoke before a screening of About Schmidt last night. An extremely genteel guy, he explained why he's quite pleased with the film, even though it differs significantly from his novel. For Begley, "write what you know" means Schmidt...
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November 5, 2002

Hey! They shot that scene in the church on my corner

The Opposite of Sex and The City, by FTrain's Paul Ford....
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November 4, 2002

Director's Cut? That, My Friend, is TMI

On the set of Starship Troopers: DP Jost Vocano, director Paul Verhoeven, star Casper Van Dien, writer Ed Neumeier Yesterday's NY Times Magazine is a veritable toolbox (and I use that word deliberately) for film, all you want to...
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Some Quotes and Links

"Asbury's book is a tribute to the magical power of naming: long stretches of 'Gangs [of New York]' are taken up by lists of gangs and villains and even fire engines, and, like the lists of ships in the Iliad,...
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November 2, 2002

On Seeing Jackass: The Movie; Souvenir (November 2001) Press Updates

Whatever else it may be, Jackass is possibly the purest cinema experience ever. It is undiluted, unadulterated and unambiguous. It will make you run. You certainly don't need me to tell you, though, if you should run toward or...
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October 26, 2002

Real Men, Rank Bulls, Raw Sport (and Glidecam)

So I'm watching the PBR Bud Light Cup World Finals, and there's a camera guy in the ring, all decked out like he's, well, like he's going to the biggest bullriding rodeo event of the year, thank you very...
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October 25, 2002

Independent Film Distribution, or The Crisis of The Decade of The Week

In this article in Moviemaker Magazine, David Geffner lays out the latest crisis in independent film: distribution. Sure, DV and laptop editing may have spurred a renaissance in indie production (Hi, nice to meet you), but in the same period,...
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October 20, 2002

1979 Star Trek, or The Thin Line Between (Punch-Drunk) Love and Hate

I'm watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture right now, and it's blowing me away. It's the first movie, the one with the original crew, the bald chick, and V'Ger, a cloud-like alien vessel with the Voyager space probe at...
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October 11, 2002

Possibly the most recursive film weblog ever, and Bret Easton Ellis on American films

Jason Kottke made a weblog on Susan Orlean's site about Adaptation, a movie Spike Jonze directed based on Charlie Kaufman's script about adapting a Susan Orlean book about orchid thieves. It's OK to go back and read that sentence again....
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October 8, 2002

Porn ('n Chicken) on the Internet? What'll they think of next?

James "Sweet Jimmy the Benevolent Pimp" Ponsoldt was a co-founder of Porn 'n Chicken, a Yale timekiller-cum-media spoof-cum-Comedy Central movie. (If that sentence doesn't get this weblog banned by your corporate firewall, it'll at least get you a reprimand at...
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October 2, 2002

Great Minds, etc etc

Arnolfo di Cambio et al, Basilica di Santa Croce, 1294-1442 [img via] As the Artforum.com discussion of Nico Israel's Spiral Jetty travelogue turned from my smug fact-checking to the romanticisation of contemporary art, E.M. Forster's A Room With a...
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September 30, 2002

keep the curvoisier, pass the maker's mark

Congratulations to the guys at Cyan Pictures for getting their rough cut fedexed to Sundance just in time. [Technically, they could've eked out a whole other day by flying the tape to the festival office in person, so they had...
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September 8, 2002

What you really want to do is direct??

Dateline, Malibu: Directin' ain't easy, even for Stephen Gaghan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Traffic, a man who has Steven Soderbergh on his Buddy List (and IM's him for advice on "Super-35 blown up to anamorphic" or not). He writes about...
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September 1, 2002

On Robert Smithson, film, and finding the way

The Spiral Jetty is back. Although it was submerged when we checked in July, my college senior sister said it was visible from the hill above it when she took a first date out to see it a couple of...
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August 6, 2002

On Scripted vs Ad-libbed or Improvised in re Full Frontal and the President of the United States

This weekend, after seeing Full Frontal, we discussed the dialogue at length. My (grew-up-on-the-stage) wife spotted a lot of weak improv, or weakly directed improv--actors left to figure it out for themselves and, more often than not, not pulling it...
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August 1, 2002

On Full Frontal and the opening of Hollywood's kimono

The reviews of Full Frontal are coming in, and it's not sounding good. Here's a broad cross-section from the global media: New York Press ("Even a bad Steven Soderbergh movie is worth seeing, and Full Frontal is worth seeing.");...
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July 22, 2002

The Look of DV: Tadpole vs. Full Frontal

"The advantage of [shooting on digital video] is that nobody knows, or at least cares, that you're making a movie; the disadvantage...is that the end product appears to have been filmed through a triple layer of bubble wrap." - from...
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July 14, 2002

Traffic School

I may be the newest proponent of home schooling, home film schooling, anyway. Spent the afternoon watching the Criterion Collection edition of Traffic, which--in addition to three complete commentary tracks (dir./writer; producers, consultant/composer)--has a supplemental DVD with 25 deleted scenes,...
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June 28, 2002

Welcome to the party! This

Welcome to the party! This week, another weblog launched documenting the conception, birth and life of an independent film. Cyan Pictures is the brainchild of two guys, Joshua Newman (aka "a veritable Doogie Howser") and Colin Spoelman (aka, a veritable...
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June 4, 2002

Yeah, yeah, I'm working on

Yeah, yeah, I'm working on a post-preview screening post, but in the mean time, There's this crackup exchange from the courtroom where Woody Allen gave testimony in his lawsuit against his one-time producers and friends (as excerpted in the NY...
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May 23, 2002

Director's Headshot

One of the reasons I'd delayed submitting to some festivals was (of all things) my lack of a "director's photo (B/W)," which some festivals require. Last week, Roe Ethridge, a friend and artist whose work I've collected for three-plus years,...
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August 5, 2001

Since I made the decision

Since I made the decision to actually go forward and shoot this film project (rather than just ruminate over it and periodically outline it), I've been watching films in slightly changed light. Now, I'm much more conscious of really parsing...
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July 29, 2001

Some links I've found as

Some links I've found as I familiarize myself with to-date research and thought on how culture, worldview, personality, and behavior patterns develop or are transmitted: Faces of Culture [via PBS.org] this appears to be an introductory anthropology course comprising a...
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