Dale Peck thoughtfully turns is hatcheting attentions from things that people should care about but don't (books) to things they shouldn't care about but do (movies).

And what he finds is, the current star-based movie rating system is inadequately and overly generous; it needs "a negative unit of measurement to warn viewers away," a Dark Side, if you will.

Naturally, his proposal is based on things people shouldn't care about and don't (the 'new' Star Wars movies).

Go to his NY Observer article and see how, exactly, his new unit of evil film measure, The Lucas, works.

[But go soon. Here, I thought that the NYO had just bunged up their search function, gone even cheaper and crappier with their site by adding free/slow-to-update Google search, and given up on ever publishing persistent links to their stories, when in fact, they've done all that and started charging money for the stories you can't find in the first place.]

The urban explorer/cinephiles of La Mexicaine De Perforation were featured on Laurent Weil's program, "La Semaine du CinÈma" Sunday (Dimanche Mai 01) on Canal+. The segment includes sweet video of LMDP's underground cinema, as well as the provocative kicker that "they had no problem" replacing it after it was discovered by the police.

The video's available online at the LSdC page [wmv] or in quicktime here.

Nebraska In Single Frames is a beautiful, evanescent short film from Robots on Strike, the home for the Oregon-based design house Impactist's off-the-clock projects. [via Coudal's Jewelboxing]

Is at the end of David Edelstein's all-too-kind Slate review of Miss Congeniality 2.

Sandra Bullock rocked on The Daily Show, but not so hard that she can trick me into seeing a movie Manohla compares to a lagoon at a hog farm.

Fed up with Hollywood's penchant for gut-grabbing, narrative logic-defying, lazy writer-emanating twist endings, David Edelstein asked readers for their nominations for the "most-idiotic-twist endings" in the movies.

After all, he says, "For every The Sixth Sense, there is a correspondingówell, The Village." [Actually, the accounts of the sheer suckitude of The Village almost make me want to see it. Flight paths? Who knew? Oops, besides you, now.]

And what would a column about surprise endings be without a surprise ending of its own, hilariously provided by Slate reader Charles Monagan: Oh, um, SPOILER ALERT !!!!

"The Passion of the Christ
He's not really dead!"
Twist and Shout

March 12, 2005

Movie Theatre Rwanda

The awesome Haitian director Raoul Peck's new HBO film about the Rwandan genocide, Sometimes in April, was the first film shot in Rwanda, and so he promised to debut it there as well.

Writer Melanie Thernstrom writes about attending the packed, tense screening, which was held in a giant stadium in Kigali.

A View To A Killing Field
Sometime in April premiers on HBO Mar. 19 []
Related: Thernstrom's book, Halfway Heaven, about the violent deaths of two immigrant students at Harvard, and an article about Adrian Nicole LeBlanc's 2003 epic novel-like reporting in Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx [nymag]

The BFI's National Film Theatre is running a complete Tarkovsky retrospective through March 30. It includes new prints of both Solaris and Stalker. And who can pass up seeing Andrei Rublev on the big screen? [I know everyone in NYC passed up seeing it on video; I bought an utterly unused copy, fresh from the newly dead, on ebay a few years back.]

NFT: Andrei Tarkovsky [, via kultureflash]

it's already too late, they're not. If only the movie were as well done as Mahnola Dargis's review.

added bonus:, HTML hand-coded, just for you: ",em>This film is rated PG-13"

Manohla Dargis's review of Be Cool [nyt]

February 28, 2005

Edited For Content

So we finally caught Sideways, twice, on the plane back from Amsterdam. The fat white trash sex scene was edited out, of course, and the PG dubbing was awkward [how can they not say "get you laid"? It's the characters' whole point.] with one exception: they replaced "a**hole" with "Ashcroft" which, at least in the first occurrence, just sounded like Oscar-worthy writing.

Meanwhile, on the other channel, Alfie was so full of humping, naked birds and profanity, it would've been outrageously offensive--if anyone could've been bothered to watch it.

[update: Slate linked to this Thursday WashPost report of the Ashcroft thing. Airline movies run for a month, but presumably, it didn't raise any eyebrows until now.]

Holy smokes, the IFP awards were a total dogpile on Sideways. I can't remember all my votes, but even though I'm a Payne/Taylor fan, I spread the love around a little bit more.

Yeah, and on that Oscar, too. We just flew back from Amsterdam, and not just our arms are tired. I was banished from the (TV-equipped) bedroom, so I "watched" the Academy Awards on Gothamist and Defamer [who got the NYT to sponsor their 10-month anniversary party, complete with a gift, um, sac from Fred Durst, you know, the one on Rodeo?]

20th IFP Independent Spirit Awards Winners

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