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Issue of 2004-02-02
Posted 2004-01-26

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ UNSTEADY STATE/ Hendrik Hertzberg parses the President?s State of the Union address.
RELOCATION DEPT./ NET LOSS/ Ben McGrath on the Brooklyn Nets? new arena, possibly.
LONDON POSTCARD/ DARK MATERIAL/ Louis Menand on Britain?s latest pop-mythology production.
THE PICTURES/ AGAINST TYPE/ Hilton Als catches up with Charlize Theron.
CAMPAIGN JOURNAL/ OUT OF IOWA/ Philip Gourevitch on Teresa Heinz Kerry, the Iowa caucuses, and democracy.

/ Patricia Marx/ Boswell?s Life of Jackson
ONWARD & UPWARD WITH THE ARTS/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Dealership/ What Marian Goodman sees in the new. [This is not online. Go read it at B&N, or just shell out the dough for a subscription already.]
A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Michael Specter/ Miracle in a Bottle/ Our national appetite for untested remedies.
FICTION/ John Updike/ "Delicate Wives"

ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ L.A. LOVE/ "The L Word" brings lesbian life to the small screen.
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Joshua Micah Marshall/ Power Rangers/ Did the Bush Administration create a new American empire?or weaken the old one? [The magazine's first blogger turns in a veritable The New Yorker Review of Books piece. Nice.]
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Innocence Abroad/ Adam Guettel's Italian romance.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Murder Will Out/ Colin Davis revisits the mystery of "Peter Grimes."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Three?s a Crowd/ "On the Run," "An Amazing Couple," and "After Life"

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Issue of 2004-01-26
Posted 2004-01-19

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ TAXING/ John Cassidy on Paul O?Neill?s deficit message.
HAUNTS/ ECTOPLASM!/ Ben McGrath on a ghost, perhaps, at the Maritime Hotel.
HEY, PAL DEPT./ OLD HACK/ David Owen hails a taxi historian.
GOOD WORKS/ BARELY SHAVERS/ Field Maloney on a group that?s growing mustaches for charity.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ BIG SPACE/ James Surowiecki on the billions behind Bush?s space program.

ANNALS OF MEDICINE/ Jerome Groopman/ The Grief Industry/ Does crisis counselling really work?

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Frank Gannon/ Aristotle on Relationships

FICTION/ Antonya Nelson/ "Eminent Domain"

THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, Monster
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ King Cowboy Rufus Rules the Universe!
BOOKS/ John Updike/ MIND/BODY PROBLEMS/ New novels by Andrew Sean Greer and Hanif Kureishi.
THE BACK PAGE/ "And the Winner Is . . ."

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Issue of 2004-01-19
Posted 2004-01-12

The Talk of The Town
THE SPORTING LIFE/ HOMECOMING/ Ben McGrath watches Stephon Marburyís Madison Square Garden dÈbut in Coney Island.
LOST AND FOUND/ ONE GLOVE/ Nick Paumgarten meets a lady who hunts for lost mittens.
HOUSING DEPT./ BUILD YOUR OWN/ Lauren MacIntyre on a coupleís quest to start from scratch.
CHECKING IN/ CLEAN GENE/ Calvin Tomkins on Eugene McCarthyís Presidential preferences.
COMMENT/ LATE REVIEW/ Roger Angell on Robert McNamara and "The Fog of War."

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Gabriel Kuris/ Instructions to Everything

ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH THE ARTS/ James Kaplan/ Angry Middle-Aged Man/ The annoyingly funny Larry David.

Q & A/ Bush's Press Problem/ Ken Auletta talks about his article with Daniel Cappello

BOOKS/ Joan Acocella/ European Dreams/ Rediscovering Joseph Roth.
BOOKS/ Ben Greenman/ What Lies Beneath/ Subterranean homestead blues in Walter Mosleyís new novel, "The Man in My Basement"
ONSTAGE/ Hilton Als/ The Magic of Miss M./ Bette Midler on the road again.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Hanging On/ "Touching the Void" and "Crimson Gold."

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Issue: 2004-01-12
Posted: 2004-01-05

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/BEST OF THE "BEST"/ Louis Menand on the art of the Top Ten.
COLLECTORS/ SQUISHED/ Ben McGrath on the dangers of hoarding. [no, you didn't read this story yet. You read the Times' story on the dangers of hoarding. Collect'em all!]
FOSSIL DEPT./ HERE TODAY/ Nick Paumgarten on a department departing the Museum of Natural History.
INK/ STILL HAPPENING/ Adam Green meets the last of the great press agents.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ ARMY INC./ James Surowiecki on privatizing the military.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ David Owen/ 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Ex-Wife

PROFILES/ Mark Singer/ Running on Instinct/ How far can Howard Dean go?

FICTION/ Chang-rae Lee/ "Daisy"

DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Taking Steps/ Savion Glover at the Joyce Theatre.
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Daniel Mendelsohn/ Why the battles over ancient Athens still rage.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Living in America/ "House of Sand and Fog" and "The Cooler."
by David Denby

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Issue: 2003-12-22 and 29
Posted: 2003-12-15

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ WINNING AND LOSING/ Philip Gourevitch on how Iraq resembles Algeria.
PERILS/ SURVIVOR: HOLIDAY EDITION/ Nick Paumgarten prepares for the worst.
THE BENCH/ SILLY OLD BEAR V. MOUSE/ Jeffrey Toobin on the characters in a Los Angeles court case.
THE STUMP/ DEAN WAY UPTOWN/ Ben McGrath at the Gore endorsement in Harlem.
NOTICE/ NOBITUARY/ Andy Borowitz remembers the not yet departed.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ GOING DUTCH/ James Surowiecki on how the upcoming Google I.P.O. could change Wall Street.

PERSONAL HISTORY/ George Saunders/ Chicago Christmas, 1984/ Gambling away the holidays.

FICTION/ Lorrie Moore/ "Debarking"

"Hot or Cold,"
by Maile Meloy
"Let It Snow," by David Sedaris
"By the Road," by Ian Frazier
"The Weather in the Streets," by Mary Robison
"Turn Signals," by Louise Erdrich

BOOKS/James Wood/ A new translation of "Don Quixote."
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Tracey Scott Wilsonís "The Story."
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Alex Ross/ Did Tolkien steal Wagnerís ring?
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ "Cold Mountain," "Somethingís Gotta Give," "Mona Lisa Smile."

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Issue: 2003-12-15
Posted: 2003-12-08

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ HAPPY DAYS/ John Cassidy on whether the boom is for real.

SEASON'S GREETING/ BRUSH WITH POWER/ Ben McGrath on the artist behind this yearís White House Christmas card.

THE GOOD FIGHT/ WHEN EDIBLES ATTACK/ Rebecca Mead reports from the Food Allergy Ball in Manhattan.

ON THE BLOCK/ MAKE IT FUNNY/ Tad Friend on how members of the National Lampoon staff went up for sale, at bargain prices.

THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ JET BLUES/ James Surowiecki on the problems plaguing Boeing.

ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ Moving Targets / Vietnam-style mission in Iraq.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Larry Doyle/ I Killed Them in New Haven

FICTION/ Roddy Doyle/ "Recuperation"

THE ART WORLD/Peter Schjeldahl/ A John Currin retrospective.

THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ "Never Gonna Dance."

BOOKS/ Adam Gopnik/ Views of tall buildings.

THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ "Big Fish," "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

In the magazine header, image:
The New Yorker used to not be able to be bothered to publish letters to the editor. For a time, Spy graciously stepped into the breach, printing and answering reader comments for them. Times and editors change, and now instead of letters, the magazine chooses to vex their readers by not offering indices of back issues online.

The magazine takes, from an information architecture standpoint, an uncommon approach to its old online content. The site's From The Archive offers only an editorially sanctioned glimpse of past pieces, not a searchable database. Once published, an article or review remains accessible but officially unlocateable. Maybe my Googlehacking's not what it should be, but I can't get past articles to appear in my searches. Once a piece is linked to, however, those links remain valid and free.

The result is an archiving approach that eschews specific searching, pay or free; discourages online rummaging ("If you want to flip through a pile of old New Yorkers, get a share house."), but rewards external linking and discussion. A New Yorker article without a link is like critic without a drink.

This is where I should offer to scrape the inside of the web for New Yorker links, mash them up with nutmeg, pour them into a php crust, and bake them into a retroactive index pie. Then I'd invite everyone to submit their cherished links, and we'd have a party. But I can't code any better than I can cook. Besides, my oven is full of old magazines.

Instead, I'll start this week, posting links to the stories in the current issue. It sure ain't much to look at now, but check back in five or ten years, by which time will have become either the WestLaw of David Remnick's digital handiwork, or the forfeited asset of a wrecked man upon whom the Princes of Newhouse trained that sliver of their ""$20 billion in attainable assets" earmarked for entertaining-as-a-coliseumful-of-christians litigation.

Issue: 2003-12-01
Talk of The Town
COMMENT/INSTITUTIONAL HEALTH /Malcolm Gladwell on protecting football and marriage

VERMONT POSTCARD/THE LIGHT OF SUNDAY/Ben McGrath visits the Reverend William Sloane Coffin. [also linked below. it's what gave me the idea. -g.]

YESTERDAYíS PAPERS/TIMES WARP/Alicia DeSantis on an avid reader whoís months behind. [Elizabeth Spiers: "Those of you not behind on your Times reading may be able to get a general sense of what it feels like to be Irving Tobin by picking up this weekend's issue of The New York Times Magazine. The cover on Internet dating will take you right back to late June, 2002."]

THE HIGH LIFE/CAIRO FRED/Dana Goodyear dines with Omar Sharif. [a press opportunity I forewent. -g.]

THE FINANCIAL PAGE/GET SHORTY/James Surowiecki on selling short.

Our Local Correspondents/Nick Paumgarten/The Noises/Whatís going on in the apartment upstairs? [that co-op board is warped, though. cf. the Met thing. -g.]

Shouts & Murmurs/Bruce McCall/Thanksgiving Rules Revised

The Critics
The Theatre/John Lahr/ìHenry IV,î ìAnna in the Tropics.î
A Critic At Large/Louis Menand/John Updike and the art of the story.
Books/Briefly Noted/Judith Thurman/Living in New York row houses.
The Current Cinema/Anthony Lane/ìIn America,î ìThe Triplets of Belleville.î

Subscribe to The New Yorker. I did.
Buy the New Yorkistan Shower Curtain. I didn't.

October 27, 2003

2003-10-27, Talk of The Town

COMMENT/ RUSH IN REHAB/ Hendrik Hertzberg on pill-popper Rush Limbaugh's hypocrisy.
S.I. DISPATCH/ THE WRECK/ Ben McGrath on the reaction to the Staten Island Ferry disaster.
DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY/ NOT LOST IN TRANSLATION/ Boris Fishman witnesses a major kissing of Mikhail Gorbachev at The Pierre.
DEPT. OF SIGNAGE/THE MAN AND THE HAND/ Nick Paumgarten talks about the walking man disappearing from the "don't walk" signs.
DEPT. OF REMEMBERING/ TWO FROM BERLIN/ Jane Kramer talks September 11th memorials with Berlin conceptual artists Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock.

COMMENT/ MOVIE STRUCK/ Roger Angell on a life of afternoon cinema.
IN THE WINGS/ POLL STARS/Anthony Lane on the screen-to-stump phenomenon.
PLAY BALL/ BLEACHER CREATURES/ Ben McGrath on how the crowd goes wild.
ON THE AIR/ SUPER, SUPER, SUPER!/ Tad Friend on Sir David Frostís axis of satire.
POSTSCRIPT/ WILLIAM STEIG/ Roger Angell remembers the late artist.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ RIGHT TRADE, WRONG TIME/ James Surowiecki on the late-trading scandal.

THE THEATRE/ HE SAID, SHE SAID/ HILTON ALS/ One-acts by Edward Albee and Samuel Beckett.

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