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Wow. The New Yorker will publish its entire archive, indexed and searchable, on DVD this fall for $100 MSRP. [NYT, via kottke]

Amazon's already taking pre-orders for $63.

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2005-06-06
Posted 2005-05-30

COMMENT/ LADIES FIRST/ Rebecca Mead on the new Laura Bush.
THE CLOTH/ INTERFAITH AT WORK/ Ben McGrath at a gathering of clergy and judges in Brooklyn.
ODD JOBS DEPT./ COOKIE MASTER/ Jeremy Olshan meets a fortune writer.
ROAD TEST/ STINKY TOWN/ Field Maloney on the smells of summer.
THE HOME TEAM/ THE PITCHER'S WIFE/ Lillian Ross goes to Shea stadium with Anna Benson.

ANNALS OF EDUCATION/ Margaret Talbot/ Best in Class/ What students will do to be valedictorian.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Paul Simms/ Talking Chimp Gives His First Press Conference
LETTER FROM ALASKA/ Elizabeth Kolbert/ Last Words/ Can a dying language be saved?
PROFILES/ Jon Lee Anderson/ The Man in the Palace/ Hamid Karzai's uncertain presidency.
ANNALS OF ADOLESCENCE/ Jonathan Franzen/ The Retreat/ Everybody wanted to be in the youth group.

FICTION/ Tessa Hadley/ "A Mouthful of Cut Glass"

A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Alex Ross/ The Record Effect/ How technology has transformed the sound of music.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Personal Matters/ Five premiËres at New York City Ballet.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Unmaking the World/ Three plays on human bondage.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Looking for Heroes/ "Cinderella Man" and "The White Diamond."

DISPATCHES/ A LION'S DEATH/ Jon Lee Anderson/ The assassination of the Taliban's most important Afghan opponent./ Issue of 2001-10-01

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In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2005-05-30
Posted 2005-05-23

COMMENT/ BIG NEWS WEEK/ Hendrik Hertzberg on Newsweek, the White House, and the fallout from the Guant·namo allegations.
THE BENCH/ GIRLS BEHAVING BADLY/ Jeffrey Toobin on a legal battle raging within a feminist art organization.
ENDANGERED SPECIES DEPT./ THE VILLAGE HILLS/ Rebecca Mead on trying to save the mounds in Washington Square Park.
DYNASTIES/ MODERN AT NINETY/ Calvin Tomkins on celebrating David Rockefeller's birthday.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ LOCAL KNOWLEDGE/ James Surowiecki on how geography is still destiny when it comes to medical care.

ANNALS OF SCIENCE/ H. Allen Orr/ MASTER PLANNED/ Why intelligent design isn't.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Ian Frazier/ Chinese Arithmetic
PROFILES?/ Connie Bruck/ McCain's Party/ Arizona Senator John McCain and his possible run for the presidency in 2008, I guess. It's not online.
THE SKY LINE/ Paul Goldberger/ A New Beginning/ Why We Should Build Apartments at Ground Zero [via forums]
FICTION/ David Bezmozgis/ "The Russian Riviera"

BOOKS/ Arthur Krystal/ Carpe Noctem/ A little night history.
THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ The Great Divide/ Class lines, countries, and oceans are crossed Off Broadway.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ The Waves/ "Tristan" in Paris, and "Cyrano" at the Met.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ String Theory/ Jasper Johns's new work.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Free Choice/ "The Ninth Day" and "Madagascar."

ANNALS OF VIETNAM/ James Carroll/ A Friendship That Ended the War/ Chronicling the friendship between Senators John McCain and John Kerry/ Issue of 1996-10-21
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In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2005-05-23
Posted 2005-05-16

COMMENT/ BLAIR'S BUSHY TAIL/ Hendrik Hertzberg on Tony Blair's shrinking majority.
DEPT. OF YESTERYEAR/ U.N. ON ICE/ Nick Paumgarten on the U.N.'s potential move to the outer boroughs.
STREET LIFE/ TREE COUNT/ Andy Young on cataloguing Manhattan's flora.
ICONS/ MR. G./ Adam Green on Robert Goulet, at seventy-one.
DEPT. OF INSPIRATION/ WRITERS AT WORK/ Ben McGrath on special work spaces for writers, in Queens.

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Michael Specter/ Higher Risk/ Why H.I.V. rates are rising among gay men.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Paul Rudnick/ A Mother's Story
THE SPORTING SCENE/ Ben McGrath/ Teen Spirit/ The trials of being an American soccer star.
ANNALS OF ESPIONAGE/ Thomas A. Bass/ The Spy Who Loved Us/ The double life of a Vietnamese patriot.
PROFILES/ Calvin Tomkins/ Everything in Sight/ Robert Rauschenberg's big new work.
FICTION/ Jonathan Franzen/ "Two's Company"

BOOKS/ Joshua Micah Marshall/ National Treasure/ In the year 1776, character was destiny.
IN FASHION/ Judith Thurman/ Scenes From a Marriage/ The House of Chanel at the Met.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ Magical Mystery Tour/ Forty-eight castaways win the prime-time challenge.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Space Case/ "Star Wars: Episode III."

THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Galaxy Crisis/ Penelope Gilliatt/ A consideration of the human fascination with extraterrestrial life, complete with an R2-D2 namecheck/ Issue of 1977-06-13
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Contrasts/ Pauline Kael considers the first "Star Wars" [wait, almost four months later? slacker. -greg]/ Issue of 1977-09-26
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In the magazine header, image:
Posted 2005-05-02
Issue of 2005-05-09

MATT AND JUDY SHOW/ Hendrik Hertzberg on Judith Miller, Matthew Cooper, and the freedom of the press.
DEPT. OF PALEONTOLOGY/ DINOMITE/ Adam Gopnik on new dinosaurs at the American Museum
of Natural History.
THE PICTURES/ TWO DAMES/ Lillian Ross on Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.
ON PROBATION/ SURE BEATS WORK/ Jeffrey Toobin on Martha Stewart's probation.
DANCE DEPARTMENT/ LEAVING AILEY/ Joan Acocella on a sixty-something dancer.

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON/ Jeffrey Goldberg/ A Little Learning/ A key strategist of the Iraq war looks back.
SHOUTS & MURMURS Patricia Marx/ Audio Tour
LIFE & LETTERS/ Cynthia Zarin/ The Diarist/ How a harried Englishwoman set a trend.
ANNALS OF SCIENCE/ Elizabeth Kolbert/ The Climate of ManóIII/ Why is the Bush Administration ignoring the dangers of global warming?
PROFILES/ Stanley Crouch/ The Colossus/ When Sonny Rollins is at his best./
FICTION/ Nick Arvin/ "Along the Highways"

DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Spring Steps/ Three great seasons in one month.
BOOKS/ John Updike/ Bitter Bamboo/ Two novels from China.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Parked Cars/ American Photo-Realism at its best.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Survivors/ "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Glengarry Glen Ross" return to Broadway.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Personal Battles/ "Kingdom of Heaven" and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

TALK OF THE TOWN/ Sabbatical/ In this piece, from 1961, Whitney Balliett writes about Sonny Rollinsís decision to withdraw from performance for creative and spiritual reasons.
ANNALS OF SCIENCE/ Elizabeth Kolbert/ The Climate of ManóI/ The third in a three-part series on the reality of climate change appears in this weekís magazine. The first part appears
ANNALS OF SCIENCE/ Elizabeth Kolbert/ The Climate of ManóII
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In the magazine header, image:
Posted 2005-04-18
Issue of 2005-04-25

COMMENT/ WITHOUT DELAY/ Hendrik Hertzberg on Tom DeLay's ethical and moral troubles.
HOUSEKEEPING/ ELLEN BARKIN AT HOME/ Lillian Ross visits the actress and society wife at her East Side town house.
THE CUTTING ROOM/ IN THE GARDEN/ David Blum on the controversy over a new documentary about Madison Square Garden.
THE PICTURES/ A KIM JONG IL PRODUCTION/ Michael Shapiro on a Korean monster movie.

NEW YORK JOURNAL/ Rebecca Mead/ Mr. Brooklyn/ A borough president with a big plan.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Paul Rudnick/ My Living Will
ANNALS OF HISTORY/ Ian Frazier/ Invaders/ The destruction of Baghdad [not yet online]
ANNALS OF SCIENCE Elizabeth Kolbert/ The Climate of ManóI/ In the first of three articles, a report from the Arctic on the realities of global warming.
REFLECTIONS Philip Roth/ "I Got a Scheme!"/ In letters and conversations, Saul Bellow recalled how he came to write his early novels.
BOOKS/ Adam Gopnik/ John Brown's Body/ A new biography restores Brown's centrality to the Civil War.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Tears Before Bedtime/ Martin McDonagh's perverse twist on the children's story.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ In Translation"The Interpreter" and "The Best of Youth."

LETTER FROM LONDON/ Julian Barnes/ The Modernizer/ An article about Tony Blair/ Issue of 1994-08-22
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In the magazine header, image:
Posted 2005-04-11
Issue of 2005-04-18

COMMENT/ WASTED ENERGY/ Elizabeth Kolbert on the fight over drilling in Alaska.
DEPT. OF MERGERS/ WINNERS/ Rebecca Mead reports from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Welch's book party, at the Four Seasons.
DEPT. OF NOISEMAKING/ THE ANGRY INVESTOR/ Ben McGrath on Daniel Loeb and what complaint letters will get you.
LEGACIES/ THE NUT LADY RETURNS/ Tad Friend on a showdown in the Nutmeg State.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ IN YUAN WE TRUST/ James Surowiecki on where America's currency is headed.

OUR FAR-FLUNG CORRESPONDENTS/ Tad Friend/ The Parachute Artist/ How Lonely Planet changed travel.

FICTION/ Ludmila Ulitskaya/ "The Orlov-Sokolovs"
Nicole Krauss/ My Summer in Poland
Jonathan Franzen/ Countdown
Jane Smiley/ Cold Front
Mary Gordon/ Pilgrimage

BOOKS/ Joan Acocella/ Piecework/ The writings of Sybille Bedford.
BOOKS/ Steven Shapin/ Cleanup Hitters/ The steroid wars and the nature of what's natural.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ The Many Faces of Jane/ A one-woman show about the life of Djuna Barnes.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Off the Rails/ A rare performance of Harry Partch's "Oedipus."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Track and Field/ "Kontroll" and "Fever Pitch."

A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Philip Roth/ Rereading Saul Bellow/ Issue of 2000-10-09
BOOKS/ Joan Acocella/ Finding Augie March/ Saul Bellow's first novels./ Issue of 2003-10-06/ Posted 2003-09-29
FICTION/ Saul Bellow/ "A SILVER DISH"/ Issue of 1978-09-25

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While I'm lackadaisically culling archival links from the New Yorker's website (to make up for the fact that they have no search or archive function), the New York Observer has emptied the scribbled-on scraps of paper and cocktail napkins from their pockets to piece together a nearly complete masthead for the magazine (to make up for the fact that they have none).

1) Is there anything else you need done, New Yorker? Can we pick up your cleaning, water your plants, glue in your perfume strips?
2) There's no one in charge of squelching run-on sentences, either at the New Yorker or (more obviously) here.
3) Is Andrea Scott no longer doing the art section for Goings On About Town? [making hand-as-phone gesture and mouthing 'call me, Andrea.']

Our Far-Flung Staff []

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2005-04-11
Posted 2005-04-04

COMMENT/ JOHN PAUL II/ David Remnick on the life of Karol Wojtyla.
INK / BATTLE OF THE TABS/Ben McGrath on the recent flare up between the Post and the Daily News
LOST TREASURES/ DEEP/ Adam Green finds an early diving chamber in storage at Coney Island.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ ALL TOGETHER NOW/ James Surowiecki on Sony and the dangers of going it

ART AND SCIENCE/ Richard Preston/ Capturing the Unicorn/ Two mathematicians tackle a tapestry.
FICTION/ Mohammed Naseehu Ali/ "Mallam Sile"
BOOKS/ John Cassidy/ Always With Us?/ Jeffrey Sachs's plan to eradicate world poverty.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ Living Large/ Kirstie Alley fills the screen in "Fat Actress."
POP MUSIC/ Sasha Frere-Jones/ Slow Fade/ The afterlife of an indie band.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Shades of Black/ Race relations in "This Is How It Goes" and "Julius Caesar."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Feelings/ "Sin City" and "A Hole in
My Heart."

PROFILES/ Richard Preston/ The Mountains of Pi/ Issue of 1992-03-02/ The Chudnovskys, who were then engaged in an exploration of pi, one of the most mysterious numbers in mathematics.

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In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2005-04-04
Posted 2005-03-28

COMMENT/ MATTERS OF LIFE/ Hendrik Hertzberg on the Terri Schiavo dilemma.
DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION/ THE JOY OF TRAFFIC/ Nick Paumgarten joins a bumper-to-bumper race into town.
DEPT. OF ENTOMOLOGY/ NIGHT VISITORS/Mark Singer on an outbreak of bedbugs.
MOSCOW POSTCARD/ A NIGHT AT THE OPERA/ Masha Lipman on the latest from the notorious librettist Vladimir Sorokin.

MEDICAL DISPATCH/ Atul Gawande/ Piecework/ How doctors make their money.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Henry Alford/ My Exes: The Set Lists
FICTION/ Donald Antrim/ "Solace"

THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Glass Houses/ A delicate reimagining of Tennessee Williams's classic.BOOKS/ Adam Gopnik/ Dining Out/ The food critic at table.
BOOKS/ Joyce Carol Oates/ Unforgettable/ A new thriller from an unheralded master of suspense.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Class Act/ Matthew Bourne does Harold Pinter.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Young Fun/ Basquiat's best work.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Two Women/ "Look at Me" and "The Upside of Anger."

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Jack Alexander/ A Day with LaGuardia/ A profile of New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia/ Issue of 1937-10-16

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