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Issue of 2004-09-06
Posted 2004-08-30

COMMENT/ UNDER FIRE/ Hendrik Hertzberg on Republican attacks.
THE BIG SHOW/ SCOOPS/ Ben McGrath on the tricks of the news cycle.
DEPT. OF IMPERSONATION/ REPORTING FOR DUTY/ Tad Friend meets a copycat Kerry.
ON THE MOUND/ BITTERNESS/ Michael Shapiro on the curveball career of Jae Weong Seo.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ COME ONE, COME ALL/ James Surowiecki on how cities sell themselves to conventions.

TASTE TECHNOLOGIES/ Malcolm Gladwell/ The Ketchup Conundrum/Mustard now comes in dozens of varieties. Why has ketchup stayed the same? /[read a draft at]
THE POLITICAL SCENE/ John Cassidy/ Tax Code/ The President gives hints of a radical agenda.

/ Calvin Trillin/ Dissed Fish/ Confessions of a snoek lover.
FICTION/ Yoko Ogawa/ "The Cafeteria in the Evening and a Pool in the Rain"

A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Adam Gopnik/ Through a Glass Darkly/ What do we talk about when we talk about wine?
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Unauthorized/ The final betrayal of Dmitri Shostakovich.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ City of Glutes/ An Olympic homecoming.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Power Plays/ "Vanity Fair" and "Hero."

U.S. JOURNAL: BREAUX BRIDGE, LOUISIANA/ Calvin Trillin/ Eating Crawfish/ Issue of 1972-05-20
U.S. JOURNAL: KENTUCKY/ Calvin Trillin/ Stalking the Barbecued Mutton/ Issue of 1977-02-07

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Issue of 2004-08-30
Posted 2004-08-23

COMMENT/ G.O.P. CITY/ William Finnegan on the Big Appleís Republican past.
PUBLIC LIFE/ TRICKY DICK/ Tom Miller catches up with the twentieth centuryís premier political prankster.
THE WAITING ROOM/ AUGUST/ Adam Green on shrinks doing jury duty.
AT THE BEACH/ FLIP-FLOP EMERGENCY/ Rebecca Mead on J.Crewís beach delivery.
THE NATIONAL INTEREST/ CANNONBALL!/ Field Maloney on the big dive.

LETTER FROM ATHENS/ George Packer/ The Playing Field/ Iraqis and Americans play away games.
A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Samantha Power/ Dying in Darfur/ Can ethnic cleansing in Sudan be stopped?
FICTION/ Tessa Hadley/ "Mother's Son"
THE BACK PAGE/ Paul Slansky/ "The Thirteenth Hundred Days: The Quiz"

A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Louis Menand/ The Unpolitical Animal/ How political science understands voters.
BOOKS/ John Updike/ Anatolian Arabesques/ A modernist novel of contemporary Turkey.
BRIEFLY NOTED/ And Theyíre Off!/ Brief reviews of Olympic-themed books
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ See How They Run/ A Presidential popularity contest.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Husbands and Wives/ "We Donít Live Here Anymore."

OUR FAR-FLUNG CORRESPONDENTS/ Eugene Kincaid/ The Original Olympiads/ Eugene Kinkead writes about the first Olympics, and his visit to the site, in Greece, where they took place./ Issue of 1984-07-09

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Issue of 2004-08-23
Posted 2004-08-16

COMMENT/ DANGERS PRESENT/ Nicholas Lemann on the Committee on the Present Danger, recently re-formed, and the price of peril.
THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL/ DRY/ Adam Green on the fortunes of America's Prohibition Party.
AT THE BARRICADES/ JITTERS/ Jeffrey Toobin on New Yorkers getting ready to protest the Republican National Convention.
HIGH AND TIGHT DEPT./ NEW JERSEY HAIRCUT/ Ben McGrath on the way of old-guard barbers.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ AUTOPILOT/ James Surowiecki on the airlines' cash-flow problems.

CAMPAIGN TRAIL/ Philip Gourevitch/ Swingtime/ Will Republicans buy John Kerry?
PROFILES/ Alex Ross/ Bj–rk's Saga/ The singer's global search for sound. [Alas, not online, but Ross's primer on Icelandic music is.]
FICTION/ Gina Ochsner/ "The Fractious South"


THE THEATRE/ Liars and Cheats/ "The Day Emily Married" and "Fiction."
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Adam Gopnik/ The Big One/ Historians rethink the war to end all wars.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Greek Gifts/ Two museums showcase the ancient games.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Village People/ M. Night Shyamalan goes into the woods.

BOOKS/ Andrew Ferguson/ Running Scared/ A review of "Going Negative"/ Issue of 1996-02-19

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Issue of 2004-08-09
Posted 2004-08-02

The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ CONVENTIONAL WARFARE/ David Remnick on John Kerry's acceptance speech.
CONVENTION DIARY/ COMERS/ Ben McGrath on the moving and shaking at the Democratic National Convention.
THE WAYWARD PRESS/ BOSTON TERRIER/ John Cassidy at the conservative Boston Herald.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/CASH KILLS/ James Surowiecki on the dangers of corporate savings.

DEPARTMENT OF ENTERTAINMENT/ Adam Green/ Standup for the Lord/ The career of a Christian comedian.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Andy Borowitz/ New Year's Resolutions, Seven Months Later
ANNALS OF WAR/ Dan Baum/ Two Soldiers/ The last journey home
FICTION/ George Saunders/ "Adams"

A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Louis Menand/ Nanook and Me/ "Fahrenheit 9/11" and the documentary tradition.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Talkers and Togas/ Revivals by Arthur Miller and Nathan Lane.
POP MUSIC/ Sasha Frere-Jones/ Mother Tongue/ The Streets and Dizzee Rascal break free of American hip-hop.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Nausea/ A new "Parsifal" at Bayreuth.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Thrilled to Death/ "Collateral," "The Bourne Supremacy," and "The Manchurian Candidate."

ANNALS OF COMEDY/ John Lahr/ The Goat Boy Rises/ Profile of comedian Bill Hicks, who, along with Jesus, Brad Stine cites as an influence?/ Issue of 1993-11-01
A CRITIC AT LARGE/BRAINWASHED/ Louis Menand/ Where the "Manchurian Candidate" came from./ Issue of 2003-09-15
PROFILES/ Calvin Tomkins/ Good Cooking/ A profile of Julia Child/ Issue of 1976-12-23

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Issue of 2004-08-02
Posted 2004-07-26

COMMENT/ BIG DOINGS/ Roger Angell on whatís happening this summer.
SPORTS DEPT./ THE FLOOR MOVED/ Ben McGrath follows a basketball court across town.
THE BENCH/ U.S. V. STEWART, PART II/ Jeffrey Toobin on an embattled defense lawyer.
THE LITTLE GUY/ CHEAP GAS/ Field Maloney reports on a renegade gas-station owner.
ON THE SET/ CANDIDATE/ Michael Agger on the making of a meta-movie.

/ Bruce McCall/ Do Not Remove from Visor.
A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Lawrence Wright/ The Terror Web/ Were the Madrid bombings part of a new Al Qaeda strategyódriven by the Internet?
FICTION/ Richard Ford/ "The Shore"


BOOKS/Hendrik Hertzberg/ The Politician/ Bill Clintonís "My Life."
THE SKY LINE/ Paul Goldberger/ Shanghai on the Hudson/ Jersey City wants to be like lower Manhattan, only neat and clean.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Life Steps/ The Frederick Ashton centennial.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Baby Shower/ "She Hate Me."

THE TALK OF THE TOWN/ Four essays published during the 1992 Democratic Convention/ Issue of 1992-07-27
Notes and Comment/ Charles McGrath/ "We're a people that likes to orate, and to be orated at."
Activist/ William Finnegan/ "suburbs, protectionism, and Madonna"
Topless/ Elizabeth Wurtzel/ "'Youíve got to give these girls a lot of money,' the young man said. 'They work hard. They deserve it. Itís the democratic thing to do.'"
Choices/ Susan Orlean/ "'I came all the way from New Mexico to sell to these cheap Democrats.'"

PROFILES/ Joe Klein/ THE LONG WAR OF JOHN KERRY/Can a Massachusetts Brahmin become President?/ Issue of 2002-12-02
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON/ Nicholas Lemann/ THE NEWCOMER/ Senator John Edwards is this season's Democratic rising star./ Issue of 2002-05-06

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Issue of 2004-07-26
Posted 2004-07-19

COMMENT/ SOCIAL MOBILITY/ Adam Gopnik on the cityís pedicabs, a sharp symbol of a new American reality.
DEPT. OF EDUCATION/ THE PET GOAT APPROACH/ Daniel Radosh on a notorious reading workbook.
CHEST OUT, STOMACH IN/ ALL THAT YOU CAN BE/ Karen Schaler on cosmetic surgery for soldiers.
SECOND FIDDLE DEPT./NO. 1 AUTHORITY/ Ben McGrath interviews an expert on Vice-Presidents.
THE OLD BALLGAME/ CAMARADERIE/ Lillian Ross on a baseball Hall of Famer.

LETTER FROM SOUTH BOSTON/ Susan Orlean/ The Outsiders/ Change comes to an unlikely part of town.

CAMPAIGN JOURNAL/ Philip Gourevitch/ Damage Control/ John Kerry says he can fix foreign policy.

THE BACK PAGE/ Paul Simms/ "New Details Surface"

THE THEATRE/Hilton Als/ Much Ado in Messina/ Star turns in a Shakespeare comedy.
BOOKS/ John Updike/ Twice Collected/ The well-cared-for poems of Philip Larkin.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ Emotional Rescue/ A new drama with its roots in Ground Zero.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Seeing and Reading/ Ed Ruscha at the Whitney.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Teen Jobs/ "Maria Full of Grace" and "The Door in the Floor."

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Joan Colebrook/ The Renewal/ On the redevelopment of South Boston/ Issue of 1966-01-01.

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Issue of 2004-07-12 and 19
Posted 2004-07-05

COMMENT/ BLOWING BUBBLES/ John Cassidy on the dubious longevity of Alan Greenspan.
DEPT. OF RABBLE-ROUSING/ THE CHICAGO PRECEDENT/ Ben McGrath on Pat Buchanan's convention memories-- and plans.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ PAYING TO PLAY/ James Surowiecki on the new payola.
IN THE BELTWAY/ THE VICE-PRESIDENT'S DOCTOR/ Jane Mayer on what happened to Dr. Gary Malakoff.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Patricia Marx/ Chain Letter

LETTER FROM CAIRO/ David Remnick/ Going Nowhere/ The problem with democracy in Egypt.
FICTION/ Judy Budnitz/ "Miracle"

BOOKS/ David Greenberg/ Fathers and Sons/ George W. Bush and his forebears.
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ John Lahr/ King Cole/ The not so merry soul of Cole Porter.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ All-American/ Childe Hassam at the Met.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony "Mmm, what I'd do with four mechanical arms" Lane/ Swing Easy/ "Spider-Man 2" and "The Clearing."

PROFILES/ Margaret Case Harriman/ Words and Music/ Cole Porter, soon after he suffered a debilitating horse-riding accident, talks of, among other things tailoring songs for performers like Bert (son of John) Lahr./ Issue of 1940-11-23
PROFILES/ Truman Capote/ The Duke in His Domain/ In Rick Lyman's NYT obit for Marlon Brando, this piece is called "a patronizing portrait of a somewhat dim prima donna."/ Issue of 1957 sometime (don't they know?)

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Issue of 2004-07-05
Posted 2004-06-28

COMMENT/ WARS AND IDEAS/ George Packer on ideologies of government in the new sovereign Iraq.
DEPT. OF BUILDING/ WINNING THE WEST/ William Finnegan on a stadium, a highway, and the fate of the West Side.
ON THE MAT/ TAKEDOWN/ Ben McGrath on the U.S. womenís wrestling team.
INK/ GANGSTA CONTENT/ Adam Green on Don Diva, a magazine about the streets.
DEPT. OF DISCRETION/ BY POPULAR DEMAND/ Dana Goodyear on Princess Dianaís former butler and his one-man show.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Paul Simms/ A Prayer
LETTER FROM FALLUJA/ Nir Rosen/ Home Rule/ A report from behind opposition lines.
FICTION/John Updike/ "Elsie by Starlight"

BOOKS/ Adam Kirsch/ Reckless Endangerment/ The making and unmaking of Dylan Thomas.
BOOKS/ Thomas Mallon/ Wide Turns/ In a new novel, Jerry Stahl channels Fatty Arbuckle.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Tribute/ The Balanchine centennial.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Wanderers/ "Before Sunset" and "The Terminal."

THE TALK OF THE TOWN/ Notes and Comment/ John Malcolm Brinnin/ Issue of 1982-03-29/ Brinnin, who remained anonymous for the piece, describes the dedication ceremony for a statue of Thomas at Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2004-06-28
Posted 2004-06-21

COMMENT/ WINNER/ Hendrik Hertzberg on what Reagan did right.
PEN PAL DEPT./ TIME SERVED/ Ben McGrath on what the shoe bomber Richard Reid is reading.
SH-H-H!/ WORSE THAN HIS BITE/ Eric Konigsberg on hushing the cityís dogs.
THE PICTURES/ GROSS AND GROSSER/ Michael Agger on a peculiar Asian film festival.
RETURN TO SENDER/ BRAINS/ Marshall Efron on the plight of a literate letter.

POSTSCRIPT/ Edmund Morris/ The Unknowable/ Remembering Ronald Reagan.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Bruce McCall/ Olympics Countdown Quickens

ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ Plan B/ Israel explores its options in Iraq.

FICTION/ Louise Erdrich/ "The Plague of Doves"

BOOKS/ John Updike/ Silent Master/ Henry James becomes the hero of a historical novel.
BOOKS/ Louis Menand/ Bad Comma/ Lynne Trussís strange grammar.
POP MUSIC/ Sasha Frere-Jones/ Singles/ Whatís on the radio.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ George & Me/ Michael Mooreís viciously funny attack on the Bush Administration.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ The Fox Box/ The network cancels our summer vacation.

PROFILES/ Larissa Macfarquhar/ THE POPULIST/ Michael Moore can make you cry./ Issue of 2004-02-16 & 23

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