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Issue of 2004-06-14 & 21
Posted 2004-06-07

COMMENT/ MONEY, MONEY, MONEY/ Hendrik Hertzberg on what cash canóand canítóbuy a candidate.
EUREKA DEPT./ THE SUICIDE POEM/ Joshua Wolf Shenk reads confessional verse by, perhaps, Abraham Lincoln.
THE ABSENTEE BALLOT/ A DEMOCRATIC IRAQ?/ Ben McGrath on the Donkeys in the Desert.
YOU LOOK MARVELLOUS DEPT./ THE NEW PORTRAIT/ Dana Goodyear on vanity short films.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ PERK HOGS/ James Surowiecki on pampered executives.

FICTION/ Aleksandar Hemon/ "Szmura's Room"
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Joan Acocella/ Blocked/ When a writer can't write.

THREE STORIES/ Alice Munro/ "Chance," "Soon," "Silence"

Junot DÌaz/ Homecoming, with Turtle
T. Coraghessan Boyle/ Nighttime in the Pool
Zadie Smith/ You Are in Paradise
Charles DíAmbrosio/ Train in Vain
Susan Orlean/ Out of the Woods

BOOKS/Ian Buruma/ Lost in Translation/ The two minds of Bernard Lewis.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ The Uncertainty Principle/ Delivering a verdict on "The Jury."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Smorgasbord/ An Ingmar Bergman retrospective.

PROFILE/ John Lahr/ The Demon-Lover/ Ingmar Bergman on his family secrets and the emergence of psychological cinema./ Issue of 1999-05-31
PERSPECTIVE/ Edmund Morris/ This Living Hand/ Reagan's biographer considers the power of the former President's handwritten letter to the public./ Issue of 1995-01-16

May 31, 2004

Yet Another NYMDb

Ms. (Katherine) Milkman (Princeton '04), who has a minor in American studies, read 442 stories printed in The New Yorker from Oct. 5, 1992, to Sept. 17, 2001, and built a substantial database. She then constructed a series of rococo mathematical tests to discern, among other things, whether certain fiction editors at the magazine had a specific impact on the type of fiction that was published, the sex of authors and the race of characters...

Among Ms. Milkman's least shocking findings was that characters in New Yorker fiction tend to live in the same places New Yorker readers do, not the United States as a whole...

Ms. Milkman is by all accounts, including her own, a normal college student.

- David Carr, reporting on Ms Milkman's senior thesis in the NY Times

It's my guess that we cling to the harsher bits of the past not just as a warning system to remind us that the next Indian raid or suddenly veering, tower-bound 757 is always waiting but as a passport to connect us to the rest of the world, whose horrors are available each morning and evening on television or in the Times. And the cold moment that returns to mind and sticks there, unbidden, may be preferable to the alternative and much longer blank spaces, whole months and years wiped clear of color or conversation. Like it or not, we geezers are not the curators of this unstable repository of trifling or tragic days but only the screenwriters and directors of the latest revival.
-Roger Angell, "Life in rerun, now playing near you." >The New Yorker, Issue of 2004-06-07

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Issue of 2004-06-07
Posted 2004-05-31

COMMENT/ NEW-TIME RELIGION/ Hendrik Hertzberg on faith in the Presidency.
DEPT. OF EXONERATION/ FACE IN THE CROWD/ Jeffrey Toobin on a televised alibi.
ROME POSTCARD/ ASK PASQUINO/ John Seabrook on how Rome is preparing for Bushís visit.
REÀNACTMENT/ BURR VS. HAMILTON/ Ben McGrath meets the winner of an upcoming duel.
DEPT. OF INVENTION/ INCOMPREHENSIBLE/ Alec Wilkinson rubs brains with dorkbots.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Evan Eisenberg/ Bushido: The Way of the Armchair Warrior

PERSONAL HISTORY/ Roger Angell/ Hard Lines/ A good life, with some bad times.

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ Jane Mayer/ The Manipulator/ How Ahmad Chalabi sold the war.

FICTION/ V. S. Naipaul/ "Suckers"

BOOKS/ Jonathan Rosen/ American Master/ How I. B. Singer translated himself into American literature.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Life Work/ Two shows from Agnes Martin.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Battle of the Exes
An artist in search of his muse in "Sight Unseen."
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Pandemonium/ A celebration of Charles Ives.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Cold Comfort/ "The Day After Tomorrow."

PERSONAL HISTORY/ Roger Angell/ The King of the Forest/ Roger recalls his father, Ernest Angell/ Issue of 2000-02-21
PERSONAL HISTORY/ Roger Angell/ Romance/ Car trips in the ninteen-thirties took you to some unexpected places./ Issue of 2003-05-26
[Related: ONLINE ONLY/ David Remnick talks with Roger Angell about his writing and years covering baseball, from the 2003 New Yorker Festival

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Issue of 2004-05-31
Posted 2004-05-24

COMMENT/ RISK MANAGEMENT/ Elizabeth Kolbert on the 9/11 Commission and whatís keeping us from preparing for terrorist attacks.
HOLLYWOOD POSTCARD/ DOPPELGŸNGERS/ Kevin Conley reports from the stunt-doubles awards show.
INK/ A BOOK IN YOU/ Daniel Radosh on bloggers, book deals, and an aspiring literary agent. [Related: Choire's back from a vacation spent, if this acid is any indication, peddling a book proposal. Welcome home. Suckah.]
ON THE BALLOT/ FUTURE HALL OF FAMERS/ Ben McGrath on the plans for an across-the-board hall-of-fame museum, in Queens.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ SEARCH AND DESTROY/ James Surowiecki on index spammers and Google bombing.

THE POLITICAL SCENE/ The Candidate/ William Finnegan/ How far can Barack Obama go?

OUR FAR-FLUNG CORRESPONDENTS/ Sail Away/ Simon Schama/ A voyage on the Queen Mary 2

FICTION/ David Means/ "The Secret Goldfish"

JAZZ/ Gary Giddins/ Stride and Swing/ The enduring appeal of Fats Waller and Glenn Miller.
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Adam Haslett/ Love Supreme/ Gay nuptials and the making of modern marriage.
THE SKY LINE/ Paul Goldberger/ Down at the Mall/ The new World War II memorial doesnít rise to the occasion.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Outsiders/ "Saved!" and "Baadasssss!"
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Down and Out/ Twenty-seven characters in search of a play.

THE BACK PAGE/ Noah Baumbach/ "The Blockbuster Effect"

FROM THE ARCHIVE/ OUR FAR-FLUNG CORRESPONDENTS/ Andy Logan/ Southampton, England, August 4/ A report from aboard the Queen Mary, Issue of 1948-08-24

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Issue of 2004-05-24
Posted 2004-05-17

AT THE MUSEUMS/ A PICASSO FACE-LIFT/ Calvin Tomkins admires "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."
THE PICTURES/ WRECKED AGAIN/ Tad Friend considers the cityís prime place in the disaster-film genre.
DRY RUN DEPT./ SH-H-H/ Leo Carey hears a silent movement performed on the piano.
DEPT. OF PREVENTION/ PITCHING RUBBERS/ Ben McGrath on a South African cast of talking prophylactics.
COMMENT/ UNCONVENTIONAL WAR/ Hendrik Hertzberg on the consequences of bending the rules of engagement.

ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ The Gray Zone/ The secret Pentagon program at Abu Ghraib.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Ian Frazier/ No. Please, No

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ David Grann/ The Squid Hunter/ One manís obsession with a sea monster.

FICTION/ Jhumpa Lahiri/ "Hell-Heaven"

THE WAYWARD PRESS/ Buffalo Tim/ The child is father to the dad.
POP MUSIC/ Sasha Frere-Jones/ Fireworks/ Nellie McKay renews what is old and hurls herself at what is new.
THE SKY LINE/ Paul Goldberger/ High-Tech Bibliophilia/ Rem Koolhaas's new library in Seattle is an ennobling public space.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Sylvia Grows Up/ Mark Morris remakes a ballet.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Creating Monsters/ "Van Helsing" and "Control Room."

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2004-05-17
Posted 2004-05-10

COMMENT/ HEARTS AND MINDS/ David Remnick on the failures at Abu Ghraib.
URBAN STUDIES/ CITIES AND SONGS/ Adam Gopnik talks with the visiting urban critic Jane Jacobs.
INK/ ISNíT IT ROMANTIC?/ Rebecca Mead on the pulp author Melanie Craft.
UP TO HERE DEPT./ A KERRY REPUBLICAN/ Eric Konigsberg on a growing crowd of party drifters.
THREADS/ FAMILY BUSINESS/ Lillian Ross meets three generations of haberdashers.

ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ Chain of Command/ Why did Abu Ghraib happen?

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Michael Sacks/ A Leaflet Dropped Over Amy Wellerís House

THE SPORTING SCENE/ Ben McGrath/ Project Knuckleball/ A rare pitch makes a comeback.

LETTER FROM BAGHDAD/ George Packer/ Caught in the Crossfire/ Who will the Iraqi moderates side with?

FICTION/ Andrew Sean Greer/ "The Islanders"

BOOKS/ Louis Menand/ Patriot Games/ The new nativism of Samuel P. Huntington.
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Striking Gold/ The final installment of the Metís Byzantium shows.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Ignore the Conductor/ Student composers around New York.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Trouble in Mind/ Insanity and insects in "Guinea Pig Solo" and "Bug."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Heroes/ Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy."

FROM THE ARCHIVE/ WAR AFTER THE WAR/ George Packer/ What Washington doesnít see in Iraq, issue of 2003-11-24:

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Issue of 2004-05-10
Posted 2004-05-03 (and 2004-04-30)

COMMENT/ LOSING: THE VIRUS/ Roger Angell on the slightly wounded pride of the Yankees.
DEPT. OF PREDICTION/ COMPLEX PROCESS/ Ben McGrath on foretelling Presidential outcomes by reading between the lines.
ON THE HUSTINGS/ THE CANDIDATE/ Alec Wilkinson on a onetime longshoreman and retired State Supreme Court judge whoís running for Congress.
DEPT. OF OPINION/ A BOTTLE OF WINE/ Field Maloney spends an afternoon with a master British oenophile.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ TEAM PLAYERS/ James Surowiecki on how the problems that befell the U.S. intelligence community. [Related: Ben Greenman's extended online interview with James Surowiecki.]

ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ Torture at Abu Ghraib/ American soldiers brutalized Iraqi detainees. How far up does the blame go? [posted 2004-04-30]

ANNALS OF LAW/ Jeffrey Toobin/ Kerry's Trials/ What the candidate learned as a lawyer.

Adam Gopnik's story, "Last of the Metrozoids: Lessons in art and football,"
about getting the late MoMA curator Kirk Varnedoe to coach his son's football team, is not currently online. If I ever find someone has transcribed it and posted it, say, on a Russian server, I'll probably link to it here.

FICTION/ Ma Jian/ "The Abandoner"

BOOKS/ Hendrik Hertzberg/ Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack."
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Looney Tunes/ "The Saddest Music in the World" and "Mean Girls."
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Razzmatazz/ Europe does BAM.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Puffy and Fluffy/ "A Raisin in the Sun" and a Bollywood lemon.

PROFILES/ Joe Klein/ THE LONG WAR OF JOHN KERRY/ Can a Massachusetts Brahmin become President?

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2004-05-03
Posted 2004-04-26

POSTSCRIPT/ David Remnick remembers Philip Hamburger
COMMENT/ ON THE AIR/ Elizabeth Kolbert on the Presidentís murky environmental policy.
THE MOVEMENT/ CHANGES/ Rebecca Mead attends a feminist-movement reunion.
DEPT. OF STYLE/ WORD PROBLEM/ Gary Bass on defining genocide at the Times.
SPRING FEVER DEPT./ SUBSTITUTE/ Austin Kelley examines the Columbia teaching assistantsí strike.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Christopher Buckley/ Man of Attack
LETTER FROM BAGHDAD/ Jon Lee Anderson/ The Uprising/ Confrontations with Sunnis and Shia.
FICTION/ Edward P. Jones/ "Old Boys, Old Girls"

THEATRE/ Stalkers and Talkers/ John Lahr/ Sondheim and Stoppard on Broadway.
BOOKS/ Did Brown Matter?/ Cass R. Sunstein/ On the fiftieth anniversary of the fabled desegregation case, not everyone is celebrating.
THE ART WORLD/ Bare Minimal/ Peter Schjeldahl/ Views from New York and Los Angeles. ["Thereís the rub of minimalism, which always endorses some or another faceless power." Schjeldahl manages to write a review that pretends Felix Gonzalez-Torres--and Robert Gober, and Anne Truitt, for that matter--don't exist.]
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ In the Name of Love/ Anthony Lane/ "Laws of Attraction" and "Monty Pythonís Life of Brian."

A REPORTER AT LARGE/ A Meeting in Atlanta/ Bernard Taper/ Issue of 1956-03-17/ Attending a N.A.A.C.P meeting with Thurgood Marshall and others.
THE TALK OF THE TOWN/ Bettmann Archive/ Philip Hamburger's first piece for the magazine/ Issue of 1939-04-08
Philip Hamburger's last piece for the magazine, from the issue of 2003-12-08

Addendum: You don't have to read it at work, you know. They will send the magazine to your house, if you pay them.

In the magazine header, image:
Issue of 2004-04-19 and 26
Posted 2004-04-12

COMMENT/ ESCALATION/ David Remnick on the widening war in Iraq.
OUR CONSTABULARY/ WANTED/ Ben McGrath on the secret life of city marshals.
THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL/ PARDON?/ Joshua Kurlantzick on whatís bad about John Kerryís good French.
CAMPUS POSTCARD/ A PILE OF PAPER/ Evan Ratliff on a collegiate parody publication.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ HAIL TO THE GEEK/ James Surowiecki on how the Bush Administration has politicized economic data.

SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Ian Frazier/ He, the Murderer
THE POLITICAL SCENE/ Elizabeth Kolbert/ Stooping to Conquer/ Why politicians mock themselves.
DEPT. OF SCREENWRITING/ Ian Parker/ Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk./ The Three Stooges meet the Farrelly brothers.
PROFILES/ Ben McGrath/ The Radical/ The big mouth behind "The Boondocks."
ANNALS OF HOLLYWOOD/ Tad Friend/ Comedy First/ How Harold Ramis changed Hollywood.
FICTION/ Steven Millhauser/ "Cat 'n' Mouse"

BOOKS/ Jim Holt/ Punch Line/ The history of jokes and those who collect them.
ON TELEVISION/ Nancy Franklin/ Childhood Inc./ The business of child stardom.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Unnatural History/ Studies in psychology and slickness.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ The Sonata Seminar/ Leon Fleisher's exuberant exploration of Schubert.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Chopping Block/ "Kill Bill Vol. 2."

THE TALK OF THE TOWN/ Geoffrey T. Hellman/ Plummie/ An article about P.G. Wodehouse/ Issue of 1960-10-15

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