September 08, 2005

Donald Sutherland Naked On A Cold Day

I'm not the only one with a thing for the editing. Donald Sutherland tells the Guardian about what made that sex scene in Don't Look Now so, well, sexy. Hint: it wasn't Julie Christie. OK, it wasn't JUST Julia Christie:"About Don't Look Now, we shot that love scene in a room in the Bauer Grunwald early one morning with Nick Roeg and Tony Richmond operating two un-blimped Arriflex cameras and a bunch of wires going to the technicians on the...
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June 21, 2004

WNYC on A Montage Maestro

On WNYC this morning, Sara Fishko trained her typical I'm-lyrical-yet-significant gaze on Slavko Vorkapich, the Serbian experimental filmmaker who became the leading montage editor inearly Hollywood. He sought to create, not just a story, but "pure cinema," a rhythmic experience of light and sound. The frenetic "flying newspaper headline/oblique tight shot of typewriter keys" style he created became a ubiquitous cliche. Later on, as the head of USC's film school and through wildly popular lectures in the sixties, he turned...
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May 02, 2004

Walter Murch on Editing on DVD

[via Greencine, which is a kinja of filmblogs all by itself] Brian Flemming posts about Walter Murch's blow-em-away lecture a couple of months ago at the LA Final Cut Pro Users Group. LAFCPUG has a writeup, too, and is selling the DVD of the presentation for $19.95. Well worth it, I'd bet. From Flemming's notes, Murch covers much the same territory as his book, In the Blink of an Eye, which itself was born from a lecture series....
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