Adapted from Victor Khong’s site,

Adapted from Victor Khong’s site, DV Cinematography

A reasonable checklist of equipment and accessories for shooting using a Sony VX-1000. It makes fairly clear the difference between hiring a PM and a crew (the old/OPM* model) and prepping a shoot yourself, essentially from scratch (the new/MM** model)

wide angle adaptor

3 f-stop neutral density filter

Ultra-violet (UV) filter


Diffusion filter – Cokin Warm Sun #694, Tiffen Pro Black Mist, Tiffen Pro White Mist, Tiffen Hollywood F/X filters

Warming filters – 81a, 81b, 85

Graduated grey filter

Red filter

XLR Adapter from Beachtek

[2] Lav wireless mike kits and [1] pin mike

Shotgun mic – Sennheiser MKE 300, 416, ME66 (not gonna do it)

Boom pole, extendible painter’s rod or aluminium shower curtain (same here)

Manfrotto 055 tripod with the Manfrotto 136 fluid head (Victor’s choice)

Headphones with mini jack

Softcase camera bag

Reflectors – white/silver reflector, bounce card

white balance card

lens cleaner cloth (photoco)

[4] camera batteries

[2] AC Rapid battery chargers, [1] DC Rapid charger (Sony AC/DC-v700)

1, 2, 3 closeup diopter filters for macro shots

Gaffer’s tape

Vellum sheets

light kit (detail pending)

Indie Films Online has an interesting article and tips for lighting DV from Cinematography World

* Other People’s Money

** My Own Money