A couple of inspirations for the new project

Spent most of this morning and evening digging around, looking for contextual material for the new project (it’s a feature right now). Here are some source links.
For this, I’ve been really hung up on music videos, actually. Mike Mills (who directed the wonderful, easy-going documentary, Paperboys, which just played at the
Brooklyn Int’l Film Fest in early May) has done some great work.
Also, Gorillaz is a favorite. Brilliant videos, hard to take my eyes off them when they’re on. (Thanks, MTV2 and MuchMusic!)

  • Gorillaz.com is the homeworld of the animated band.
  • Here is an article from Res about the making of Gorillaz vids. Includes an interview with co-creator Jamie Hewlett, a lot of technical information, translation from storyboard to video, etc.
  • Here is an interview with Mike Mills, also from Res.
    The afternoon was taken up with a trip to P.S. 1, which opened its new Playa Urbana/Urban Beach in the courtyard, and a related show of Mexican art. And that’s enough about that.