New Project: Did I mention

New Project: Did I mention it’s animated? Actually, yeah, I did. Indirectly, anyway. Did I mention it’s a musical? Umm, yeah. Well, I’ve been researching anime, animation production, CG, and techniques today. Here are some interesting links I’ve assembled so far:

  • Animation through Virtual Studios, from Animation World Magazine. Forget posting an online production diary. These guys made an animated short entirely online, with 100+ collaborators worldwide using a production website and database.
  • Robert Breer. I was wracking my brain this morning to remember his name. Breer is widely known (among underground animation fans, anyway) for his animation, which is experimental, minimalist, and whimsical (but not in a stupid way). But I was blown away by an exhibition last year of his sculpture (think 60’s minimalism, but motorized so that it wanders around the gallery floor). Turns out he worked on The Electric Company in the 70’s.
  • Stephen Arthur’s Vision Point: a fascinating example of pixilation, the animation of live images. (Remember Peter Gabriel?) Vision Point was made by animating 35mm photographs taken every four seconds along a western Canadian roadtrip.