Music: Spent most of the

Music: Spent most of the morning following up on clearing music for Souvenir (November 2001). The process is moving along well. One thing I realized, though: I pointed a couple of the record company folks to this site to find further information about the film. (“Please visit for updates of me inviting you to visit”) Is there some kind of Weblog Heisenberg Principle, where, by weblogging something, you alter it? If Wu Tang disses the movie, I guess we’ll know.
New Project: (Should I have a codename?) Seein’ as how I’m working on an animated film, I know I’m going to see
Richard Linklater‘s A Waking Life, a seemingly inspired (or at least inspiring) combo of DV filmmaking and paradigm-shifting, computer-aided animation. I want to like it, although I’m not sure I will; I like Linklater, to be sure. Even so, this review on DVD Journal is so damn funny to read, it almost doesn’t matter how the movie is.