Welcome to the Bloghdad Cafe

Forget 1991, it feels like 1999 around here. That was the last time I made an impulse buy. of a URL.
If anyone has a good idea for what to do with Bloghdad.com, let me know. The clock is ticking.
Some things I’m not considering:

  • starting a warblog. The world needs another warblog like the portal business needed Go.com (speaking of 1999…)
  • giving it to Slate‘s William Saletan, although he gets a shoutout for going wide with the term. (an excerpt from the latest “moment of truth”: “But forgive me if in its first hours this doesn’t look like a war of self-defense.”)
  • getting into either a a WIPO dispute or a Talking Points Memo/Washington Post-style brawl with Microsoft.
  • giving it to Jeff Jarvis, who’s got the earliest Google mention.
    Hmm. But is there anything else?