Lord Bless This Defender of Freedom Figurine, M-16 included,

For those who are put off by the Lord Bless This Defender of Freedom Figurine from The Bradford Group’s Hamilton Collection, be of good cheer.
When the Power that made and preserved us a (free, capitalist) nation, He surely knew someone–even the original Precious Moments, created by His servant, Samuel Butcher— would still minister to the non-M-16-toting, teardrop-eyed, religious, children-in-military-uniforms figurine market. (And if the Good Lord had wanted the PM figurine to be $19.95, like the Hamilton figurine, instead of $35.00, He wouldn’t have created brand equity. What are you, a Godless communist?)
I'm proud to be an American-Army Figurine, image:

Visit the Precious Moments Chapel–which includes a PM-style copy of the Sistine Chapel–in Carthage, Missouri. Or visit the investor relations page of Enesco (NYSE: ENC, the manufacturer of Precious Moments.