The AP report on CNN details the contents of Saddam’s “shagadelic” safehouse.
On the day when I’m meeting a producer of Austin Powers for lunch, all my websites are converging.
AP photographer John Moore creates an image worthy of Thomas Struth, image:
In a nod to Thomas Struth, AP’s John Moore took this picture of US Army
Lt Eric Hooper checking out the art in Saddam’s shagpad. image: AP, via

[Update: The Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones looks at what can be learned from “the hysterical aesthetic, the hyperpornography of power and violence” of Saddam’s “art” collection.
The paintings were made in the mid-80’s by “Fantasy Artist Extraordinaire,” The NY-based Rowena, who sold one to a Japanese collector years ago for $20,000. She insisted to the NY Daily News that her newer work “is much better.” Here’s an online gallery. Oh, yeah, apples and oranges. Still, the Daily News wins with their headline, “Shag-dad art is mine!” (Thanks, BoingBoing!)]