Introducing Features

I swear, I wrote this on the train, before seeing Jason’s latest post. If only I’d waited till I got home, perhaps I’d just switch to Movable Type/TypePad and forget the whole thing:

Sometimes, my posts get a bit long. (Usually, I notice this when a reader–invariably not from The New Yorker–asks if I’m auditioning for The New Yorker.)
Sometimes, actual interviewing, research, reporting will yield far more information than will fit in a post.
Sometimes, there may actually be a lot to tell.
Sometimes, a topic or theme stretches across several posts, and it makes sense to group them together.
Sometimes, I’ll start with a simple link, and before you or I realize it, I’ve got an 800-word…something.
It used to bug me when such too-long posts would break up the flow of Fortunately, this era of renaming your problems away offers the solution: now, on, a too-long post is not a bug, it’s a Feature.