Confound me: Wim Wenders’ Audi Roadmovie

I, of all people, should like a sponsored roadmovie featuring an Audi, and a Handspring. Go figure.
Another GreenCine find, Wim Wenders has directed a The Other Side of the Road, a 6-minute filmmercial for the introduction of the Audi A3. See it at Audi’s Germany site. Like most Wenders work, plot takes a backseat to scenery (and since the A3 is a hatchback, it’s a very small backseat). Some grungy couple, a sleek couple, a lot of desert driving, cleverly placed signs with the ad agency’s slogans: admire me, push me, love me, etc.

Wim Wenders Photos,

There’s a Making Of montage, too, which I found more engaging. The whole thing’s wordless, with a repetitive porny soundtrack. And there’s an interview with Wenders in German. The film takes a lot of visual cues from Wenders’ photos (above), which he exhibited in 1995-6.