Toronto Film Festival: the SportsCenter Version

The National Post has a nice highlights reel, with reports from the field (and locker rooms, apparently) at the Toronto Film Festival. Some of it’s like listening to cricket scores on the BBC, though; you can recognize the language as English, but you can’t understand WTF it means.
One thing I do understand, though is the mention of met-on-the-set couple, Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg, who are premiering their film I Love Your Work, which was co-produced by Josh & Co at Cyan Pictures. Josh and ILYW are getting some good buzz and press; and they’re posting festival updates on their production company weblog,
Also, from BoingBoing, comes a Festival groupblog from the FilmNerds. Public screenings (and an enthusiastic, thoughtful audience base) are one of Toronto’s greatest strengths, and these four guys apparently have over six years of festival experience…between them. Hmm. If you’re looking for reviews with a sweeping historical context, I suggest not running those numbers. These are fresh, unjaded–and Canadian–perspectives. You’ve been warned.