When four Soderbergh links in a week are not enough:

Schizopolis by Soderbergh, image: amazon.com

Get the greg.org e-commerce fire hose ready*. I’m wrapping up Soderbergh’s book, Getting Away With It, and I’ve rather liked it. Makes me want to see Schizopolis, one of the movies he angsts over in his journal entries. Trouble is, it’s only been available on VHS, until now. According to Amazon, Criterion will release Schizopolis on Region 1 DVD October 14.
* Just an update on the pressure the greg.org e-commerce fire hose exerts: Amazon showed three copies of Soderbergh’s book when I called “dogpile!” Now they show four. My endorsement appears to have caused someone to return the book. Now let’s see if we can strangle this DVD in its crib.