when Word of Mouth meets Speaking in Tongues

The Passion guide/souvenir program, image: OutreachMarketing.com

From Scott Evans, CEO of Outreach, Inc, retailer of evangelical swag via the (Godless and/or Anglican) Guardian:

Dear Pastor,
The release of The Passion of the Christ is the most exciting outreach opportunity I’ve seen in my lifetime… In fact, I see this opportunity as unprecedented since the day of Pentecost… Ask God: How will we as a church encourage people to experience this film? How can we build a bridge from the movie theatre to our church? I encourage you to carefully explore our website…

Evans says of the film itself, “It’s almost as if someone travelled through time with a video camera, captured the original crucifixion and returned to share it with our world today.” He may be thinking of Live From Golgotha, the The Passion-meets-The Butterfly Effect-meets-the bathtub scene from Spartacus novel by Gore Vidal, which has exactly that plot. Somehow I doubt it.
Brother Bob Berney, president of the film’s distributor, Newmarket Films, and a disinterested observer, notes that “People call and say, ‘I want 10,000 tickets.'” In sheer scale, selling tickets to 10,000 people at a pop dwarfs the largest recorded miracle in the New Testament, feeding loaves and fishes to 5,000 sermon-goers in Galilee.
The Passion Outreach.com [“Perhaps the best outreach opportunity in 2,000 years!”]
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