Sundance Winners at IndieWIRE and beyond

Awards were handed out last night at Sundance. Check out the list of winners at IndieWIRE.
Or, check out IndieWIRE’s profiles of the first-timers in the competition, including New Yorkers Morgan Spurlock, who won the directing award for his masochistic documentary, Super Size Me! and Josh Marston, whose Maria Full of Grace won the audience award for dramatic feature.
Gowanus, Brooklyn, co-winner of the short film competition, is also by a New Yorker and Sundance vet, Ryan Fleck, who lives in Williamsburg. It’s the start of something big (ie., it was produced to raise money for the feature version, a direct contradiction of Filmmaker‘s rules of great short-making. The moral: If there is a rule, think about breaking it.
Bonus: a Film Threat interview with Spurlock, who conceived and made Super Size Me in less time than it takes at the drive-through window. My version of a doc about McDonald’s would be a road trip, a global search for unconventional pies.