Piss Off Barbra: Buy Lost in Translation on DVD

mecha-streisand, from southparkstudios.comMichael Musto points out an unexpected upside to Sofia Coppola’s winning the First American Woman To Be Nominated For Best Director: it rescues that historical recognition forever from Barbra Streisand’s French-manicured clutches.
You can celebrate this karmic retribution by buying Lost in Translation, out today on DVD (complete with a half-baked making-of documentary and no director’s commentary track. Where’s Carrot Top when you need him?). Or you could rent it. Mecha-Streisand was defeated by The Cure’s Robert Smith in the first season of South Park, which is also on DVD.
[While I’m on the subject of Oscar-nominated DVD’s, the Capturing the Friedmans DVD sounds like a real standard-setter: two discs of supplementary footage and commentary that are showing up in court as Jesse Friedman tries to get his conviction reversed.]