Well, that explains ‘Esther’

The Guardian asked a bunch of brainy Brits what the ‘most hated movies of all time’ are. I say, who knows, especially if you don’t see them all? But there are some very funny answers.
Showgirls (a So Bad It’s Good movie, actually) gets multiple mentions, but Battlefield Earth gets none. Neither does Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, of that pirate movie that sunk Renny Harlan. Castaway Island Cutthroat Island [which, Deborah protests, is “a perfect pirate film.” And since it was only the biggest moneyloser ever, it was probably only “most hated” by studio accountants. Duly noted.] Citizen Kane‘s in there, though, which is entertaining, but too “bad-boy” an answer, even if it were true.
Leave it to Julie Burchill to come up with the right answer, though: of Guy Ritchie’s Swept Away, starring his wife, Burchill says, “If I was responsible for something this bad, I’d change my name, too.” Mazel Tov.