2004-08-09, This Week in The New Yorker

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Issue of 2004-08-09
Posted 2004-08-02
The Talk of The Town
COMMENT/ CONVENTIONAL WARFARE/ David Remnick on John Kerry’s acceptance speech.
CONVENTION DIARY/ COMERS/ Ben McGrath on the moving and shaking at the Democratic National Convention.
THE WAYWARD PRESS/ BOSTON TERRIER/ John Cassidy at the conservative Boston Herald.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/CASH KILLS/ James Surowiecki on the dangers of corporate savings.
DEPARTMENT OF ENTERTAINMENT/ Adam Green/ Standup for the Lord/ The career of a Christian comedian.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Andy Borowitz/ New Year’s Resolutions, Seven Months Later
ANNALS OF WAR/ Dan Baum/ Two Soldiers/ The last journey home
FICTION/ George Saunders/ “Adams”
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Louis Menand/ Nanook and Me/ “Fahrenheit 9/11” and the documentary tradition.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Talkers and Togas/ Revivals by Arthur Miller and Nathan Lane.
POP MUSIC/ Sasha Frere-Jones/ Mother Tongue/ The Streets and Dizzee Rascal break free of American hip-hop.
MUSICAL EVENTS/ Alex Ross/ Nausea/ A new “Parsifal” at Bayreuth.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ Thrilled to Death/ “Collateral,” “The Bourne Supremacy,” and “The Manchurian Candidate.”
ANNALS OF COMEDY/ John Lahr/ The Goat Boy Rises/ Profile of comedian Bill Hicks, who, along with Jesus, Brad Stine cites as an influence?/ Issue of 1993-11-01
A CRITIC AT LARGE/BRAINWASHED/ Louis Menand/ Where the “Manchurian Candidate” came from./ Issue of 2003-09-15
PROFILES/ Calvin Tomkins/ Good Cooking/ A profile of Julia Child/ Issue of 1976-12-23