VV: Puppet Fan Living In Fantasy World

Let me say this: I know Starship Troopers. Starship Troopers is a friend of mine. And Team America, you are NO Starship Troopers.
Michael Atkinson lets us peer into his private fantasy world, where newspaper movie critics wield godlike power to make or break an adolescent action movie at the box office; where directors can deliver incisive political satire without wanting to, or even being aware of it; and where Team America is actually “reproachful,” “burlesque” “satire” of “balls-out martial power” and “gut-level xenophobia,” not just a sell-out celebration of it, complete with detachable air quotes.
Seriously, when someone goes so far as to cite Voltaire and the historicist “diagetic remove” of puppetry to justify their love of a widely criticized film, you can be sure the real battle is in Atkinson’s head: he’s just coming to terms with his suddenly awakened attraction to simulated puppet sex.
You know what, never mind. I think what he needs is for us to be a little more supportive of him right now.
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