Things To Watch, Advertisers To Thank

  • Advertisers first: See See Arnold Run the triumphant story of an Austrian bodybuilder who overcomes his past Nazi ties, hedonistic Hollywood antics, and widely known and repeated sexual harassment allegations to become a big-time star–of the Republican party. From the director of American Pie 2 and the writer of The Unauthorized Story of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Inside the Osmonds, and Growing Up Brady (so you know the sex and period details’ll be spot on). On A&E Sunday Jan. 30 at 8PM EST. Reportedly based on a true story.
  • Second–although it takes like five minutes, so you could still see it before Arnold–Mark Romanek’s incredibly moving video of Johnny Cash’s rendition of Hurt, which sensibly beat out Thriller in a music industry poll of the best music videos ever. Finally. Stairway to Heaven, we’re comin’ for you.
  • [via fimoculous] Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite, made a video for The Postal Service’s song, We Will Become Silhouettes.