The New Yorker Masthead Database

While I’m lackadaisically culling archival links from the New Yorker’s website (to make up for the fact that they have no search or archive function), the New York Observer has emptied the scribbled-on scraps of paper and cocktail napkins from their pockets to piece together a nearly complete masthead for the magazine (to make up for the fact that they have none).
1) Is there anything else you need done, New Yorker? Can we pick up your cleaning, water your plants, glue in your perfume strips?
2) There’s no one in charge of squelching run-on sentences, either at the New Yorker or (more obviously) here.
3) Is Andrea Scott no longer doing the art section for Goings On About Town? [making hand-as-phone gesture and mouthing ‘call me, Andrea.’]
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