Have Yourself A Maysles Little Christmas

As I type this, the Maysles Brothers classic Grey Gardens is playing at MoMA. Unfortunately, I’m in the wrong time zone to see it, but watching those Crazy Edies suddenly seems like an excellent Christmas Eve tradition.
Meanwhile, I will be back in time for what would have been an awesome triple feature, if only they weren’t overlapping: sandwiched between the Maysles’s incredible documentary, Salesman [a business school in-class screening of which, for better or worse, set me on my filmmaking path] and Albert’s docu about the making of the Getty Center [worth watching just to see Richard Meier get so pissed at Robert Irwin] is Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, which was programmed, surprisingly, by Stephen Sondheim.
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and to the rest of you, enjoy your Chinese food.
MoMA Film & Media screening schedule 16-31 Dec 2005