Music. And. The Spoken. Word.

I’ve heard this recording many times before, but I’ve never seen the video. Let me tell you, this is right up there with Leonard Nimoy’s “Bilbo Baggins for President” music video.
The great thing is, the artist, Shatner, still stands by his work, unfazed by the Priceline-era ironists. His album of spoken-word covers and collaborations, Has Been, produced by Ben Folds is deeply serious. It’s the Shatnerian equivalent of Johnny Cash’s Rick Rubin-produced Cash, with a little Sinatra Duets thrown in for good measure.
That said, I notice there are no Elton John-related tracks on the album; I hope this “Rocketman” performance isn’t the reason why.

“Rocketman,” by William Shatner, c. 1978
[youtube via gawker]