Making “Plane Crazy,” The Stewardess Musical

While it’s kind of short on specifics besides “It’s freaking hard!!” Suzy Conn’s article on her experience writing the book and music and lyrics for “Plane Crazy” all by herself is pretty interesting.
The iterative, collaborative, open-door process of creating a piece of theatre is fascinating, particularly to see what variables are fluid and which are fixed. While stories abound of screenwriters and directors delivering new pages to the set in near-real time, and entire stories and characters transformed or eliminated in the editing room, filmmaking has this odd sense of fixedness very early on: what you film is what you get. And of course, much of the development process all takes place way out of the public view.
After previewing the show at the NY Musical Theater Festival last fall, Conn is putting on a much-revised, refined “Plane Crazy” in Toronto starting last week.

Checking in on Plane Crazy by Suzy Conn
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