Wonder Showzen Guys Give Onion Interviewer Grief

Nice. If this guy worked for anyplace but The Onion AV Club, he’d have left this interview shaking like a leaf wondering how he’s gonna get his story done.

JL: My favorite moments are when you see someone lash out at the puppet, and then we have the guts, after he hits us, to move closer. There’s so many times that someone hits us and we just run away like babies. There’s a guy who pulled a knife on us, and we kept going toward him.
VC: We ran away, and then from a distance, we said, “Okay, now let’s learn to love each other. What will it take? We’ll take baby steps.”
JL: And he’s holding the knife out.
VC: And then we took little steps closer, and within five steps, he started to go for us, and we took off.
JL: That guy was saying to himself, “I just don’t want to go back to jail.” And that was our protective bubble.

Wonder Showzen season 2 is on these days. [avclub.com via waxy]