5/15: Matt Stone & Trey Parker Masterclass at NFT [London, En-guh-land]

After you sit back and digest the delicious hilarity that Mr. Hankey’s creators will be appearing as “part of The Stanley Kubrick Masterclass series,” peruse the NFT description of the event:

In London for this ‘Skillset Masterclass’, Parker and Stone will explore the art of creating political satire, getting inspiration from Bruckheimer to Thunderbirds, the merits of puppet versus cell animation, the idea of absolute creative freedom and how far is too far.

Since they offered to talk about absolute creative freedom, ask them about working with constraints and in collaborative environments, since their flabbiest, least funny, least nailed down, most disappointing achievements–Team America World Police, Orgazmo, BASEketball–were the ones where they were given carte blanche?
Also, which one of them grew up Mormon?
The Skillset Masterclass with Matt Stone & Trey Parker [bfi-org.uk via kultureflash]