The In ‘N Out Mobile


Inspired by Jason’s recent cross-country burger-thon, I’m in the middle of a back-to-back In ‘N Out/Shake Shack smackdown attack myself. [Tomorrow’s the ‘Shack.]
What would make the taste test a lot easier: an In ‘N Out Mobile Unit. Whaddya know, there is such a thing, and it was spotted last week among the other vehicular rarities at the 2006 Banks Gearhead Invitational car show. Stunning. I’m no Mister Hoopty, but I consider myself a car nut, and yet I’d never heard of such a ride.
I confess, I’m already leery of the test, though; at two visits in Las Vegas, the In ‘N Out fries were a lot spongier and less flavorful than I remembered. And even if they would drive this far, the In ‘N Out Mobile would be of no help; they don’t serve fries, only chips. Very strange.
Image: 2006 Banks Gearhead Invitational [postive ape index via hooptyrides]
“The “Minimum Charge” of $2,350.00 entitles you to 2 hours of service time”: In ‘N Out Burger Mobile Unit Agreement [pdf,]
Shake Shack vs In ‘N Out Smackdown [kottke]