If ONLY this moviemaking experience

If ONLY this moviemaking experience was as annoying as Groundhog Day… Final Cut Pro seems to be disintegrating before my eyes, and taking the project with it. EVERY time I open the master sequence, the same dozen or so clips show up as missing. The infuriating thing: it’s supposedly because the audio (not the video) file isn’t being recognized (even though they’re both clearly present), and almost all the *&#$’ed up clips don’t even use audio. They’re insert shots where we use only the video and lay another audio track over it. [While I’ve posted this plea/rant to the 2-pop.com discussion board, I haven’t gotten any responses yet.]

Right now, I’m recapturing the offending clips in video only, hopefully avoiding the missing audio syndrome. Considering I currently have no movie to submit to any festivals, I can’t even say what festivals I’m missing (except for the ones like the IFP Market in NYC where I already applied but haven’t sent in the tape (obviously).