We’ve been transfixed this

Mirror, Mirror, by Olafur Eliasson

We’ve been transfixed this weekend by a sculpture we finally picked up and installed. It’s called Mirror Mirror, and it’s by Olafur Eliasson, whose work we have collected and loved for several years now. The work is comprised of two round partially mirrored pieces of glass, set at a very slight angle. The partial mirroring, combined with faint tints to the glass, cause multiple reflections, which vary as you move around the piece. When it went up, my wife said, “Look! It’s spectra!” “Just like
yours,” I tried to reply smartly. “Well, actually, it’s thin film interference, but it’s still nice.” Olafur’s work uses some of the simplest, most easily comprehended (I almost wrote “transparent”) means to explore extremely complex and sophisticated ideas about perception, nature, “the landscape,” and science. I’ll post some links later.