A lot of weblog-related stuff.

A lot of weblog-related stuff. I’ve been working on a website project for a Museum friend of mine, which feels good and potentially very interesting. With some new projects emerging (total=5, for those playing at home), the armchair IA in me thinks greg.org’s a bit unwieldy these days. Look for a redesign soon. Also, I’ve been exploring Movable Type (Can I write that on my Blogger Pro server?), which I set up on another server, gregallen.com.
[There’s nothing there that isn’t here; far less, in fact. Though it was originally the main way for people to find me, greg.org has long since taken over the vanity Google searches. As a result, gregallen.com is now like some increasingly invisible sculpture in Central Park, which makes greg.org the web equivalent of the Balto statue: frequently visited, and sporting an explanatory plaque and–most importantly– a movie tie-in.]
Serendipitous mis-click: From Evhead, I accidentally clicked on Heath Row’s weblog, and I’m glad I did. It’s called Media Diet, but Heath’s clearly eating for two. At least. One delicacy: Andy McCaskey, Sr.’s weblog, Topic. Mr. McCaskey’s 86 years old, and writes what he knows. His seems to be the case of a lived life, well worth examining. (Heath compares him to Paul Harvey or Garrison Keillor; I wouldn’t. Harvey’s authentic but annoyingly glib. Keillor’s phony and just annoying. McCaskey’s both authentic and thoughtful.)