It’s Memento meets Brewster’s Millions, ON THE WEB!

Last week, I wondered about Kurt Andersen’s slightly wistful re-visit/re-spending of his pile of scratch (and confessed to similar ruminations myself from time to time). This week, Fortune checks in with some former “40 Richest Under 40” to see how they’re seeking closure regarding the great tragedy that befell this entrepreneurial nation in 2000.
Of course, the ones who have traded the web for film and art: Josh “, where all the pot is free” Harris, Stephen “what were we smoking at” Paternot, and Ernst “will trade film rights for Cristal” Malmsten, are arguably the most embarrasing of the whole lot. I’m in great company. Of course, Marc Ewing, a RedHat co-founder, is starting a mountainclimbing magazine, so it’s not a total wash.