Overview: Powerpoint as Creative Medium

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Bright Glow Tube (all images, powerpointart.com)

Slide 1 – Background:

  • Powerpoint invention and evolution (ref. Ian Parker’s May 28, 2001 New Yorker article)
  • Powerpoint taking over human thought. 30 million presentations made daily. (ref. Julia Keller’s Chicago Tribune article today) [via Romenesko’s ObscureStore.com]
  • Career spent making/giving Powerpoint presentations (ref. “where I worked)
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    Hay Theme

    Slide 2 – What this will be used for:

  • As-Yet Unannounced Animated Musical (AYAUM)
  • Wrest Human Creativity From Jaws of Monopolist Technology (TBD)
  • Obligatory 3rd bullet point
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    WTC Memorial Wall, US Flag with Decorations

    Slide 3 – Examples:

  • RTMark
  • Powerpoint Gettysburg Address
  • Relationship: An Analysis
  • TBD
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    Chrome Cross w/Text Area

    Slide 4 – Action Items:

  • Collect examples of Powerpoint as Medium
  • Ask WWSD? (What Would Slate Do?)
  • Adapt spychedelic Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Oompa-Loompa text interludes into Powerpoint