Peer Pressurized Cabin: A Recurring Look At My Neighborhood

Gulfstream G500, image: gulfstream.comMy street may have more Gulfstreams than any other in the world; the peer pressure to get one is intense.
Alec Wildenstein has one; he flew Nobu chefs around in it for his Russian girlfriend.
Edgar Bronfman has a G-V, although it’s not clear for how much longer.
Donatella Versace refuses to fly anything else.
Ivana Trump doesn’t have one. And if Tony Mottola had one at Sony, he doesn’t have it now.
Lately, for reasons I will soon explain, Cessna, the makers of the popular Citation business jets, have been wooing me to purchase one of their planes. A stronger man might be able to do it, but I worry; if I bought a Citation, would I have to park it around the corner, so my G-Thang neighbors don’t harsh on me? What’s a simple filmmaker to do? I want to be independent, take a stand, but it seems like folly to go against the sentiment of “the Manhattan street.”