Get Your War Plan On

Highlights from a Clear Channel memo showing how the war will play out on their homogenized network of radio stations (via robotwisdom):

  • ” If War breaks out after 10AM M-F please make sure that we call Joe and Jack to come in and take KSTE into long-form as well.
    Our Coverage will be called America’s War with Iraq In writing copy please call our coverage, ‘LIVE In-Depth Team Coverage of America’s War with Iraq.’ ”

  • “Remember, don’t do local just to do local. This is an international/national story and the nets do a great job…If you are going to make a mistake, do too much network. Especially early. THIS IS WAR.”
  • “The initial hours of coverage are critical. People who have never listened to our stations will be tuning in out of curiosity, desperation, panic and a hunger for information. RIGHT NOW, convert them to P-1’s, or at least make them a future cumer. [sic]”
  • ” Monitor TV networks and local stations for contacts and leads. If they have good ideas, turn them around and quickly make them our own. Don’t forget, when appropriate use language like ‘a Newstalk 1530 KFBK exclusive’ ‘a story you are only hearing on KFBK’ or ‘a story you heard first on KFBK’. Make sure we own being FIRST.”
  • “…if we have specialty shows that can’t or won’t talk about the war, we will probably blow them off. Even Dr. Laura. Remember, no fishing shows, gardening shows. We are AT WAR. In the opening minutes of coverage blow off commercials. Contact me immediately.”