First, Let Me Say, Daniel, We Loved Your Idea

daniel libeskind pointing to the elements of his model that won't be built, image: And (according to the Guardian), we’d really like to move forward with it. We made just a couple of notes, ‘Kay?

  • The bathtub kept open as a memorial? We love it. What do you think about filling it in with a bus station? No, not all the way, just 2/3 or so.
  • The 1,776-foot tower? With the sky gardens? One word: Inspiring. Not gonna build it, but it’s inspiring.
  • The memorial plaza that’s sunny for one morning a year? Love it. If the developers throwing up a dense forest of towers all around the east, north and south of the site are onboard, I’m sure we can see about getting a day’s worth of sunlight down there. A morning’s worth, anyway.
  • Oh, and we had some of our guys whip up a giant glass atrium train station. Think you can you work that in, Daniel? Just thinking out loud here. Maybe on top of the bus station?