Canadian Flag On Backback — The Cremaster Version

Cremaster 2 Patch, click to order at the Gugg store

Now there’s a Canadian flag patch for all your globehopping needs. Use the Maple Leaf to show your Can-x street cred, or to avoid taking the heat for shameful US administrations.
Or kick it old-school with the until-1965 version, the Red Ensign. With this Cremaster patch (1 of 5, each sold separately) on your, um, backpack, the velvet ropes at biennial VIP lounges will part for you; you’ll waltz right in to Matisse Picasso, no waiting; and suddenly-fawning art dealers will give you an extra 10% off. [thanks to the eagle-eyed Fimoculous]
[Face facts: the backpack’s a dealbreaker, dude, especially in Venice. Put it on a sash, maybe with a pink kilt.]
[Sadly, the “I Survived Cremaster 3” T-shirts, which were a hit in Basel, aren’t available. Get a cap instead.]
update: the patches are no longer at the Guggenheim online store, but Well Wisher has images of them on flickr