On Other Issues, Less Pressing, Perhaps

Boogie Nights promo photo, image: ptanerson.com
image: ptanderson.com

  • If my mother ever gets around to seeing Boogie Nights, and asks me if she should listen to the DVD commentary tracks, I’d be obliged to warn her that, even though they’re informative and fun, Paul Thomas Anderson swears quite a bit. Of course, the probability that she’ll ask about such a film (her dealbreakers: the whole pr0n thing, Burt Reynolds) is roughly zero. For the rest of you, though, start clicking on that Amazon link. [There are moments where PTA pulls a Bingham on a drunk-and-trying-to-flee-the DAT Mark Wahlberg, asking him to “tell me that story where you…” and proceeds to tell the story. Credit where it’s due: Bingham occasionally pulled a PTA.]
  • To replicate today’s Amazon delivery perfectly, add Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy, Blue, White, and Red, which was just re-released last week as a boxed set. [I bought mine from Jason Kottke’s Movie Hut.]
  • The problem with Pringles: you keep eating them, even though there are technically six servings in a cannister. More a way to deal than a solution: the last 2.5 servings are just hard enough to get out of the can, logistics eventually overtakes lack of will.