If Stylists Ruled The World

As in matters of war, the British press is out-reporting the US on the impending Oscar crisis. See, for example, this Observer article, “Glitz out as stars ponder Oscar protest.”
“A determination to ‘down-gown’, that is, to exchange frivolous glitz with muted glamour, has been announced as the tactic of choice by celebrities keen to demonstrate their sensitivity and political awareness but unwilling to boycott the ceremony altogether.” [italics added for shock and awe, -g]
Phillip Bloch, keeper of Oscar and world peace secrets, image: fashionforms.com“Ben Affleck is among those who has apparently not yet made up his mind [about wearing an anti-war totem of some kind] . Instead he has announced that the final decision will rest with his stylist.”
Just as peace descended on the ghetto, albeit briefly, when breakdancing supplanted gang warfare, maybe what our war-torn world needs most right now is a serious political and military down-gowning. I never thought I’d say this, but: Phillip Bloch, put down that breast petal; it’s time for you to save the world.