On Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

No, not Iraq, I mean one of the other hundred+ countries who aren’t “with us,” that “second largest landmass in North America,” the nation high-sticking our northern border, Canada.
I’ve fled to Canada for 1) research/groundwork for the Animated Musical, part of which is set in Montreal, 2) skiing in Mont Tremblant, a hothoused attempt to create a Quebecian Aspen or Park City, which ends up looking like Universal Studios CityWalk, 3) to get away from the incessant, empty haze of American media on the war, and 4) to hang out with my wife, who’s attending an astrophysics conference at said resort.
Here’s a status update: 1) rather than repeatedly dig their car out every morning, driveway owners in Montreal put up these temporary plastic tent garages, which look like crappy greenhouses. Also, they bilingualize everything, even things that shouldn’t be translated, like steak au poivre and croissant. That’s all I can reveal at this point. 2) It’s raining at Tremblant, so skiing is losing out to weblogging in a room full of telnetting physicists. 3) Canadian media, or the CBC, at least, is comparing the breach with the US over Iraq to the whole softwood export turmoil. Yep, coming to Canada’s certainly put the war in perspective for me. 4) well, one outta four ain’t bad.