From the Gawker Section of the NYTimes

I have to admit, I was kinda bummin’ for a while. The week HBS’s most powerful alum decides he wants to fly in a fighter jet (n.b.: not the one he went AWOL from during Vietnam), my Wharton alumni magazine arrives in the mail with the cover story: “Wharton entrepreneurs capitalize on trends in the food industry” about a dude with a crepe stand.
But then a boost to my alumni pride, via this exchange (in the article not about blogging):

And then there was the tall, good-looking young blond woman holding a purse made out of a Mexican cigar box. She had on a sunburst-print minidress by Ms. [Benhaz] Sarafpour.
I [fashion reporter Cathy Horyn] asked her if she worked for the designer. “I’m a student at Wharton,” she said. “At the University of Pennsylvania.”
Adopting that tone of voice reserved for small children, I asked the woman what she wanted to be when she grew up.
“Well, my dad’s in real estate, so I’m planning to go into that.”
“And what’s your name?”
“Ivanka Trump.”

[Sidebar: Never mind that Ivanka’s been modeling for six years, since she was like 10, and that Horyn should’ve seen her in several shows, at least. I’m sure the NYT would never run a reporter’s so-good-you-can’t-bear-to-factcheck-it story.]