Production links from all over

  • Jonathan Van Gieson has launched a team production weblog for his off-off-Broadway show, Buddy Cianci: The Musical, wherein “more than 20 people (10 cast members plus a sizeable staff) all working their asses off to get “Buddy” up and running by August 9th,” will stop being polite and start being real. [via Lockhart Steele]
  • It’s Wit Capital-meets-HSX. (i.e., sounds a lot like 1996) In the LA Times, Josh Friedman reports on Civilian Pictures‘ plan to fund Billy Dead, an $8m feature starring (and produced by) Ethan Hawke, through an IPO. [via Daily GreenCine]
  • Rustboy is Brian Taylor’s gorgeous-looking animated short, which has an equally impressive production website. Taylor’s use of off-the-shelf s/w and h/w should be a kick in the pants to anyone thinking about making films. [via BoingBoing]
  • From CG to as-real-as-it-gets video, a CNN story about artist Sam Easterson, who outfits various creatures great and small with cameras for his ongoing project, Animal, Vegetable, Video. Here’s a Filmmaker Mag article on a recent installment, Where the Buffalo Roam. Here’s an excerpt of a sheep stampede. [also via BoingBoing]